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How to Add the Baby Daddy's Name in NJ

Amending the Birth Record of a Child Whose Natural Parents are not Married to Each Other.

In this situation there are many variables, the information below provides guidance on these cases. Please review the case example that applies to your situation.

  • If the mother is married to someone other than the biological father and the husband is not the child’s father, the mother and husband may complete an Affidavit of Denial of Paternity together with the appropriate amendment and Certificate of Parentage form.
  • If the mother is married to someone other than the biological father and the whereabouts of the husband are unknown and the husband is not the child’s father the mother must obtain a court issued order of paternity declaring that the child is not the husband’s or a court order naming who the child’s father is declared to be.
  • If the mother is not married before the birth of the child but marries later to a man who is not the child’s father and wishes to add the biological father to the birth record, she must submit a certified copy of the record of that marriage which indicates the previous marital status of the bride together with the appropriate amendment and Certificate of Parentage form.
  • If the mother was married at the time of the child’s birth but is divorced less than 10 months before or any time after the child is born, supply a certified copy of the complaint part and final judgment of divorce.  Either court document must indicate that the child is not a child of the marriage.  The appropriate amendment and Certificate of Parentage form must be completed by both biological parents.
  • If the parents of a child are not married to each other and the mother is single and wishes for the child carry the surname of the father or a combination of both parents’ surnames, and add the father to the child’s record, the parents may complete an REG 60 amendment and Certificate of Parentage form. 

Note:  If the child carries the father’s surname at the time of birth but the father is not on the original record, the appropriate amendment form to add the father’s information is the REG 34 and Certificate of Parentage (COP) form.

The Dark Lady of DNA


I always want to honor those women who contributed to our society as it is today and what better contribution to the betterment of society was the discovery of the DNA Helix.  Thank you Ms. Franklin - keeping you in mind as I continue my work in the field of DNA collections, identification, chain of custody, non-chain of custody, infidelity, immigration reunification assistance and the very fun Ancestry DNA tests which helps establish routes for an adopted child.

Sometimes known as The Dark Lady of DNA - Roselind Elsie Franklin's contribution to Crick and Watson understanding the helix structure of DNA often goes untold.  Here's a brief summary of her work, her life and her contribution to one of the most important scientific tools we have today - DNA.

There is probably no other woman scientist with as much controversy surrounding her life and work as Rosalind Franklin. Franklin was responsible for much of the research and discovery work that led to the understanding of the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA. The story of DNA is a tale of competition and intrigue, told one way in James Watson's book The Double Helix, and quite another in Anne Sayre's study, Rosalind Franklin and DNA. James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins received a Nobel Prize for the double-helix model of DNA in 1962, four years after Franklin's death at age 37 from ovarian cancer.

Franklin excelled at science and attended one of the few girls' schools in London that taught physics and chemistry. When she was 15, she decided to become a scientist. Her father was decidedly against higher education for women and wanted Rosalind to be a social worker. Ultimately he relented, and in 1938 she enrolled at Newnham College, Cambridge, graduating in 1941. She held a graduate fellowship for a year, but quit in 1942 to work at the British Coal Utilization Research Association, where she made fundamental studies of carbon and graphite microstructures. This work was the basis of her doctorate in physical chemistry, which she earned from Cambridge University in 1945.

After Cambridge, she spent three productive years (1947-1950) in Paris at the Laboratoire Central des Services Chimiques de L'Etat, where she learned X-ray diffraction techniques. In 1951, she returned to England as a research associate in John Randall's laboratory at King's College, London.

It was in Randall's lab that she crossed paths with Maurice Wilkins. She and Wilkins led separate research groups and had separate projects, although both were concerned with DNA. When Randall gave Franklin responsibility for her DNA project, no one had worked on it for months. Wilkins was away at the time, and when he returned he misunderstood her role, behaving as though she were a technical assistant. Both scientists were actually peers. His mistake, acknowledged but never overcome, was not surprising given the climate for women at the university then. Only males were allowed in the university dining rooms, and after hours Franklin's colleagues went to men-only pubs.

But Franklin persisted on the DNA project. J. D. Bernal called her X-ray photographs of DNA, "the most beautiful X-ray photographs of any substance ever taken." Between 1951 and 1953 Rosalind Franklin came very close to solving the DNA structure. She was beaten to publication by Crick and Watson in part because of the friction between Wilkins and herself. At one point, Wilkins showed Watson one of Franklin's crystallographic portraits of DNA. When he saw the picture, the solution became apparent to him, and the results went into an article in Nature almost immediately. Franklin's work did appear as a supporting article in the same issue of the journal.

A debate about the amount of credit due to Franklin continues. What is clear is that she did have a meaningful role in learning the structure of DNA and that she was a scientist of the first rank. Franklin moved to J. D. Bernal's lab at Birkbeck College, where she did very fruitful work on the tobacco mosaic virus. She also began work on the polio virus. In the summer of 1956, Rosalind Franklin became ill with cancer. She died less than two years later.

We have to give credit where credit is due.....even if it is a half a century later.


End of Year Tax Tips

How to Reduce Tax Burden

With less than 21 days until the end of 2016, many families, singles parents and small business owners are thinking of ways to eliminate additional tax debt.  Can I throw a couple of thousand into a 401K, do I have more or less dependents than I did last year (do I need to prove that a child is mine to claim him/her as a dependent) - are there any special charities I would consider as an additional means of reducing tax debt.

If you have not signed the child's birth certificate at the time of birth, or acknowledged paternity during the year, then the government doesn't consider that child to be a dependent of yours.  Government agencies can cross check Social Security numbers - so get a DNA Test to remove any doubt about paternity, and rightfully claim the child on the Vital Statistic records (in the city in which the child was born). 


If your child was born in Trinity Hospital in Elizabeth, NJ - you would need to go to the Birth Certificate Registrar's office in the Municipal Building, with proper identification to acknowledge paternity..or

If you child was born at Raritan Bay Medical Center in Perth Amboy, NJ - you would have to go to the Birth Certificate Register's office over on Olive Street, with proper identification to acknowledge paternity and so on.

If your idea of a tax advantage is a charitable organization - #Wounded Warriors comes to mind, along with #Toys for Tots and anything to do with #Military Families - we only live free because of the charity and sacrifice of our military families.  Support them or start barricading your doors now.

The IRS warns consumers not to fall for bogus charity scams. They often occur in the wake of major disasters. Thieves play on the goodwill of people who want to help disaster victims. They pose as a real charity in order to steal money or get private information to commit identity theft.

The scams use different tactics. Offering charity relief, criminals often:

  • Claim to be with real charities to gain public trust.
  • Use names similar to legitimate charities.
  • Use email to steer people to bogus websites that often look like real charity sites.
  • Contact people by phone or email to get them to ‘donate’ money or give their financial information. 

The IRS offers the following tips to help taxpayers who wish to donate to victims:

  • Donate to qualified charities. Use the Exempt Organizations Select Check tool at to find qualified charities. Only donations to qualified organizations are tax-deductible. You can also find legitimate charities at the Federal Emergency Management Agency website, For more information about the kinds of charities that can receive deductible contributions, see Publication 526, Charitable Contributions.
  • Don’t give out information.  Don’t give your Social Security number, credit card and bank account numbers or passwords to anyone. Scam artists use this information to steal your identity and money.
  • Don’t give or send cash.  For security and tax record purposes, don’t give or send cash. Contribute by check, credit card or another way that provides documentation of the donation.
  • Report suspected fraud. If you suspect tax or charity-related fraud, visit and click on ‘Reporting Phishing’ at the bottom of the home page.

Get more information about tax scams and schemes at 

Additional IRS Resources:

Publication 526, Charitable Contributions

It is a race this year to prepare for the holidays and get your finances in order.  All of the Holidays are failling withing the same week.  Christmas is on Sunday (December 25th, if anyone didn't know) while the First Day of Hanukkah begins on Sunday December 25 at sundown and the following day, Monday, December 26th  starts #Kwanzaa.  However, you celebrate your holidays, remember those less fortunate and be thankful for what you do have.  

#Merry Christmas

#Happy Hanukkah

#Happy Kwanzaa

Creative Gift Idea for the Holidays


 DNA tests are used today for many different reasons.  Thanks to television, we are all familiar with the undignified paternity testing done by large production companies for entertainment purposes.   Five minutes of fame is more important than a child's privacy?  However, as a private DNA collector for over 7  years, I know there are many families that still believe questionable paternity is to be discussed and resolved inside the family only.  We offer private, convenient DNA collections to confirm biological relationships, including paternity, maternity, grand paternity, siblings and avuncular tests.  If you have a question about a DNA test, please give us a call and we'll explain best tests available, the expected results and turn around time.

During the holidays, perhaps a Gift Certificate for one of our other DNA tests is appropriate.  Child Safety Identification gift certificates are available.  A CSI certificate is a great way to show a child or loved one, your concern for their safety.  It is the 21st century method of safeguarding loved ones - whether they are a child of school age, an elderly parent or a civilian working in an unstable environment.  Having a DNA profile readily available for the authorities in an emergency, in just another tool in your kit of safeguarding your loved ones. Our DNA profile matches that used by national & international authorities for human identification. The same DNA profile may also be used in inheritance cases to insure that your family estate is divided among true relatives only.

The DNA Lady's most popular DNA testing for recreational purposes, is the Ancestry tests.  We have tests ranging from $350 to $1000 - depending upon your interest and budget.  The simplest test, provides a wonderful map of the world with the migration route your ancestors may have taken to bring them to North America.  The more expensive tests, offer entry into a worldwide database, and if you have a genetic relative, you are given contact information in order to connect and discuss your possible family connections. (Written authorization required by everyone prior to release of information.)  We recently connected a young woman in NJ with a genetic relative, consider to be a cousin who lives in another country.  How exciting for her to find a genetic relative in another country!  ANd what a great conversation piece for the next family get together.  Ancestry Testing has become one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America and is a great way to get a conversation going within the family and keep them talking for months. 

Lastly, if you are concerned with a loves ones health and they do not get regular medical check-ups - why not give them a wake-up call with a Predictive Genetic Screen.  A simple fingerstick, and our laboratory will provide a person with their genetic risk factor vs. the population's risk factor for approximately 25 genetic diseases.  All results are confidential.  After receiving report, perhaps a person will be motivated to improve healthcare or even see a primary care physician or internist.  Baby steps today may lead to improve quality of life in the future. Predictive genetic tests require a physician's written authorization with name of patient and doctor who can/will receive results.

Whatever your reason or need, The DNA Lady would be happy to create a personalized gift certificate for you.  We accept cash, credit card, check or money order or "buy now" and "pay later".  We'll create the gift certificate for you and at time of collection, payment can be arranged. 


Determining relations, or possible relationships, between family members will lead to a family secured from unanswerd questions or acquisitions. Paternity finds the bond between Mother, Farther and Child.

Chain of Custody Requirements
Chain of custody requirements must be fulfilled for test results to be defensible in any legal situation, such as inheritance disputes. These requirements include the following:
o Samples are collected by a neutral third party, such as a clinic or laboratory.
" The individuals tested are positively identified (i.e., they present a government-issued ID to be photocopied and/or they are photographed and fingerprinted).
o A standard DNA Diagnostics Center kit is used.
o Each party completes and signs a Client Identification and Consent Form (COC-4002).

Non-Chain of Custody Requirements
In a non-chain of custody test, samples are collected by the patients themselves. Results of this test are for personal knowledge only and may not be used for legal purposes.
. A Beta Genetics kit is used, and buccal samples can be collected by the patients themselves at a time and place that they choose.
. Since the origin of the samples cannot be verified, names are not listed on the report (i.e., the report will only show "Child," "Alleged Father," etc.)
o An RL kit number is assigned to each kit and will appear on the report as a reference for the case.

Paternity Test (Trio)

A standard paternity test, called a trio, involves the child, mother, and alleged father. The mother's participation is always encouraged in a paternity test.
Who needs to be tested?
One Mother, one Child, and one Alleged Father (AF)

Turnaround Time
3-5 business days from receipt of all samples

o The mother's participation is encouraged because we can identify the DNA she passed along to the child. By
process of elimination, the lab can identify the DNA the father has given to the child. The average Combined
Paternity Index (CPI) of a trio is 1 million, while the average CPI of a motherless case is only 10,000.
o A trio paternity test provides the strongest case for use in the courts, where the mother's involvement is
preferred and sometimes required.
o The mother's involvement allows her access to the case with questions or concerns, a copy of the paternity
results, and a full chain of custody if required.
o The mother is tested at no additional fee.

Paternity Test (Motherless):

Motherless Paternity Test
Because DNA testing is so powerful, paternity can be determined even when the mother is unwilling or unavailable to be tested.

Who needs to be tested?
One Child and one Alleged Father (AF)

Turnaround Time
3-5 business days from receipt of all samples

If the mother is unwilling to be tested but can accompany the child to the collection, request that she provide consent for the minor child. Her signature and consent will provide her with access to the case with questions or concerns, a copy of the paternity results, and a full chain of custody.

Paternity Test with Related Alleged Fathers

If two alleged fathers are closely related (full brothers, half brothers, or father/son), their genetic structure can be similar, and they might share the same DNA markers commonly used in a DNA paternity test. Both could test positive as the child's biological father.
DNA testing is powerful enough to determine paternity even if the alleged fathers (AFs) are related, but you must notify our laboratory of this possibility before the testing begins. If there are two or more biologically related alleged fathers, you have three options.

Option 1:
Test all biologically related alleged fathers
The best scenario would be to test the child, the mother, and all biologically related alleged fathers at the same time to compare their DNA profiles with the child's DNA profile. When we have samples from each AF, less testing is required to achieve conclusive results. There will be an additional charge for each additional alleged father tested.

Option 2:
Test one alleged father with extended analysis
If only one alleged father is available for paternity testing, we can perform additional testing and statistical analyses to reach a conclusive result. We have an extended testing panel that allows us to test up to 9 additional markers. With this testing panel, we can either achieve an exclusion or provide a probability that the tested man is the biological father as opposed to the unavailable alleged father. There is an additional testing fee for extended testing and analysis; the turnaround time is 14 working days.

Option 3:

Test one alleged father without extended analysis
If you are unable to include the other alleged father in the paternity test, we can also run a standard paternity test; however, there is a possibility of false inclusion. The AF will be tested as only a random individual, so the results would include the following statement: "The paternity calculation does not take into consideration any biological relatives of the AF."

Prenatal Paternity Test

Paternity can be determined before birth through prenatal testing, which can be done during the 10th through the 24th week of gestation using amniocentesis or chorionic villi samples collected by an OB-GYN. The mother is required to give buccal swab samples in all prenatal tests.

Who needs to be tested?
Mother, Prenatal Sample, and one Alleged Father (AF)

Turnaround Time
5 business days from receipt of all samples

• CVS (chorionic villi sampling) is usually performed during the 10th-13th week of gestation. This is done either transcervically (through the vagina) or transabdominally (using a long needle through the abdomen).

• Amnio (amniocentesis) is usually performed during the 14th-24th week of gestation. The procedure involves drawing amniotic fluid from the sac surrounding and protecting the fetus. This fluid contains some viable (live) cells that have been shed by the fetus.

• Because both Amnio and CVS are invasive, the patient should speak with a physician about the risks involved in prenatal testing.

• Our fees do not include the OB-GYN fee for collecting the prenatal sample. This fee usually ranges between $500-$1,500. We have an OB-GYN referral service for patients who do not have access to an OB-GYN. The fee for this referral service is $200.

Post-Mortem Test

It is possible to perform DNA testing on deceased individuals using their stored samples. The post-mortem viability test is performed on a sample from a deceased individual to determine if the sample yields sufficient viable DNA to proceed with further testing. The fee for the viability test is separate from the paternity test fee. The fee varies according to the sample type, as specified in the Unusual Samples List (which appears in the first section of this manual).

Turnaround Time
5 business days from receipt of samples (bone and tooth samples require longer turnaround times)

Suggested Information to Be Obtained from Clients
o The date of autopsy, if an autopsy has been or will be performed
o Race of the deceased individual
o Type and quantity of available samples
o Storage method of available samples (e.g., frozen, refrigerated, or room temperature)
o Type of container the samples have been stored in (e.g. purple-top EDTA tube)
o The date and cause of death
o Name and phone number of the "next of kin" or estate attorney of the deceased
o Contact information for the facility in possession of the stored samples, and if it is willing to release
the samples. (Many medical examiners and hospitals require either a court order or written permission
from the next of kin before releasing a sample.)

Maternity Testing

A maternity test is performed to confirm the biological relationship between a mother and child-for example, in immigration cases, adoption, and hospital nurseries.

Who needs to be tested?
One Alleged Mother (AM) and one Child

Turnaround Time

3-5 business days from receipt of all samples

Genetic Reconstruction

Genetic reconstruction is used to test the relationship between a child and biological relatives of the alleged father, if he is deceased or unavailable for testing.
Who needs to be tested? - Option 1
One Mother, one Child, one Paternal Parent (PP) of the Alleged Father (AF), and one Full Sibling (FS) of the AF.

Who needs to be tested? - Option 2
One Mother, one Child, and two Full Siblings (FS) of the Alleged Father (AF).

Turnaround Time

14 business days frojji receipt of all samples

o There are several different scenarios for genetic reconstruction. An ideal situation would be to test the
mother, child, one parent of the deceased, and one or more full siblings of the deceased. We can also
perform the test if we have two full siblings of the deceased, the mother, and the child. For circumstances
other than these, please contact your account manager.
o In general, biological relationship testing (such as genetic reconstruction and siblingship testing) is not as
definitive as DNA parentage testing. It is not possible to determine with absolute certainty whether two
people are siblings or biologically related in some way other than the parent-child relationship.
o Results will show a Combined Relatedness Index, a statistical value showing the genetic odds in favor of
the relationship. This number represents the number of times that the tested individuals are more likely
than not to be biologically related in the manner being tested.

Grandparents DNA Testing

A long time ago, extended families all lived in the same house, one room shanty or castle - depending on your ancestry.  Daughter in laws moved in with the man's family and became a part of the everyday household.  Today, most families live "nearby", in another town, state or even country and so it is such a pleasure when the family is able to get together.  Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and grandchildren all have special memories of the limited time they spend with these far away relatives. 

There is alo another trend taking place in the United States, and that is, those in the "grandparent" generation are spending their golden years caring for grandchildren.  The Pew Research Center showed 7.7 million children in the United States were living in the same household as one of their grandparents in 2011. In a separate study, 61 % of grandparents provided at least 50 hours per week of care in the decade 1998 - 2008.  That number increased to 74% in another study for the year 2012.  We can see a trend for whatever reason, death of a parent, two income families, incarceration, denial of paternity, mental incapacity due to drugs, accident or illness, that Grand parents have taken on a major role in the caretaking of the next generation. So if you are a grandparent taking care of your grandchild - you are not alone - there are plenty of support groups out there for you.  In South Orange, NJ - Grandmakares is a non profit organization devoted to helping grandparents understand how to take care of children today.

This is a good thing because the next generation will learn "old fashioned" values from those in the 50+ generation.  Values such as empathy, honesty, respect, which may be lost on their parents from the "me" generation who instead seek the newest Iphones, designer clothes, fast cars and the "Kardashian" effect.  Respect, trust, honesty, empathy - all of these have to be taught but the lesson or message can be scambled if a child is watching mom and dad idolize movies stars, rap stars or worse -  today's sports figures (sorry for the good ones).

Older generations can recall when resources were less bountiful and gratitute for food, clothing a shelter were more apparent than cells phones, designer clothes and the "Kardashian" affect. 

Whether it is because a parent needs financial help from the grandparent, or because the parents have to work more than one job to support the family, grandparents are enjoying the time with their grandchildren.  However, some grandmothers, aunts and even a few insightful uncles notice that the child just does not seem to be one of the family.  Skin color, hair color or texture, facial features, body shape - just don't seem to be like anyone in the family.  Grandparents can have grand parentage DNA tests to determine if a grandchild is actually their biological grand child

A grandfather can easily determine if a grandson is his son's son - by asking for a YSTR test - this will confirm/deny that the child comes from the same paternal lineage.  A grand mother can ask for Grandparentage test and if the child is from her biological background there should be some of the mitochondrial DNA present - especially if it is a biological grand daughter.  Either grandparent can bring in two children and ask for a full vs. half sibling vs. no relationship sibling test.  In all of these cases, the biological mother of the children should be included for more conclusive results.  All children must be accompanied by their legal guardian. 

It is very sad to see a grandparent, who has bonded for months or years with a child, only to find out that the child is not their biological grandchild and how life shattering for the child.  Any doubts, should be immediately erased through accredited DNA Tests are your local DNA Lady's office.

Avuncular testing (aunts and uncles) are also available but the science is not yet acceptable in courts. 

Grand Paternity

Paternity Testing is  not  just for parents anymore!

The unmarried birth rate is at an all-time high in the United States, topping out at in confirmed statistics at 36.8% in 2006 and possibly as high as 40% in 2008. Social and governmental agencies alike are coping with establishing paternity for children. However, there is a growing group that is affected by the issue of paternity that is being overlooked - grandparents.

According to AARP, nearly 6 million children are raised in households headed by grandparents or other relatives; 2.5 million of these children are without parents in the household at all, leaving their care and upbringing to their grandparents or other relatives. In light of the high out-of-wedlock birth rate, some grandparents must take an extra step and establish their biological relationship through DNA testing in order to gain legal guardianship or visitation rights to their grandchild.

There are also other, little-known situations that the grandparent generation is faced with in relation to their family status. They may have to establish paternity for reasons such as:

  • Helping their son or daughter, who may have a child born outside of a marriage to determine paternity for the completion of the Acknowledgement of Paternity as quickly as possible. Many grandparents do not want to wait for state testing because it can take weeks and months to prove or disprove paternity. They want to know whether or not to bond with the grandchild to avoid future family dysfunction.
  • Establishing paternity if the father is deceased, yet his name is not on the birth certificate. Helping the mother establish paternity will allow her to seek social security or military child-survivor benefits on behalf of the child, while affording grandparents the proof they need to establish legal visitation rights.
  • Establishing paternity in situations where the grandchild may be placed in fostercare and preference is given to kinship support. Grandparents may need to prove their biological relationship to the child to take on the role as the legal guardian or foster parent.
How to Add the Baby Daddy's Name in NJ By dnalady On 2017-06-07

Amending the Birth Record of a Child Whose Natural Parents are not Married to Each Other.

In this situation there are many variables, the information below provides guidance on these cases. Please review the case example that applies to your situation.

  • If the mother is married to someone other than the biological father and the husband is not the child’s father, the mother and husband may complete an Affidavit of Denial of Paternity together with the appropriate amendment and Certificate of Parentage form.
  • If the mother is married to someone other than the biological father and the whereabouts of the husband are unknown and the husband is not the child’s father the mother must obtain a court issued order of paternity declaring that the child is not the husband’s or a court order naming who the child’s father is declared to be.
  • If the mother is not married before the birth of the child but marries later to a man who is not the child’s father and wishes to add the biological father to the birth record, she must submit a certified copy of the record of that marriage which indicates the previous marital status of the bride together with the appropriate amendment and Certificate of Parentage form.
  • If the mother was married at the time of the child’s birth but is divorced less than 10 months before or any time after the child is born, supply a certified copy of the complaint part and final judgment of divorce.  Either court document must indicate that the child is not a child of the marriage.  The appropriate amendment and Certificate of Parentage form must be completed by both biological parents.
  • If the parents of a child are not married to each other and the mother is single and wishes for the child carry the surname of the father or a combination of both parents’ surnames, and add the father to the child’s record, the parents may complete an REG 60 amendment and Certificate of Parentage form. 

Note:  If the child carries the father’s surname at the time of birth but the father is not on the original record, the appropriate amendment form to add the father’s information is the REG 34 and Certificate of Parentage (COP) form.

NJ Summer 2017 Family Gatherings By dnalady On 2017-05-12

Whether you have just finished celebrating Easter or Passover  - this is a time of year where you are having dinner, snacks, cocktails or "light fare" with neighbors, business colleagues, family and friends.  Everyone is ready for renewal and hopeful for coming of summer vacation.  It's the human condition.  Did the Easter Bunny leave your family with a new little bunny?  Did Moses bring back a new family member from the desert?

Grandmas and aunts will be hugging and pinching all the new babies and young children.  Sisters and brothers will be sizing each other up - sibling rivalry - is as old as, well the Bible.  Uncles, Dads and Grandpops will be standing around the kitchen trying to "help" but really just getting the first taste of whatever is coming out of your oven.   It's good to see them all together.  Take a good look and be grateful - these people have been and probabily will be in your life- good times and bad.

Now - take a another look at the new baby, new niece, new nephew - who does he or she resemble in your family - there has to be the slightest resemblance to someone, from somewhere in your family.  Ask your neighbor, who does she see in your new baby - sometimes it takes an outside eye to notice the difference. 

Did your son return from Spring Break with his girlfriend and her baby - any resemblance? Like Moses returning from the desert with his Israeli family.  Did your daughter give birth this year but hasn't yet had the family party for the new baby.  Grandparents are entitled to the correct information as much as the child and his/her aunts, uncles and cousins.  Imagine bonding with a baby this Summer only to find out in September that the child belongs to another family?  Parentage or DNA Testing is a common tool used by everyone (not just television personalities) to confirm paternity and remove doubt from dads, families and even moms. 

DNA Testing should be done by someone in your local community.  If you have a question, or concern - 6 months after the DNA test make sure you can return to that person's office in your local community.  This is not the time to be cheap - dimestore tests - return dimestore results - you will never really be satisfied or trust those results.  You do not have to go stand in a family court in front of a family judge and be told when and where to have your DNA test.   For such a private matter, confidentiality, dignity and respect (not judgement) are important.

You also don't have to say anything until the celebration is over - you can confidentially call the local DNA Lady - set up an appointment - our office or your private home - and have an accredited DNA test completed within 3 business days.  Remove doubt and celebrate the Summer 2016 with peace of mind.  If you are participating in a DNA test, be sure to bring identification.


You Are Not The Biological Father By dnalady On 2017-02-15

About 1 out of 4 DNA tests performed at The DNA Lady's office, I have to report to a young man, You Are Not the Biological Father.  Each man handles the information differently.  Some, of course, breath a sigh of relief because out of no where, a woman he "hooked up" with last summer is calling saying she has just had a baby and it's his and she is sure of it.  He obligingly participates, and pays for the test only to find out - it his not his biological child.  He moves on with his life; and hopefully, takes precaution in future encounters.  He dodged a 22 year financial bullet.  

Other times, when I have to deliver 0% results, there are phone calls and emails and in person appearances - so much so that I have now declared my office a No DRAMA Zone.  This is not a TV show - no one is watching your tearful performance and you do not get a free hotel room in exchange for your emotional outburst.  The DNA Lady's office is quiet, personal and confidential.  A man, woman and child come into the office, get identified and a non-invasive DNA test is performed.  Paternity results in 2 - 3 business days. Most important is that we offer respect for everyone involved with the test.  

One gentleman recently received the 0% probability of paternity results. His reaction was calm.  His further actions, after confirming non-paternity were kind and courageous.  Upon receiving the results, he informed me the young lady was living in his home.  From conversations with the young lady, it didn't appear that she had family in New Jersey.  This gentleman was slightly older and wiser than she thought.  He knew he was not the father but to remove any doubt from both of their minds and to end her romantic charade, he participated in the Paternity Test.  

The young lady and her new baby are still living in this man's house.  Bottom line is she lied to him for 9 months about him being the only possible father.  He is a good man that allowed her a safety net during her pregnancy and still today, months later.   And now, she has finally admitted to another "possible" or "alleged" father, who will shortly participate in a Paternity Test.  My hopes are that the second paternity test be complete as soon as possible so that she is able to introduce her new baby to the real family.  

The benefits of private paternity testing are the faster turn around times and privacy.  Had the young woman gone to family court and pointed at the wrong father - she wouldn't know for months and the court may charge her with paternity fraud plus the cost of the test.  Given her living conditions, I don't think she could afford to wait another 6 months to confirm paternity.  Her current benefactor's patience is running thin, and rightly so.  

So Your a New Dad (or about to be) By dnalady On 2017-02-04

So it has been months, and while everyone oohs and aahs about how the new mom is progressing, you have been quietly harboring fears, doubts, and anxieties.  For every pink or blue ribbon the new mom receives, you are screaming inside - is this really happening to me?  And I would like a bow too!

Don't worry new-dads - we know you are just as anxious as everyone else during this time, and for the most part we (pregnant ladies) appreciate your sparing all your worries while we grow a #baby.  Men often times keep their feelings to themselves to spare their partner, unfortunately, that translates to us as "not caring".  Men and women are not usually on the same page when it comes to emotions and how to express them.    Maybe this is a good time to read a book on better communication between partners.  The diversion may relieve some anxiety and you can pick up a few pointers on how to talk to your partner

A pregnancy can also add stress to your regular routine at work - "He is in a daze because he is about to have his first (or fifth) child".  Both families, with the best intention, share opinions different from yours.  Remember first, to respect the cultural, gender and age differences and then communicate with your partner, any immediate concerns. 

Participate in hospital maternity tours - this is where your baby is going to enter this world - ask questions to the New Parents Program administrators.  This is a good time, to discreetly ask about #Paternity testing - often times the New Parents Education program will have local resources for you regarding paternity DNA tests.  If possible, accompany your partner to her prenatal exams and get to know her doctor and other healthcare staff.  Birth day is not the time to be introducing yourself as the new arrivals biological father

And when that magical day does finally arrive - you and mom will be in a special place where you both have such an emotional bonding - it is a life changing event - in the heart of any man - no matter how big and strong - that ties you to baby's mom for ever.  (unless  you are a sociopath) If you doubt that you are the father of this child, but have supported this woman - emotionally throughout her pregnancy - knowing that your Paternity Test will be done on the day or birth or the day after helps you to concentrate on the present.

And now that you have a new baby in your home - remember for the first few months - mom's hormones are balancing out and so she may seem a bit more emotional than usual.  Check in with her verbally - how is she feeling - remember the focus has been on her for 9 months and now it is entirely on the baby - make sure new mom is OK with all the changes that have taken place in her life.  Let her know you think she is a great mom.  New moms don't always have enough time for themselves - make it a point to give mom some time to get sleep, eat right and maybe spend quality time with other children in the home. 

Most of all new dad - remember you have created a life in one simple act (hopefully it was fun) and are today responsible for the physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual well being of this child.  What you did yesterday doesn't matter - today you are a New Father and have the future of a human being in your hands.  Take care of this baby like a flower - nourish, encourage, correct, direct with love and patience.  Unlike the #rhythym method - leading by example usually works.




An Old Man, A Beaver and a DNA Test By dnalady On 2016-03-25

An Old Man And A Beaver

An 86-year-old man went to his doctor for his quarterly check-up...

The doctor asked him how he was feeling, and the 86-year-old said ,'Things are great and I've never felt better.'

I now have a 20 year-old bride who is pregnant with my child.

 "So what do you think about that Doc ?"

The doctor considered his question for a minute and then began to tell a story.

"I have an older friend , much like you, who is an avid hunter and never misses a season."

One day he was setting off to go hunting.   In a bit of a hurry , he accidentally picked up his walking cane instead of his gun."

" As he  neared a lake , he came across a very large male beaver sitting at the water's edge..

He realized he'd left his gun at home and so he couldn't shoot the magnificent creature.

Out of habit he raised his cane , aimed it at the animal as if it were his favorite hunting rifle and went 'BANG, BANG'."

 "Miraculously , two shots rang out and thebeaver fell over dead.  Now, what do you think of that  ?" asked  the doctor.

 The 86-year-old said , "Logic would strongly suggest that somebody else pumped a couple of rounds into that beaver."

The doctor replied , "My point exactly."

DNA Tests are not just for the young bucks - everyone, at any time may have use for a DNA Test - whether for Infidelity, Family Inheritance, Questionable Paternity or even Siblings, who later on in life find out that they may possibly share different parents.  

Where there's smoke, there's fire - if you have a doubt  - get a DNA test done properly and remove doubts for ever.





70 year old man wants a Paternity Test By dnalady On 2015-05-16

Yes, that's right a 70 year old man wants a paternity test.  For years, he looked at his children and with love in his eyes - still thought - one of you just ain't possible.  I was away in the Military, I was away on business (ala Mad Men) - your mother and I were not together the nine months (or 39 weeks) before.  Although I wouldn't love you any less - I always wonder - are you really my child?

Your mother has passed and even if she was here - I would never embarrass or hurt her - I loved her too.  I know myself, and I would forgive your mother any transgression but maybe she knew me just as well and so kept her secret locked up tight.  In those days, although we were hitting the "sexual revolution", our circle of friends and family, would not be so tolerant of such a transgression.  In fact, it was for that reason, that I never mentioned my doubts to your mother.  If she thought I knew something, she may have confided in a friend.  And a secret shared is a secret told.  I loved her and our family life too much. 

Now, as I enter my senior years, and have time on my hands, my mind wanders back to those days and I still cannot calculate or confirm to myself the circumstances.  If I had only kept a journal of my travels, I would have a clearer idea of where I was on the night of conception.  I do remember thinking, you were an early baby (premie) but years later when I looked at the Birth Certificate, it confirmed you were born at full term.  

I've written my will and all of my children are entitled to my estate - we lived and loved as a family - no matter what our DNA says.  Your mother kept us together and through the grace of God we are here to witness her goodness.  I vaguely remember thinking, when I first saw one of those Reality TV shows, that I should find a way to discreetly help myself remove these thoughts.  But, I'm not like those people on the TV and there was no way to do something like that without your mother finding out.  She had a way with information.

Today, I met a woman in a local parking lot.  She told me a way to find out - not that I will do anything with this information, you will never know - but I will finally be able to stop the constant chatter in my head about being your father.  I will love you just the same; perhaps I would broach the subject with you to see if you had any similar thoughts (every child does deserve to know his/her biological parent) but if I saw any surprise or question in your eyes - the subject would be closed forever.  I have no right to upset your life as it is now.    But I do sit and wonder - are you my child?


Creative Gift Idea for the Holidays By dnalady On 2014-12-08


 DNA tests are used today for many different reasons.  Thanks to television, we are all familiar with the undignified paternity testing done by large production companies for entertainment purposes.   Five minutes of fame is more important than a child's privacy?  However, as a private DNA collector for over 7  years, I know there are many families that still believe questionable paternity is to be discussed and resolved inside the family only.  We offer private, convenient DNA collections to confirm biological relationships, including paternity, maternity, grand paternity, siblings and avuncular tests.  If you have a question about a DNA test, please give us a call and we'll explain best tests available, the expected results and turn around time.

During the holidays, perhaps a Gift Certificate for one of our other DNA tests is appropriate.  Child Safety Identification gift certificates are available.  A CSI certificate is a great way to show a child or loved one, your concern for their safety.  It is the 21st century method of safeguarding loved ones - whether they are a child of school age, an elderly parent or a civilian working in an unstable environment.  Having a DNA profile readily available for the authorities in an emergency, in just another tool in your kit of safeguarding your loved ones. Our DNA profile matches that used by national & international authorities for human identification. The same DNA profile may also be used in inheritance cases to insure that your family estate is divided among true relatives only.

The DNA Lady's most popular DNA testing for recreational purposes, is the Ancestry tests.  We have tests ranging from $350 to $1000 - depending upon your interest and budget.  The simplest test, provides a wonderful map of the world with the migration route your ancestors may have taken to bring them to North America.  The more expensive tests, offer entry into a worldwide database, and if you have a genetic relative, you are given contact information in order to connect and discuss your possible family connections. (Written authorization required by everyone prior to release of information.)  We recently connected a young woman in NJ with a genetic relative, consider to be a cousin who lives in another country.  How exciting for her to find a genetic relative in another country!  ANd what a great conversation piece for the next family get together.  Ancestry Testing has become one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America and is a great way to get a conversation going within the family and keep them talking for months. 

Lastly, if you are concerned with a loves ones health and they do not get regular medical check-ups - why not give them a wake-up call with a Predictive Genetic Screen.  A simple fingerstick, and our laboratory will provide a person with their genetic risk factor vs. the population's risk factor for approximately 25 genetic diseases.  All results are confidential.  After receiving report, perhaps a person will be motivated to improve healthcare or even see a primary care physician or internist.  Baby steps today may lead to improve quality of life in the future. Predictive genetic tests require a physician's written authorization with name of patient and doctor who can/will receive results.

Whatever your reason or need, The DNA Lady would be happy to create a personalized gift certificate for you.  We accept cash, credit card, check or money order or "buy now" and "pay later".  We'll create the gift certificate for you and at time of collection, payment can be arranged. 

Benefits of Private Paternity Testing By dnalady On 2014-11-13

Private Paternity Testing (PPT) has been available to consumers for years.  However, well meaning, doctors, lawyers, birth certificate registrars tend to push clients toward Paternity Testing through family court.  A legitimate, PPT center offers the same test, in most cases, by the same laboratory as a State funded paternity test and provides a faster response times in a kinder more personal atmosphere.  The result is that all family members are relieved of unnecessary days off from work or school and the family can bond immediately with the child, without fear of doubt about paternity.

Imagine being a new mom, for the first or even second time and having to stand in a court room and "claim" that someone is the father of your child.  New moms are tired, stressed and should really just be concentrating on taking care of the new baby.  In the case, where both mother and father are on state assistance, then maybe a court room is their only option.  If one of the  parents, is employed it may be in their best interest and the interest of the child, to have a Private Paternity Test (PPT) in order to insure all dollars available are given to the child.  Most PPT centers are able to work with parents on payment plans.

If the mother of a child is receiving cash assistance from the State, then only the first $100 of child support ordered by the court - actually goes to the mother and child.  The remaining funds are given to the Department of Social Services as pay back. 

So, in the end, everyone would benefit from a PPT, as long as the alleged father will cooperate and wants to be supportive of the child.  In the case, where the father doesn't want to support the child, and a mother is forced to go the route of Family Court, then if the PPT was done on a Court Admissible Paternity Test basis, the mother already has the evidence she needs to obtain child support.

The advance in technology and the competitive nature of the industry has allowed PPT centers to offer very affordable pricing on Paternity Tests.  The only word of caution is to make sure you are working with someone local and someone you can return to with quesitons about the test.  Most PPT centers do not expect a credit card payment on the phone.  Final word of caution is to ask about accreditation carried by the PPT labs.  Do not use a non-accredited paternity test - it is not worth the paper it is written on. 

And my favorite question which was asked today was "why should I use your test and not just buy a kit"?  Having been in DNA testing for over 7 years, I can either be patient and explain the difference between an OTC kit or allow that client to experience for themselves, the lack of information, feedback, customer service and accreditations that an OTC kit offers.  The lingering doubt left in your mind when you receive an anonymous email with no one to explain what the numbers mean or even what PI means?  (Paternity Index) or how the laboratory gets to that PI #.  Please, by all means, waste your money on an OTC kit, then come to me so that I can help you do it correctly, quickly and with thorough follow through.  We are a local DNA business - our clients are your friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors. 



The Value of a Local Businesss By dnalady On 2014-05-13

In this world of 800 numbers, toll free customer service, over the counter "do it yourself" everying and the world wide web - why do some business people, think that a locally owned and operated business plan will succeed in today's market.  It's hard to imagine the David and Goliath scenario - of a local, family owned business competiting with the likes of Rite Aid, Walmart, Labcorp or any other well known national or international store.  Why would I shop on my main street when I can go to a mall and be dazzled by the marked up, dressed up, "specialty shoppes"?

Here's a quick story to remind you of what you can get on Main Street.  First, the person behind the counter probably knows you as you walk through the door and is actually interested in how your day is going.  He or she, may know that you like a particular brand, color, food, time of year or they may just know that you live in the area and no one needs to follow you around the store for fear of your stealing something.  When you purchase those light bulbs and one seems to be broken, they know you wouldn't nickel and dime them and will easily refund or exchange your item for you - without a song and dance.  You bought it last Friday (and they remember that you were in their store) and didn't get a chance to check it out until the following Friday but they still refund or exchange your item - because you've been in their store before and they remember you and more importantly they want you to come back.  That's the difference between going to a store on main street owned by a family and going to a "fancy" mall store - the mall sales personnel are more interested in what the gang is doing tonight and wouldn't remember you if you stamped your name on their foreheads.   

Here's a delicate situation where had the alleged father used his local DNA collector - he would not have to wait another 6 months for his DNA test results and would have someone to talk to about his DNA samples.  A young man, home on leave during the Mother's Day week went on line before coming home and ordered up a DNA Test via one of those "800" numbers.  They debited his credit card and told him they would call him back to confirm his appointment.  He waited for a few days but no one called him - so he phoned the "800" number, gave them some 8 digit identification number that he was told to refer to when speaking to them (the 800 customer service representative didn't need to remember this was Sargeant "so and so" on leave for short visit to his home town in New Jersey and had a small window of opportunity to confirm this was his new daughter before being shipped out to overseas for 6 months- why should she remember his name or circumstances?)  Anycase, the "800" customer service lady punched in the 8 digit number and told this soldier that they are waiting for a someone from the local collection site in New Jersey to confirm they will be open for his appointment.  Finally, the "800" number did call back and confirm that the Sargeant could come in on Friday, 5 days into his leave.  He wouldn't get results until he was already back on the base. 

He attended the DNA collection, along with the new baby girl and her mother.  All were identified, photographed and the non invasive DNA collection was performed.  He spent the weekend with other family members, as well as the new baby girl and her family.  Monday rolled around and most everyone went back to work, he went back to the base but still didn't know for sure that this was his new baby girl. 

Wednesday came and went, the "800" operator said she only works until 4pm and didn't see any results attached to his "identifying number" and actually her "system" wasn't indicating that there was a "dna test in progess" for that "identifying number".   5pm on Wednesday, he didn't have an email  but still didn't think much of it because no one explained to him that had his DNA samples actually been submitted - the laboratory would confirm receipt and results due date.  The next morning, he received a call from the on-line DNA Service Manager stating that his DNA sample had never been submitted to the DNA testing facility because the independent collection site lost the sample.  That's it - story ends here.  The sargeant shipped out the next day with no answer, a young woman wonders what happened to the man she thought was the father of her new baby girl and a new baby girl does not have paternity acknowledged so that her Birth Certificate will have to be amended some time in the future and more importantly the new baby girl is not eligible for any of the alleged father's military benefits. 

With the advances in technology, DNA tests can actually be completed within 24 hours - did anyone offer this alternative to the Sargeant.  Probably no, because they didn't know his circumstances - their focus was on finding some independent DNA collector.  The new mother phoned the DNA Lady and explained this situation.  The story will end on a happy note as the new young mother, the new baby girl and the alleged father - will get collected.   The alleged father (On his honor) will have to now collect himself and ship the buccal swabs back to the DNA Lady.  He trusts that the DNA Lady will collect the new mom and baby girl again and submit his samples along with their samples in a secure and timely manner to the laboratory - although not considered chain of custody for the court's purposes.  but at least, this one soldier will know  if he is a new dad or not - and by extention this new baby girl will have a whole new extended family  without any lingering doubts.  The DNA Lady is a local, family owned DNA testing facility in New Jersey with the ability to collect DNA across the United States and in 160 foreign countries.  The new young mom happened to see one of the DNA Lady's business cards in her doctors office and thought the DNA Lady could intervene on their behalf and give them answers.

While the Sargeant had the right thing in mind, unfortunately, not working with a family owned DNA collection facility left him in the lurch.  The independent "DNA Expert" is long gone with no explanation and no accountability - she gets paid a collector's fee irrespective of what happens with the samples.  She probably has no idea of the ramifications of her irresponsible actions. 

The moral of the story is - for some things - you need that personal touch. go to someone who is going to answer the phone, know you by name and case (not by a number), someone and someplace that you can return to for answers and direction.  The DNA Lady is a local, family owned business offering private and court admissible DNA tests to confirm biological relationships - Paternity, Maternity, Grand Paternity, Siblingship and Avuncular.  Wtih something as important as fatherhood at stake, wouldn't you want to be able to talk to one person about your case - not a host of independent call center operators?  DNA is a personal subject and the DNA Lady has talked to thousands of families all with unique circumstances - this is not the stuff of Maury Povich - this is real life, with men and women who are very serious about their responsibilties toward a new child.  The DNA Lady is trained in handling each case with compassion and respect and urgency when necessary. (*** and offers discounts to all healthcare workers, military personnel, full time students - all with proper ID****)  Trust in your local, main street businesses - they are going to be there for you.

Hurricane Sandy's Silver Linings By dnalady On 2013-09-17

Did Hurricane Sandy bring you a bundle of joy, along with a FEMA check?  If you are one of the many New Jersey families, welcoming a new bundle of joy during July and August - are you naming your new baby Sandy?  If your new baby was conceived in November of 2012, were you cuddled up because you didn't have heat or hot water....everyone will know what you were doing in November of 2012!

Just about 9 months ago, we all huddled together in what was to many families a surprise of a storm and a devastating blow to life.  We watched dark skies pour tons of water (not much different from today really), and then light blue bolts of lighting (later we learned this was a nearby utility company's transformers exploding) and loud claps of thunder along with the trees bending and snapping like twigs.  One by one, things started to look different.  1.)  The street lights went dark, the small town fire trucks went up and down the blocks (a measure of precaution) and then the rain just dragged on and on all night.  It was October, not too cold but not warm enough to live without heat and hot water.  A week later, we were lucky to be complaining that we were without cable and only one week into November, we already had our first snow storm.   Who says there's no climate change?  It sure is getting strange around here.

But we know now, the many New Jersians, and other Northeast families who went without, so much more than us.  It was devastating to see the towns that we visited during last summer for a quick bite, washed away, covered up by sand and debris.  I am originally from New York, and so I was particularly horrified by news of the 80 families in Breezy Point who lost their homes and the loss of life in Staten Island.  I know that to be in the middle of the event, is completely different than seeing pictures on TV.  Some places were more like war zones than small towns. 

Behind closed doors (if there was still a door there), many families were trying to figure out what their next step would be and how to protect what was left of their life's belongings.  Some families today still sit in hotels, displaced by Hurricane Sandy and waiting for FEMA checks or Flood Insurance checks.  Some lucky couples, found a new reason to cuddle up and keep warm.  In tragedy you can come together or you can move apart.  The couples with new babies, obviously came together during the cold dark days that followed Hurricane Sandy.

So to quote John Milton, "Every cloud has a Silver Lining," and we're hoping that the many families in New Jersey, who are welcoming home bundles of joy over the next month will call The DNA Lady for confirmation of Paternity.  Every child has the right to know his biological parents, irrespective of the parents' role in the child's life.  Let's remove the stigma of "who's your daddy"? with private and affordable DNA tests done right.  Let the new dads sign the acknowledgement of paternity without any doubts or fears and let the dads play a stronger role in molding the children of the next generation.

New Jersey, we're stronger than the storm - it's in our DNA!


Non-Invasive PreNatal Paternity Testing FAQ By dnalady On 2013-06-04

We are now able to offer a non-invasive PreNatal Paternity Test to confirm/deny paternity of a child.  Below are some of the most common questions I have received via phone recently regarding the non-invasive method.

How accurate is the test?

Greater than 99.9% accuracy is what to expect in your results. The 99.9% refers to the probability that the alleged father contains the genetic markers required of the biological father when compared with over 6,000 random individuals. This conclusion is based on the testing results obtained from analyzing 317,000 individual DNA markers.

How early can testing be performed? What happens if I order earlier than this?

Testing can be performed as early as 9 weeks gestation. If testing is ordered earlier than 9 weeks there is a increased chance that there will not be a high enough fraction of fetal DNA in the maternal plasma.

When will I get results?

Within 5 business days from the time the laboratory receives the sample.  FYI, Blood samples should never be placed in a freezer. Reports are then issues electronically and can be faxed and/or emailed.

Where is the actual analysis performed?

All samples are analyzed at a CLIA-certified laboratory in the United States.  Reports are then issued electronically.

What is required to perform testing?

A blood draw from the mother and from all alleged fathers. Collection instructions and forms are provided by your local DNA collector.  Ask you doctor to set up the blood draw either in his office so that the local DNA collector can seal and ship samples to the laboratory via clinical pak. 

Is this test covered by insurance?

No - and the reason an insurance company would not cover a paternity test (whether done prenatally, or after the baby is born) is that paternity of a child is not considered medically relevant. 

This is fairly new technology and therefore is somewhat more expensive than the traditional methods of PreNatal Paternity tests.  Payment for the Prenatal Test is made directly to the DNA collector - your doctor may have additional fees for the blood draw on yourself and the alleged father.   The PreNatal Paternity test includes only one alleged father in the initial cost.  Additional alleged fathers may be done if first man tested is not the biological father. 

DNA Tests for Earned Income Tax Credit (NJ EITC) By dnalady On 2013-05-24

By now, most families have filed their income tax forms and have either spent the refund, have visions of this year's mini vacation, or perhaps an updated spa-like bathroom, the next big thing in kitchens or just getting rid of some debt.  I think that most of us are trying to just get rid of last year's debt and that can be as much of a relief as a vacation. 

There are some families who's refunds have been put on hold because of eligibility requirements for the Earned Income Tax Credit.  If you have received a letter or notice from the State of New Jersey, Department of the Treasury, Division of Taxation asking for further evidence of eligibility for the NJ EITC, and one criteria is to prove paternity, maternity, grand paternity, grand maternity, siblingship or any other biological relationship - DNA Testing performed by an accredited and federally approved laboratory can help expedite the processing of your documents.

DNA Testing today is a non-invasive buccal(cheek) swab.  No one wants to stick babies for a living.  If done correctly, by an independent, disinterested third party then government offices will accept a sealed, notarized copy as proof of your biological relationship.  What's that you say - Chain of Custody ???? amateurish investigators often ask this question - it is known as the CSI effect - everyone knows a little bit about DNA but not everyone knows exactly what is acceptable and what is not. 

DNA Testing done to confirm Paternity, Maternity, Grand paternity/maternity - for the purpose of social security, income tax, immigration, birth certificates - anything other than FORENSICs - the Chain of Custody process followed by the disinterested third party is to have participants sign and seal the envelope containing DNA swabs, sign and date the documentation with identifying information (date of birth, ss#, other government issued identification) and sign and date a photograph of participant.   Minors must have their parent or legal guardian in attendance.  The items are then packaged and sealed by the third party disinterested DNA collector and courriered to a lab.  In the case of The DNA Lady, only accredited DNA laboratories, that is those carrying CLIA, NYSDOH, AABB, FQS-International ISO 17025 accreditations are used in our tests.  The DNA Lady does not use off the rack, internet based companies.  When the chosen laboratory receives the overnight courriered package, they examine each item to insure no tampering has taken place between the time the items were signed/sealed by collector and DNA participant and the time the lab receives the package. Although the price of DNA testing equipment is coming down and DNA amplification using microscopic preheated and cooled layers of silicon are available (mostly to law enforcement), there is rarely an opportunity to walk directly into the DNA lab and get collected directly by the laboratory technician.

If you are a tax preparer, you may use the services of a local DNA collections company on a wholesale basis so that your clients receive the benefit of discounted tests.  DNA collections can take place in your office, so that your client is comfortable and in many cases - proper paperwork is readily available.  Have you ever met a man or woman so jealous of your success that they waste time all day on stupid phone calls?  Original results are sent in sealed envelopes to the government entity requesting the additional verification of eligibility for NJ EITC.  Participants receive copies via regular mail - and in the case of The DNA Lady - phone calls, emails and any other method necessary so that participants receive results as fast as possible.   

Of course, if you are concerned with any aspect of the DNA collection, having access to the local DNA collection facility, ie, The DNA Lady, is easier than dealing with an anonymous 800 numbers.  Buyer Beware - be concerned when you call a local number to set up your DNA test and the person on the phone redirects you to some other address - do not give your credit card numbers to these facilities. 

Go Green - get rid of magazines, newspapers and move into this century!  Save a tree.

Free Tax Preparation in Middlesex County New Jersey By dnalady On 2013-02-13

Taxpayers who made less than $60,000 in 2012, can get their taxes done for free by IRS-certified volunteers at locations through out the community.

The free tax sites also help eligible taxpayers claim important tax credits and increase their refunds.  Some of the credits include:

Earned Income Tax Credit - I talked about in yesterday's blog; how a non-invasive DNA test can help a man claim his children and/or parents as dependents if he does not have the documents proving the biological relationships.

Energy Credit - have you done any home improvements which reduced your home's energy use?

Childcare Credit - if you need to prove a child is your biological child - a fast, non-invasive DNA test can be performed, results in 3 business days and submitted to the proper IRS authority in order for you to obtain childcare credits.

Here is a list of some of the towns, sites and numbers to call for info:

Westergard Library, Piscataway, NJ   732-752-1166 x 12

Highland Park Senior Center, 732-819-0052

ITBMS, Edison, NJ   732-902-7059

North Brunswick Senior Housing 732-247-3727

United Way of Central New Jersey, Milltown, NJ   732-247-3727

Magyar Bank, New Brunswick, NJ   732-342-7600 x 100

Sayreville Senior Center, 732-390-7059

Piscataway Senior Center 732-562-1133

Woodbridge Health Center 732-855-0600 x 5026

New Brunswick Senior Center 732-745-5100

Jewish Renaissance Foundation Perth Amboy, NJ 732-324-2114 x 112

Call ahead to obtain schedules and information on what documents you need to complete tax returns. 


2012 NJ Earned Income Tax Credit By dnalady On 2013-02-12

Did you know that Federal and NJ State Earned Income Tax credits are available to certain low income working individuals and families?

These credits can reduce the amount of income tax you owe or increase your income tax refund.  And, you can receive the credits even if you didn't earn enough income to be required to file a tax return.

The New Jersey Earned Income Tax Credit (NJEITC) is a credit for certain residents who work and have earned income.  The credit reduces the amount of NJ tax you own and may give you a refund, even if you are not required to pay income tax to New Jersey.

There are several criteria which much be met to qualify for the Federal Earned  Income Tax credit.  The amount of yourNJEITC is a % of your Federal earned income tax credit.  This year, the NJEITC amoun tis 20% of the Federal income tax credit.

One criteria is that you and your spouse or civil union partner must file income tax returns together.  Often times you are required to prove a biological relationship claimed for one of your dependents.  A quick, non-invasive DNA test can prove a biological relationship exists and allows you to file for your NJEITC.  Today's DNA tests prove maternity, paternity, grand paternity, and siblingship relationships.  The accredited laboratory will mail an original result to the IRS and/or your tax preparer and your local DNA Lady will call you with results as well as send you a hard copy for your file. 




Blood Typing vs. DNA Testing By dnalady On 2012-10-17

If you are one of the many new moms or pregnant women, wondering who's the father of your baby, a paternity test can be taken. DNA testing is not expensive, but if you happen to know your mates blood types - you may first compare the baby's blood type to mom's and dad's. Keep in mind that the blood test results aren't able to pinpoint who the exact father is, although prior to DNA testing this was the preferred method for determinig paternity,  but blood type can tell who isn't the biological "dad."   Determining blood types, can help you eliminate the number of men that need to be tested for paternity, thus saving time and money.  However, if you are not able to compare blood types of your paramours with your new baby, then just go ahead and schedule a non-invasive DNA test

There are over 600 known blood types which makes paternity testing far more accurate today than in 1940 when only 4 blood types had been discovered. DNA testing is legally accepted to determine paternity. If the test says that a man isn't the father, then legally he isn't. If the test says that he's the father, there's about a 99.8% chance that he is.

Knowing your baby's blood type and baby's daddy might not seem important right now, but having this knowledge can help in many situations -- from childhood emergencies all the way to parenthood!

PreNatal Paternity Testing By dnalady On 2012-10-15




During pregnancy, removing as much stress from a mother-to-be allows her to focus on what is best for baby.  If a mother-to-be is undergoing a genetic testing, and if she wants to confirm paternity at the same time, The DNA Lady can help.


Non-Invasive Blood Tests

As early as 9 weeks into the pregnancy, a non-invasive blood draw, from mother and alleged father is required to determine paternity.  Mother is required to provide 10 ML of blood and father is required to provide 5ML of blood.  Tubes are provided by collector and samples are shipped via clinical pack directly to the laboratory.  We do not recommend testing on Friday.

Chorionic Villus Sampling

This is a medical procedure typically performed between the 9th and 12th weeks of pregnancy by your doctor.  A very small portion of the placenta is removed through the vagina.  (2 x 2 tissue)


This is a medical procedure typically performed between the 14th and 24th week of pregnancy by your doctor.  The procedure involves inserting a needle into the womb and drawing out amniotic fluid.  (15 - 30 MLS)

 The client MUST discuss with their doctor the potential risks involved in having either an amniocentesis or CVS performed.  The client MUST also make arrangements to have these procedures performed by their doctor. Amniotic fluid must be tested immediately and CVS samples are time sensitive, therefore, Pre-Natal Paternity Tests are only offered on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. 

 Turnaround Time

5 – 7 Business Days from receipt at our laboratory. 


Doctor’s Fee for obtaining prenatal sample will be in addition to and paid directly to the doctor.   The Prenatal Paternity Test is a separate fee paid directly to the DNA collector.  Additional alleged fathers may be tested at the same time. 


We suggest the mother and alleged father set up their DNA collection and paperwork prior to the day of the Amniocentesis or CVS procedure.  On the day of the procedure, we will accompany the mother to the doctor’s office, provide the prenatal test collection kit to the doc tor and wait for the prenatal sample to be sealed.  We package & ship everything via Clinical Pak to our laboratory .

Paternity Tests, Healthcare Providers and Religious Impact By dnalady On 2012-06-20

I recently met with a practice manager of a medium sized OB/GYN practice in New Jersey.  I thought from the start, that we would have a common ground on which to launch our new professional relationship.  I am an Irish Catholic - she was an Irish Catholic, I'm a middle aged female - she was a middle aged female - we're both professionals working with new moms and dads.  The new moms are usually so tender and emotional, whereas the new dads are tired, scared and in some cases - want to jump ship.  They are scared - this is a natural reaction to an unknown responsibility - if they aren't scared - I would think that maybe they weren't putting enough thought into what is about to be their new life.

Great start for a sales call, I can draw on our similar background to develop a rapport and ease into becoming her number one referral source for DNA Testing in New Jersey

I've never been so wrong in my life.  I feel like Taylor Swift, writing songs about all the wrong people in my life - but I feel stronger about misguided women in professional careers working with new moms and new dads - and who are unable to separate their own beliefs and offer proper care to new moms and dads,  A new dad, asking for a private,paternity tests - has no religious or morale implications.  He has a doubt.  A young woman who agrees to undergo a private paternity test - probably has nothing to worry about but will be relieved when the new dad's doubts are removed by a simple piece of paper.  

If the combination of these two events, then provides a solid, foundation on which a child's life in this world begins, then who am I, or anyone else on this earth to judge the reasons or needs of such families.  I applaud the young men and women who come forth and partipate in a paternity test - rather than  hide in a shadow of fear and doubt.  Everyone remember when you were a child and there was some stress in your house - whether it was parents arguing, sisters and brothers misbehaving - everyone in the house was impacted by the stress.  I remember John Gray talking about a hanging "mobile", when one part of the "mobile" is moving - all parts are moving.  I thought it was a great analogy of the relationships in a family.

I cheerfully entered the small conference room to have a quick meeting with this OB/GYN practice manager.  I explained how we work directly with the new moms and "doubting dads" (as I like to call them) to get a Paternity Test done as quickly as possible.  Most hospitals offer 10 days to have the right names placed on the Child's Birth Certificate - that is in the case of single moms.  If a child is born to a married couple, the state automatically assumes that the child is a product of that marriage and husband and wife's name are placed on birth certificate as biological parents.  However, in the case of a child born to a single mom, a man has to sign paperwork in the hospital to acknowledge paternity.  If he signs, and then later finds out he is not the father - how devasting for him and his extended family  (remember the mobile analogy - more than one person gets impacted by the actions of others in the family). 

Maybe my upbringing taught me differently about this subject, maybe not - but it is my responsbility to provide a comforting atmosphere to anyone asking me for a DNA test to confirm any type of biological relationship - whether it is a paternity test, a maternity test, a silbingship test or a grand paternity test.  How emotionally charged is this situation - as a professional, offering private DNA tests, I personally I feel I have to offer a comforting atmosphere, I leave paperwork around my office regarding PPD, and other "new family" issues - I don't have great big, JUGDEMENTS emanating from my background slamming these new youngs moms with a GREAT BIG "A" - or anything else. 

For anyone working with new, young moms and their extended families, I offer these key points:

  • Understand why religio-cultural competence is an essential skill for health care professionals
  • Identify common obstacles to communicating with patients about religious beliefs that affect compliance and care
  • Recognize how providers’ own religious and cultural backgrounds impact interactions
  • Identify the 15 themes where religious beliefs affect patient care
  • Learn techniques for effective communication around patient religious beliefs and practices

I sometimes wish my own doctors would understand my cultural background and my reluctance in some cases to follow their instructions. 

Separate  your own life from that of your patients and in my case, your local vendors who offer reliable, accurate DNA Testing for a family who willingly wants to participate.  Include us in your "new family" packages, so that the family can make their own decision on the subject - perhaps culturally they are shy about asking for a paternity test, and that doubt will erode any attempt to bond with the new baby. 


A By-Product of Paternity Tests By dnalady On 2012-06-08

Today, there are so many different uses for DNA tests

The most common, of course, is a Paternity Test.   A by-Product of these Paternity Tests is a genetic profile of the child which  you may use to assist local authorities in an emergency.  Paternity Tests (and any other DNA collection) should be performed by a local collections expert so that you are confident in the results.  The DNA collections expert knows how to collect, secure and ship DNA samples to the lab so that there are no "mix-ups" at origin or destination. Paternity tests are performed for men who just have a nagging doubt; for children who have never been sure about their parentage and for grandparents who just don't see a resemblance or similarity in a child.

DNA tests are also used to expedite the immigration process.  As a by product of this gold standard of identification, the parents and families that have DNA tests have unwittingly taken an additional measure of safety for their children.  In the event of an emergency, if a child or loved goes missing, the family has an additional tool to provide to authorities to search or track their missing loved one.  When you receive a copy of the DNA test from the laboratory, whether for paternity, immigration, siblingship - you have a genetic profile of  your family member.  Like fingerprints and dentition, DNA is used to identify someone and possibly track their whereabouts.  Place the genetic profile along with other important family documents, ie, birth certificates, death certificates, passports, deeds, titles etc., for safekeeping.

There are DNA collection facilities that offer an individual DNA Type Certificate as a measure for Child Safety.  The individual DNA type may also be used for adults with disabilities, civilians working in foreign countries and those employed in high risk professions.  Without knowing it, those moms and dads who have undergone DNA testing to confirm the biological relationship, have safeguarded their children with just another measure of safety.  Those parents hold an additional tool to assist authorities in searching for and returning their children to safety.  As school lets out, why not host a Child Safety Identification party in your backyard - call your local DNA collections expert and have your children profiled with the gold standard of identification - a DNA genetic profile.

Reciprocal Child Support Enforcement USA and Dominican Republic By dnalady On 2012-04-20

The long arm of the law - wow - it really does apply in Child Support Cases these days.  As of yesterday, NJ passed a reciprocal agreement with representatives from Santo Domingo to have  child support collected on behalf of children either living in the USA and whose parent is living in the Dominican Republic or vice versa, where children living in Dominican Republic and a parent has moved to the United States.

The DHS - Division of Child Support will enforce these laws by following up with Paternity claims made on fathers in either country.  Fathers, need to understand their rights and should first know if they are or are not the biological fathers of the children indicated on the child support order.  In the United States, you are automatically considered the biological father of the child, if you were married to the mother at the time of birth.  An affidavit signed by both you, the mother and the real biological father would be needed to have your name removed from a birth certificate, under those conditions.  However, if  you were not married to the mother, and if you do not sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity, usually in the hospital at time of birth, then legally the child does not have a father unless and until you sign paperwork.  As with anything, if you have a doubt about the Paternity of the child, even though this is one of the most joyous times in your life, it is not wise to sign any paperwork until you have a DNA  test performed.  Results are available in as little as 3 business days - and then the family can begin to bond with the baby - if results return with greater than 99% Probability of Paternity.

A simple non-invasive DNA Test can be ordered either through the courts or done privately, using an accredited facility and a  Chain of Custody DNA collection process.  Chain of Custody processing insures that there are no questions regarding accuracy, reliability and participants in the DNA test.  Proper government issued identification is required, the legal guardian of the child (usually the mother) is required to sign on behalf of the child and all three participants are photographed.  The test is complete and results can confirm or deny whether you are the biological father of a child. 

Some families may not want to go through the "assembly line" process associated with Court Ordered DNA Tests - where everyone sits in a room and is called by a docket number to have their DNA collected.  Imagine being a new mom, sitting in a room full of other "new" moms and "alleged fathers" waiting for your number to be called and your DNA to be collected.  Very little privacy is offered - more like cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

Private DNA Collections can be done by families both here in the USA and in Santo Domingo.  Either a local trusted family doctor in Santo Domingo can perform the collection, or if all 3 are on a visit to the USA - all 3 can be tested in a private DNA collector's office.  Offices are available in Perth Amboy and Passaic where there is a concentration of Dominican families.  Spanish translation is available in Perth Amboy offices. 

Getting a Birth Certificate in Essex County New Jersey By dnalady On 2012-04-04


Birth Certificate Request Form

To obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate, please submit the Birth Certificate Request Form by mail to:

Department of Child and Family Well-Being

Vital Statistics

920 Broad Street, Room 111

Newark, NJ 07102


Contact: (973) 733-6510


Include with the form:


A money order payable to “City of Newark” for $25, with an additional $4 for each additional copy of the same record. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.

A self-addressed stamped envelope (if by mail)

The following documents (copies if by mail):


Valid photo driver's license or photo non-driver's license with current address




Valid driver's license without photo and an alternate form of ID with current address




Two alternate forms of ID, one of which must show the current address:


Vechicle Registration Card

Vehicle Insurance Card

Voter Registration Card

US/Foreign Passport

Immigrant Visa

Permanent Residence Card (Green Card)

Federal/State ID

School ID

Utility Bill or Bank Statement (within last 90 days)

Tax Return/W-2 for current or the previous tax year



If you are looking for a certified copy, proof of relationship is required that establishes that you are:


The subject of the record

The subject's parent, legal guardian or legal representative

The subject's spouse/civil union partner/domestic partner; child, grandchild or sibling, if of legal age

A state of federal agency for official purposes

Pursuant to court order


To establish proof of relationship for:


Your own birth certificate: Your valid ID is acceptable; however, if you have assumed your spouse's or civil union partner's surname, provide a copy of your marriage or civil union certificate to link the name on your current ID to the name on your birth certificate.


Your child's birth certificate: If the name on your identification matches the name of the child's parent, then your identification will establish your relationship. If your current name does not match the name as recorded on the birth certificate, as the parent you will need to supply a copy of your marriage or civil union certificate or legal name change.

A DNA Test is often used to confirm you are the biological parent of the child.  Have a Chain of Cutody Paternity test performed by an independent, private and accredited DNA Collections facility and have originals sent to the above address.  

Your spouse's/civil union partner's birth record: Provide a copy of your marriage/civil union certificate.


Your parent's or sibling's vital record: Provide a copy of YOUR birth certificate with parents' names.


Your grandparent's vital record: You must establish that you are the person's grandchild by linking the name on your ID to the name of the grandparent. For example, if you changed your last name after marriage/civil union and want a grandparent's vital reccord, you must:

1) provide your marriage/civil union certificate to show your name at birth,

2) provide your birth certificate to identify your parent, and

3) provide the parent's birth certificate to identify the grandparent.

 DNA Tests are also available to confirm the grand parental relationship.  Call your local DNA collector and explain the circumstances and she'll offer best case test scenario.  Remember that having the proper name of both parents on the birth certificate will not only allow the child to build a foundation but will also provide benefits available to a biological child through both parents.


If you are looking for a certified copy of a record and are:


An executor of an estate: You must supply proof of appointment as the executor.


The legal representative of the executor of an estate: You must supply proof of legal retainer by the executor and proof of the appointment of the individual as the executor.  Perhaps your client has "Banked" his DNA so that after his passing - his children can determine if he was really their biological father and therefore entitled to inheritance and other benefits.


The legal repsentative of an individual that is eligible to receive a certified copy of a vital record: You must supply proof of legal retainer by the eligible individual and their proof of relationship.



If you are not a person qualified to get a certified copy of a record, but:

 You are helping a peron receive a certified copy of a vital record they are eligible to receive: You must show your valid ID and a notarized, written release authorizing you to get the record on that person's behalf, OR you can supply a written release from the person you are helping along with a copy of that person's valide photo ID.


In need of a vital record and are not the legal representative of an eligible person: You must obtain a court order directing the State Registrar to issue a certified copy of the record. A subpoena is not sufficient to issue a copy of a vital record.



DNA Testing in the Tri-State Metropolitan Area By admin On 2011-12-17

One would think because of proximity (closeness), that a simple trip across the George Washington Bridge, the Lincoln Tunnel, the Holland Tunnel, or the Goethals Bridge and you could get a Private Paternity Test.

In the State of New Jersey, you can get a DNA  Test done for private reasons, without a lawyer, doctor or any other official.  Call your local DNA collector, set up your appointment and you can receive a Court Admissible document and/or Find Out First Paternity Test.  In the State of New York, however, there are antiquated (outdated) laws still on the books that regulate DNA testing.  The New York State Department of  Health (NYSDOH) regulates DNA Testing - whether for a diagnostic (medical) purpose or for a simple Paternity test.  So if your identification indicates you are a resident of New York State (from Albany down to Brooklyn), then you are required to have a prescription and proper government issued identification to obtain a Legal DNA Test

If you want to have a Paternity Test done this holiday season, and you only have New York identification, call your primary care physician as soon as possible and ask for a written doctor's prescription stating the names of the DNA test participants - usually child, mother and alleged father - and, very important - have your primary care physician clearly state - that it is OK for the lab to release results to you - the patient. It is also no necessary to test the mother of a child to confirm paternity of a child.  If your doctor is unfamiliar with the NYSDOH regulation, we will be happy to call your doctor with information. Please be able to provide us with your doctor's name and phone number and the names of the participants in the DNA test.

On the other hand, non-NY residents, that is resident of New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and virtually every other State,  have the ability to obtain a DNA Paternity test with just one phone call.  The DNA Lady can set your appointment in one of our convenient collection sites across the Tri-State Area or across the United States - usually on a day's notice.  Newark DNA Tests - done conveniently Monday through Saturday - right near the court house.  Trenton DNA Tests - done conveniently in a private office - parking in front- major transportation within two blocks.

From DNA Testing in Paterson - to DNA Testing in Flemington - call The DNA Lady and she will set you up immediately. We understand that Paternity Tests are still a private matter - only the legal guardian of minor children need to provide identification to allow us to perform the non-invasive (no needles) DNA Test.  New mothers need not be standing in line in a court house, holding baby and essentials, waiting for her turn to have a DNA test performed.  Our Find Out First Paternity Tests take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

For residents of Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern Connecticut - mobile DNA Testing is your best bet.  A mobile DNA Collector will come to your private home, ask you to provide photocopies of your identification, perform a non-invasive DNA collection (no needles) and 3 days later call you and email you with results and then follow the call/email up with a hard copy.  PA and CT DNA Tests - are also not regulated by the Health Departments and can be done on a Court Admissible Basis (in case you later on decide to use test as evidence in Court) or on a Find out First Private paternity test basis. 

You will receive a copy of the DNA Tests, including the genetic markers tested that determined with 99% assurance that you are the biological father of the child or not.  A  DNA Test is very easy to understand - if you are the biological father of the child the results will read greater than 99% Probability of Paternity - if you are not the biological father of the child - the result will read 0% Probability of Paternity  All DNA Testing companies use the same genetic markers to determine human relatedness - if you have taken a test with another lab and want to double check the test results - have one person's DNA profile done (half the price of a DNA test) and match those genetic markers to one of the participants in the original DNA Test.



Examen de ADN By dnalady On 2011-12-07

If you are entitled to Social Security benefits, or your children are entitled to Social Security benefits and you require proof of Paternity, Maternity, Grand Paternity or siblingship, Examen de ADN can be performed and is accepted as proof.  Below is the new Social Security website in spanish.

Often times, a U.S. government office will request a parent or guardian to provide legal documentation of a biological relationship in order to establish eligibility for benefits.  Families that have been moving around, documents not in English, documents not updated may need assistance in providing paternidad, maternidad or other biological relationships.   Today, there is a population probably entitled to benefits but have been unable to communicate or effectively understand eligibility so the Social Security Administration put together a Spanish site.  Use the below link, to determine your eligibility.  If Examen de ADN is necessary please call your local DNA collector for details.

Man Gets Refund on Child Support Payments By dnalady On 2011-11-28

The following is an excerpt from an Australian news article, that prompted me to think - how many men would go running to their nearest local DNA Lady collection center, if they thought there was a possible refund?  The cost of the local DNA Lady's test, could not possibly equal the refund, if the child happens to not be yours.


A woman has been ordered to pay back $13,000 in child support payments after DNA tests confirmed he was not the father of her 14 year old son. 


The "alleged" father took the child in for a DNA test, because the paternal grand mother continued to make observations that the child did not look like anyone else in their family.  Prompted by memories of a compromising position the man came upon with his wife and a neighbor years ago, he decided to find out for himself.

After confirmation from an accredited DNA collection facility, the man then returned to the equivalent of family court in Australia and asked that his child support payments be stopped.  The magistrate was so discouraged and outraged by the mother's fraudulent claims of paternity, that not only did he stop further child support payments, he demanded that the mother repay this man all monies he paid over the years, after a bitter divorce.

Some would bet any amount of money, that the aunts and grandmothers on both sides of this family recognized long ago that this child was not fathered by this man but there had already been enough conflict through the divorce, that no one wanted to create any more problems or be considered a "budinsky".

Now, 14 years later, who is the real victim in these situation - THE CHILD.  There is no greater bond than that between a father and child - now how do the ADULTS explain to this child what they have done?  How do you tell a 14 year old boy, who has played catch with his dad, gone to cricket or other sporting events with his dad and who relished every minute of the child visitation time w ith his dad - that this is not his dad.  Hopefully, a proper child psychologist will be brought to handle the situation and done so on an age appropriate level.

Does this remind you of anyone in  your family?  Have their been family rumours about a child in  your gatherings that no one is bothering to confront?  The longer the myth persists the harder it will be to reveal the truth to the child, the family and to everyone else involved. Most men in this situation react with true hurt - they do no want to give up the relationship with the child - but know that every child has the right to know who their biological parents are irrespective of the relationship between parents.

Today, more and more men, are taking children in for Paternity Tests.  Although having the mother included in the test provides a  more conclusive result, it is not necessary to have the mother tested, to confirm Paternity.  DNA Tests are non-invasive, a simple cheek swab is all that is needed to create a DNA profile. 

If it meant that you would be repaid child support payments made over the last XXX number of years - would you take your child in for a Paternity Test?  Would confirming/denying Paternity relieve you of the doubt you have carried for this time or would confirming/denying Paternity hurt you to your very core.  The MOPO effect we see on TV is not what the real men are doing in these circumstances.  Real men are hurt, their families(grand mothers, aunts, uncles) are disrupted, they are emotionally scarred by careless women, who either can't count or didn't listen during biology classes, or perhaps saw a bigger jackpot by naming the wrong father.

The moral of the story is Find Out First - get a Private Paternity Test(PPT) and remove lingering doubts and family whispers.  Everyone in the long run, will benefit by knowing the truth from the beginning.  



DNA Testing for Paternity By dnalady On 2011-10-25

Most any 12 year old child that enters my office, knows what a DNA Test is about.  We remove any signs related to Paternity in order to allow the parents some dignity however, sex education in schools,  movies, TV, games or friends - a 12 year old is able to connect - DNA with "who is my father?".  That is why I'm always surprised when an adult gets results they did not expect and then get angry with me.  Sort of don't kill the messenger situtation.  When there are two adults and one child participating in a DNA Test to confirm or deny Paternity - one of the adults knows the truth in the situation - the other is in denial. 

There is another phenomenon and that is the person or person(s) who believe that DNA "Testes" are free.  Even if done by Maury or family court - DNA Testes are not free.  A late night caller plugs into a search engine "Free DNA Tests" and of course, lands on our page.  Then call asking if we do "free DNA Testes".   This is the segment of the population who also expects free education, free healthcare, free medicine - here's some free advice - get a job, get a life, go back to school and learn English.  One has to feel sorry for this population otherwise one would track them down through one of the many private investigators who legitimately use our tests and issue warnings about nuisance calls.

DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid or the genetic material found in the nucleated cells of your body.  A person receives half of his/her genetic material, or DNA from his/her biological mother and the other half from his/her biological father.  DNA is the same whether in your blood or your saliva and today's technology allows us to collect cheek cells from mother, father and child to confirm Paternity or Maternity.  Today most labs are using PCR Based Analysis which amplifies specific areas of DNA (loci) in search of the STRs (short tandem repeat units) of DNA.  Each person has two sets of the repeating or STRs known as allelles.  The numbers listed on a DNA Paternity Test represent the number of times the proteins (GATC) repeats at that specific allelle.  If a tested man does not have obligate paternal allelles at three or more loci, he is excluded as the biological father of the child.    Rarely, an alleged father will not have the obligate paternal allele at one or two loci.  The laboratory would then require additional analysis to determine whether the alleged father is excluded or not.  All the more reason, to use a community based DNA collector - so that you can return to that office and ask questions about the DNA Test results.   


Signs of PostPartum Depression By dnalady On 2011-10-08

You may have landed on this blog because you are trying to set up a DNA test with a local New Jersey based DNA collections facility.  In my business, working with a local company on such an important matter in your life - is more important than the $10 or $20 you can save by dialing one of those "800" numbers.  Once you have results, if you have questions, you can simply walk into our collection facility and ask me direct questions about the Paternity Test.

While you are here looking at all the different DNA topics, that I as an expert DNA collector, keep on top of everyday - here is one that you (the new alleged dad) or you (the new mom) should also keep in mind.

Many woman suffer from PostPartum Depression (PPD), in fact up to 80% of new mother's experience a range of highs and lows during pregnancy or following delivery.  Usually, these "baby blues" are mild and go away in about two weeks.  However, if you are feeling a little more than the "baby blues" and a heavy feeling of sadness doesn't stop in about two weeks - please speak up to your doctor, your family, your friends - even your local DNA collector.  and Men if you see this in the new mom in  your life - make sure her family and doctor know about it.  Too many times, women try to put a "strong" or "happy" face on because they think they are supposed to be happy and elated after a child is born.  PPD is treatable with support, patience and knowledge and it will not last forever.  Some of the syptoms of PPD are:


General lack of interest in the baby, family or friends

Changes in Sleep Patterns (too much or too little)

Uncontrollable crying

Irritability and anxiousness

Changes in Appetite (too much or too little)


These are only a handful of signs.  Each mother experiences pregnancy differently and each mother experiences the postnatal days just as differently.  But with treatment, love, understanding, and support PPD is treatable and will not last forever.  Mom can restore her joy in her new baby. 

Perhaps this may not be the time to push for a Paternity Test.  Don't sign papers in a hospital or court if you have any doubts.  Assure the mother and family that you intend on doing the right thing for everyone involved but that there is no sense putting your name on a piece of paper only to have to change it in the future.  Better to wait a few weeks until Mom has settled in, any signs of PPD are managed by her physician and then attend to a Private DNA Test to confirm paternity. 

Ultimately, while taking care of a new mom who may be experiencing PPD is important task - it is equally as important for the child to know his true and correct biological parent through a private, non invasive DNA test - finding out later in everyone's life only upsets the entire family and make shake the child's foundation.   

Just in case here is a telephone number and a website link in case you think a new mom may be experiencing PPD 1-800-328-3838.  First things first.

September is for Grandparents By dnalady On 2011-09-01


How fast did August move by us?  September starts to move just as quickly with kids returning to school, vacations over, family reunions behind us (was that fun or what?) school projects, school clubs and yes - my favorite - Halloween.  September is also dedicated to our grandparents.  Don't forget to let a grandparent in your life, know how special they are to you and thank them for all the loving things they do for you.

Grandparents are lovingly involved in the lives of their grandchildren, from taking them to the local events, sharing family recipes and stories to just babysitting when mom and dad just need a break.  Grandparents tend to show up at those school events, too and affectionately point and clap for everything you do.  However, there are many grandparents in today’s society who are part of an emerging social issue – responsibility for fulltime care and upbringing of the grandchildren.  Parenting can be challenging as a lot has changed since you raised your own child.  It is estimated that nearly 8.2% of children in New Jersey are living with their grandparents or other relatives.  Formally proving a biological family relationship is sometimes crucial in the overall care and support of the child.

            In some cases, grandparents are separated from their grandchildren due to divorce or other strained relationships in the family.  Grandparents should be aware that each state carries its own set of rules regarding Grandparents Visitation Rights.  Below are excerpts from the Grandparent Visitation and Custody Laws in New York and New Jersey.

            New Jersey - A court may grant visitation rights if visitation is in the child's best interest. Adoption cuts off the rights of biological grandparents, unless the adoption is granted to a stepparent.

            New York - The custody statute does not provide statutory factors for determining the best interest of the child. A court may grant visitation rights if at least one of the child's parents is deceased or if the court finds that equity demands intervention based on the circumstances of the case. Adoption does not automatically cut off the visitation rights of grandparents.

            Grandparents across the U.S. can use tests offered by The DNA Lady for the following reasons: 

  • To confirm their biological relationship to a child when their son is not wed to the mother of the child and Acknowledgement of Paternity papers were not signed at the hospital.
  • To confirm their biological relationship to a child in order to remove rumors and doubt about the paternity, which allows the extended family to bond with the baby
  • To confirm their biological relationship to a child when a parent is in prison or unfit to care for the grandchild
  • To confirm their biological relationship to a child when a parent is deceased and did not sign Acknowledgement and/or Certificate of Paternity when child was born
  • To confirm their biological relationship to a child when their son away at school, military posts,  or jobs in foreign countries

The DNA Lady will help you obtain conclusive biologic (DNA) evidence you need when establishing relationships with or raising your grandchildren.  Evidence of the biological relationship also allows the grandchildren to obtain social security benefits, healthcare benefits and survivor benefits that they may not be eligible for because Acknowledgement or Certificates of Paternity were not completed at birth.  Please visit our website for a list of additional “grandparent as parent” and “kinship care” resources in your community.

 The DNA Lady has local collection sites in Passaic, Little Falls, Somerville, Flemington, Perth Amboy, Newark, Metuchen and Trenton, NJ as well as Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY.  Call any of our convenient local numbers for assistance.

732-632-8820 Central New Jersey

862-250-6297 Northern New Jersey

201-308-5566 New Jersey

609-964-1690 Southern New Jersey

718-679-9185 Brooklyn

516-570-3593 Long Island

215-469-2909 Pennsylvania

Private Paternity Testing in New Jersey By dnalady On 2011-08-08

Top 5 Reasons to Include The DNA Lady as a Referral Source:


NJ budget cuts have been reflected in our education, our protectors and our infrastructure.  In fact, many of our most-needy cities are seeing lay-offs of existing Police and Firemen.  Salaries of our educators and administrators are being capped. Hospitals have closed or merged, staffing at municipal facilities (think MVC) has been decreased, & social service agencies are over-loaded with case work.  Have you ever tried to call any Social Service offices lately?

Then ask yourself – why should the State be responsible for scheduling and paying for anyone’s Paternity Test?  Do you know what it means when the state pays for a paternity test?  “State funded” means you and me, the taxpayer.     


Have you ever sat in a NJ family court waiting room and watched the assembly line process in place for state funded paternity tests?  There is no privacy for the participants in a state funded paternity test. 

Your patients deserve the dignity and respect offered by The DNA Lady.  Depending on the country of origin of the family, having a doubt about Paternity is still considered a private family matter – not to be publicly paraded in court, TV or elsewhere. 


State funded paternity tests often take up to 21 days to return results.  Benefits and more importantly – the emotional support and advice an extended family can provide to the new mom, possible new dad and baby are all put on hold until the State process is completed.   Again, have you called a Social Services phone line lately?

The DNA Lady's Paternity Test results return in 3 business days.  Each participant (mother and alleged father) receives a direct phone call from me, an email or fax if requested, and then a hard copy of the DNA Test results via regular mail.  The purpose of expediting the turn-around time is to allow all family members to bond faster with the baby and to remove unnecessary stress.  Our full-style explanation of our process and national accreditation assists participants in understanding and trusting our results.  The participants always have the opportunity to call me and ask questions about the test.


State funded paternity tests are only available in the family court setting.  DNA collection dates are set up during regular business hours, once per month to coordinate a court docket. 

The DNA Lady offers 8 convenient DNA collection sites in New Jersey with late evening and weekend appointments available. Is Sunday the only day that the new dad has off from work?  We will make our schedule work for him.  Mobile DNA Testing is also available.  Since 2007, The DNA Lady has developed a network of DNA collector’s around the country and around the world.  If dad, mom or child, are located in different places, we can coordinate DNA collections at their convenience. 


Not every man who has a doubt about the paternity of a child needs a court “to order” his participation in a DNA Test.  Most men are willing to participate and pay for a paternity test.  Forcing a man into a court environment to confirm paternity is like forcing a 5 year old to eat his vegetables – he learns not to like vegetables.  When both families should be bonding with the new child and with each other – resentment is created by the idea of court “ordered” testing. 

The DNA Lady allows both parents to decide at the time of the collection, which type of test best suits their circumstances.  The mother or alleged father may request that I perform the DNA collection on a Chain of Custody or Court Admissible basis.  On the other hand, some families only need a simple confirmation with what we call a Peace of Mind test, to remove any doubts about paternity.   All of our tests are performed at AABB, CAP, CLIA, NYSDOH and FQS-Intl ISO17025 accredited facilities. 

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DNA Testing and Your Estate Planning By admin On 2011-06-15

Now is a good time to update your will and add/remove names, assets, policies and beneficiaries.  In fact, just as we all change our CO2 and Smoke Alarm batteries in October, we should have a national Update Your Estate Month in June or July.

Kids are getting out of school, custodial plans are being made, vacation days are available, Father's Day is just around the corner - isn't this a good time to safeguard your family by updating your will and perhaps including a genetic DNA Profile.  Safeguarding your DNA Profile will insure that no heretofore unknown relative pops up as the will is being executed.  You can designate a family member or the executor of your will to have access to your DNA profile, should the need arise.  A certificate bearing your name and the authorized person who can access your DNA profile can be attached to  your will.  At the time of your death, everyone will know that a DNA profile is available to remove any doubts or family rumors.  A myth often heard when working with the funeral homes is that you can use a lock of hair to create a genetic profile - not true unless that lock of hair is about as thick as an eraser head and about one inch long and includes the root or follicle.  Otherwise, a lab will not be able to obtain the necessary genetic markers to create a profile.

In case any of the following events have taken place, since your will was created, it is a good excuse to update the will and include the DNA profile at the same time.  Did anyone get married and/or divorced that is named in your will?  Did anyone in your will give birth to a child or possibly adopt a child that needs to be named in your will?  Has there been any deaths of beneficiaries that are named in your will?  Pension plans and 401K or 403Bs, health insurance policies, favorite charities - all have elected beneficiary - have you updated yours to include all new families members? 

Often times, a disgruntled sibling will debate whether another family member is entitled to any inheritance and can delay distributions for years.  We have all passed by homes that were once magnificient but have been left to decay because of estate matters.  If you have a DNA Profile included with your will, there can be no question as to who is your biological relative.  Of course, not all wills are written with only biological relatives - naturally this blog is about biological relatives and identification via non-invasive DNA test.

Finally, it is not difficult or time consuming to set up your will.  There are several on-line sites that allow you to download a will.  You can complete a will in the privacy of your home and then bring it to your local notary for signature.  Or, if your assets are that large, using the expertise of a local estate attorney is probably the best method.  However you chose to let your loved ones know that you cared enough to write it down, a DNA profile is just the 21st gold standard in identification and simple enough to accomplish. 

Get a DNA Test for Mother's Day By dnalady On 2011-05-02

Are  you the boyfriend of a new mom, or just a mom, that has always had a doubt about the paternity of your child?  Have you brought this issue  up in the heat of an argument with the mom and then used your doubts as an excuse to not pay child support or not participate in the child's life?

Do everyone a favor this Mother's Day and get a private DNA Paternity Test.  If you are not the father, then everyone involved with this child has the right to know.  And if you are the father, then buy your girlfriend a big bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates and apologize for the doubt and become the father that every child deserves.

All too often, I get a call from an upset woman stating that her boyfriend has once again accused her of being unfaithful and he is concerned about the paternity of their child.  Or, a woman from a generation when DNA testing was not so commonplace, will call and say that her husband has been hounding her for 30 years about this question - can she get the DNA test done now? Of course she can and I would encourage anyone who has any doubt about their biological relationships to participate in a DNA test. 

Men, step up, get a Private DNA Test and put your concern, resentment and excuses to argue to rest, finally. Offer the cost of the test as a Mother's Day Gift and a promise that you will no longer use "doubt" as a reason to not participate in a child's life.

Many young men do not want to go through a State Paternity Testing system because of concerns over privacy.  If the state performs a paternity test - they will also then execute an income withholding process and notify your employer(s) to garnish your salary, proceed with court action against you for back child support, withhold your tax refunds, suspend your driver's license and possibly arrest you for criminal non-support.  

A Private DNA Test will at least provide you with confirmation whether you are or you are not the father - and then you and the mom can make provisions privately on how you will both participate in this child's life.    



Pruebas de Paternidad Y Otras Relaciones Familiares By dnalady On 2011-01-13

Mas de 1 de cada 10 personas tienen alguna duda sobre quien es su padre biologico, dado que el average nacional de nacimientos de ninos de madres solteras es del 36%.  Con DNA Lady, les damos las respuestas de preguntas de paternidad y otras preguntas de relaciones familiares rapidamente, sin dolor, con compasion y en nuestro local en Nuevo Jersey.  Examinando la paternidad lo mas pronto posible, ayuda a traez paz mental mas rapidamente y evitar le ansiedad y confusion futura de un nino.

La prueba de paternidad establece quient es el padre.  Cada persona nace con un mapa genetico unico conocido como ADN (Acido Desoxirribonucleico).  Porque el ADN es heredado de la madre y el padre a un nino, la identificacion del ADN es de una manera conclusiva para determinar las relaciones biologicas.  Consequentemente, la prueba del ADN es el metodo mas aceptado para determinar la identidad dentro de las comunidades legales y cientificas. 

Los resultados son precisos.  Realizamos cada prueba dos veces independientemente.  Los resultados inclusos son rutinariamente reportados con un 99.9% or mas alto de la probabilidad de paternida y 100% de probabilidad en casos done la paternidad puere ser excluida. 

Idealmente la madre, el nino y el supuesto padre deberan ser examinados.  La muestra de la madre evidenciara que ella contribuyo al ADN del nino, asi que el ADN restante deebe emparejar al supuesto padre para ser incluido.  Sin embargo, usted recibira resultados conclusos sin la muestra de la madre.  Si los padres viven en ciudades diferentes, nosotros podemos coordinar la coleccion de todas las muestras por medio de nuestra extensa red de sitios de coleccion.

Resultados de Pruebas de Paternidad - La DNA Lady - en average, los resultados son obtenidos de 3 a 5 dias laborales. Garantizamos resultados de urgencia que seran obtenidos de 1 a 2 dias.

Ninguna otra compania en esta comunidad (Nueva Jersey) le puede dar todos estos beneficios a un precio economico, considerando que los resultados pueden cambiar su vida radicalmente.  Usted necesita la calidad y certeza, y el ciudad personal de los servicios de la credibilidad The DNA Lady proporcionados pur su inversion.


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DNA Paternity Tests and 2010 Tax Deduction By dnalady On 2011-01-04

It's that time of year, and although we're hearing on the local news that filing your tax returns early will not guarantee an early refund, I can't think of a single reason not to get my papers in order, figure out my deductions and start spending my "hoped for" refund -  perhaps a trip to an aqua blue beach - any place that has sun and temps above 80 degrees.   After the last two weeks in the Northeast with upwards of 20 - 30 inches of snow and temps in the teens, who wouldn't be thinking of fun in the sun - even if you love the snow.

Getting back to 2010 tax deductions - if you have a child born in 2010 that you did not acknowledge paternity either at the hospital at time of birth or during the year, and now you need proof, to claim the child as a tax deduction, a court admissible or chain of custody paternity test can resolve any question as to whether a child is yours biologically and can be claimed as a dependent. 

Quickly and confidentially contact your local DNA Lady, bring in your identifying documents and have your DNA collected and results returned in as fast as 3 business days.  Irrespective of the age of the child, if you need to prove to any government office that the child is your biological child, DNA testing is considered the gold standard of human identification.  Minor children must be accompanied by a legal guardian. 

There are also circumstances in which you may not have the biological father available for the DNA test.  If a brother, uncle, father or other confirmed sibling (male or female child) is available for DNA comparison to your child - a simple, non invasive (no needles) DNA Test can provide a probability of relatedness which may be accepted by the Internal Revenue Service as viable proof of dependency, by the Social Security Administration as viable proof of eligibility for benefiits, and by Military agencies responsible for veteran and their families benefits.  It is your responsibility to determine if the DNA test would prove your case, it will be the pleasure of the DNA Lady to provide you with the best available tests.

Keep in mind that there are so many internet based companies these days, that with such personal information at stake, you will want to work with someone who you can follow up with - not an anonymous call center.  Work with your local DNA Lady so that follow up calls, questions, copies can be easily accomplished and without extra, sundry charges.   Know the difference when purchasing a DNA Test - from an accredited vs. non accredited facility and from someone with experience to handle your case. 



Understanding your Paternity Test Results By dnalady On 2010-11-06

So you have participated in a DNA Test and the test informs you or in the worst case scenario - you simply get an email - that the result is 99.99% Probability of Paternity  (POP)and your first question is why is it not 100% accurate?  Genetic testing to confirm biological relationships can never be 100% because the only 100% match of your DNA is yourself?  Get it?  If we do a DNA test on you and another individual and the Probability returned at 100% - the other individual would have to be yourself or your identical twin.  The genetic relationship expressed in terms of a percentage between two people (or more) should at least match 99.9% in the case of paternity but will never be 100%.  The other incidence in which you can expect 100% is in the case of exclusion or you are not the father.  If the man tested, is not biologically related at all to the child in the test, then the results return with 0% Probability which means that there is no doubt you are not genetically related to the child with 100% accuracy. 

Let me try this another way.  When you take a paternity test - usually the child is tested as well as the mother and an "alleged father".  The reason we test the mother is to clearly identify which portion of the DNA belongs to the mother - so that the remaining strand of DNA should match the tested "alleged" father.  That means, that only half of the child's DNA comes from the father (sperm) and half from the mother (egg).  OK - so now you ask why is the test expressed in terms of 99% and not 50% - again, not having a full understanding of what all the numbers on the test refer to gives you the impression that the POP should be different than what is returned to you.  The test returns with a 99% or higher - because we test specific markers and if your genetic markers match the child's genetic markers at 13 different markers - you are a genetic martch 99% more than any other man tested, from the same ethnic background.   Not having the mother to participate in the DNA test, does not mean we cannot confirm or deny paternity but if the mother is willing to participate in the test than including mom provides more conclusive results. 

If you receive Paternity Test results with a number that is less than 99% Probability of Paternity there are few points to consider:

1.)  Ask the DNA collector (please use a professional DNA collector) if extended analysis can be completed to try to bring the Probability up to 99%.  No one will offer additional DNA testing for free so expect at least a nominal fee.  If the mother was not included in the test, try to bring in mom for additional testing.  If the mother is not available for testing, bring in her biological sisters and/or biological mother or other siblings of the mother.  If the father is not available for testing, bring is his biological brothers, father, siblings.  Testing two children can also confirm whether they share the same biological parents or only one biological parent.  See our Full vs. Half vs. Unrelated Siblingship Testing blogs.  Often times, we test siblings for the Department of Homeland Security or U.S. Embassies to complete Family Based Immigration Visas.  The same tests can be used to obtain other benefits.   

2.)  Ask yourself, is there a possibility that another family member (brother, father, uncle - male cousin related only through your father) could have fathered the child?  If you receive a DNA Test result with numbers less than 99% but higher than 0% everyone may benefit from including other male family members in additional testing to confirm paternity.  In the end, the child benefits by knowing exactly who is the father - starting life out on the same stable footing as other children and having knowledge of medical background is increasingly important as we move toward personalized medicine. (DNA is now being used to prescribe medications for that have different benefits based on a DNA Test.)

3.)  Ask the DNA collector to perform another collection, using a different laboratory, and compare the results.  If using a second laboratory brings the results up and over 99%, ask for an explanation from the first laboratory.  As always, proper DNA testing, by a properly accredited DNA testing laboratory is not free - but it is not cost prohibitive these days either.   

4.)  There is a very slight chance, that your DNA has a mutation that did not get expressed in your children's - only further extended analysis will confirm paternity - this is rare in any case.

Questionable DNA Test results also brings to mind the over the counter kits or off the internet home kits, which may initially save money but long term may result in doubts and/or double testing because of the misunderstanding of the reports and because of the method of collection/mailing/results return.  Always, have your DNA Paternity Tests and other Biological Relationship Tests performed by an accredited facility with a direct employee of the DNA testing laboratory or a agent acting on behalf of the laboratory and ask for proof of the agent's agreement with the laboratory in use.  Someone who purchases over the counter or off the internet kits and represents themselves as a DNA collector - has limited investment in performing the collection accurately, limited access to up to date knowledge within the genetic testing field, has limited interest in submitting samples securely sealed and free of contamination and returning the accurate and reliable results to the correct parties with any interpretation or explanation.  A local, private DNA collector is usually able to explain the results and is the same person to whom you can return 3 months later with questions and/or additional parties to test. 

DNA Testing, although a joke on TV shows and Tina Fey movies today, is not really a joke.  Imagine not knowing your biological father - if not for understanding your roots at least knowing the genetic diseases that exist in your family and taking care to avoid behaviors that contribute to the onset of those genetic diseases is important.  See our Predictive Genetic Blog, to determine if you are genetically at risk for more than 25 different diseases - in the event you do not know your biological parents. 

Always ask your DNA collector any necessary questions so that you are comfortable with the results and confident that your DNA collection was done properly, privately and free from contamination. 

Simple, Eloquent and True (DNA Tests) By dnalady On 2010-07-29

"The law must be consonant with life.  It cannot and should not ignore broad historical currents of history.  Mankind is possessed of no greater urge than to try to understand the age old questions: "Who Am I"? and "Why Am I"?  Even now the sands and ashes of the continents are being sifted to find where we made our first steps as man.  Religions of mankind often include ancestor worship in one way or another.  For many the future is blind without sight of the past.  Those emotions and anxieties that generate our thirst to know the past are not superficial and whimsical.  They are real and they are "good cause" under the laws of man and God."

Credit is surely due where such an eloquent and simple truth is summed in words we can all understand.  The above words are a quote from the Honorable Wade Weatherford, Circuit Court Judge in South Carolina.

The fact that DNA Tests are readily available today is self evident that DNA Tests are needed today.  Necessity is the mother of invention, right?  New moms and new dads should contact a local DNA collector so that follow up questions and/or concerns can be addressed without having to dial an anonymous toll free number and speak to an anonymous operator who knows little or cares little about the individual circumstances.  A private, community based DNA collector will remember your case, easily access your files and answer your questions about DNA testing.  Although profit is the motive for every business, there is the unique individual who is compassionate and may offer kind words or simple advice for families who find themselves in need of a DNA test.  There is also the case, when the relationship between the two parties deteriorates to the point of no communication and one of the parties did not maintain a copy of the DNA Test.  Having to sift through an anonymous toll free number's previously tested parties customer service line, is difficult and profitless so you'll get very little assistance.  Using a local DNA collector, you can go to their office, speak directly to the person who collected you and with proper identification obtain copies of your files. 

Most often, DNA Tests are used to confirm Paternity.  However, DNA tests can be used to confirm any kind of biological relationship  - grand paternity, silbings, aunts, uncles - always check with your local DNA collector for advice on the best test option available. 

There are grand parents support group meeting all over New Jersey and the country.  There are grand parent magazines offering advice on how to rear today's children.  No more putting kids in the backyard to play.  There are sadly, many grand parents finding out, after they have bonded with a child or two, that the child is not biologically related, that is, the grand parents may have been misled into thinking a child was their son's child.  A simple grand paternity test can be performed to prove the kinship and ease doubts about the relatedness of a child.  (By the way, as a local DNA collector, I often hear the voices of concerned grand parents and aunts, that a child has just been introduced into their family and they doubt or are concerned about the paternity).   As the Honorable Weatherford advises - eventually all children will want to know Who Am I and How Did I Get to Be Here?  Irrespective of the biological mother and father's relationship now or in the future, somewhere there should be a record of the circumstances of the birth.

Often, times the motive for DNA testing is to obtain child support, healthcare benefits, social security benefits or other financial assistance.  Whatever your motive, keep a record of the test along with other valuable identifying documents, such as birth certificates, vaccination records and insurance policies.  Some day the child will ask the question: Who Am I? and as simple as it may seem to  an adult - the knowledge is empowering and the truth is always relevant.     


Kinship Legal Guardianship in New Jersey By dnalady On 2010-07-29

Kinship Legal Guardianship (KLG) in New Jersey, is a process whereby a maternal or paternal relative of a child assumes long term care of the child as an alternative to adoption.  KLG does not necessarily terminate parental rights.  The biological parent maintains the right of consent to adoption or name change, pays child support and is entitled to visitation, usually supervised.  The child does not sacrifice any rights derived from the birth parent such as inheritance or insurance eligibility. 

KLG, is initially a permanent arrangement and not intended to be easily resolved.  However, KLG can be used as a temporary measure to allow biological parents to overcome incapacity to care for a child.  Most children want to be reunited with their parents.  However, as with all matters concerning children, and irrespective of the circumstances, the courts will rule in favor of what is best for the child based on "clear and convincing evidence".  If a parent, whose child was removed due to physical abuse, neglect, substance abuse, arrest, violence or any other misconduct, intends to pursue custody of their child, there has been a unanimous decision, affirmed by all seven justices and written by Justice John Wallace, that the burden of proof for terminating such KLG arrangements is with the moving party. (biological parent)

Who wins in these situations?  Children are negatively impacted with any interruption in home life.  Moving from a parent's home to a relative's home, no matter the circumstances, interferes with academic progress, social life and certainly emotional well being.  Readjusting to a new environment is difficult for anyone, imagine being a child and having to accomodate the adult world around you.  Having relatives argue over who is to care for a child, who is financially responsible for a child, who is equipped to best take care of the child, will leave the child with lifelong self esteem issues - the child's mind barely understands the conflict and only wants to be with their parent.  On the other hand, these angels (KLG) who step up to the responsibility of raising someone else's children are a large part of our population today and everyone involved in chiild welfare needs to support their efforts and sacrifices.  This is the next generation they are taking care of - the next biochemist, the next NASA engineer or the next President. 

One sad note, is the grand parent or aunt or uncle, who spends their time and energy to raise a "relative's" child, only to later find out that there is no real biological relationship.  If you have a doubt about the paternity of the child you are being asked to care for, call your local DNA collector to have a private DNA test performed.  If you have been given paperwork by the court, indicating you have custody of the child, you have the right and responsibility to get a DNA test to confirm you are indeed the biological grand parent, aunt, uncle, sister, brother etc., of the child.  And all children have the right to know their birth family and understand the truth about their birth. 

DNA Testing and Children By admin On 2010-07-20

How many times do you interact with a client and just wish they were all like that.  Providing private DNA tests to the community has truly opened my eyes to the world and to the different kinds of people. 

Children of about 4 - 8 years old are particularly fun.  They are somewhat aware that the DNA test has something to do with them and their parents - but they don't grasp the full concept or levity in the situation.

One little boy recently just made my whole day worthwhile.  It was in June in New Jersey and we were either having rainy days or hot, humid days.  Either way going out on a mobile DNA collection in any of that weather was not something I was looking forward to doing that day.  First, establishing that we could use a local social service office to meet and do the collection, then finding parking close to the facility as the area was not one of the best New Jersey has to offer and then getting through the paperwork - I would rather have spent the day in an air conditioned office making phone calls to the gate keepers in doctors and lawyers offices.    You get it.

But, the little guy in the test made my day.  He was about 4 - 5 years old, he was being tested in order that his mother (beneficiary) could be sponsored by him a little 5 year old boy and his older brother and brought to the United States through a family Visa.  He was too young to fully understand how important he was on this day.  As I said, it was probably 80 degrees out and humid as possible.  The little came guy came bouncing into the facility with his dad and sat right down next to me.  He was neatly dressed, his hair all brushed, shoes polished and just a bubbly bunch of energy.  He was also very polite and talkative, a clean slate of open eyed trust and faith.  He had on very cute pin striped pants and couldn't  have been more proud of himself that day because he dressed himself. 

The facility we were using didn't have the best of air conditioning so I was showing signs of feeling the heat, a little runny make-up, a bit of friz in my hair and that clammy feeling.  But my little DNA participant didn't feel a thing.  He had dressed himself to the nines that day and I don't think that his Dad took a good look at him before leaving the house.  My little DNA guy, in 80 degrees and probably 80% humidity had on his Blue Winter Coat with the Big Red Race Car on the front that you couldn't miss as he sat down next to me to tell me all about the car. And underneath, his warm snuggly Big Red Race Car jacket, he has put on two of his favorite yellow T-Shirts - which may have had something to do with sports again but I was too dazzled by his Blue Winter Coat to hear him say what sports the Two T-Shirts underneath his Blue Winter Jacket represented.  You see he did know there was something important about him today, more so than other days and so he had dressed for the event.  All through the DNA test, he talked about the Red Race Car, not the least interested in what a really important thing he was doing that day and I can tell you for two days I smiled about this little guy and his Blue Winter Jacket with Red Racing Car.  Just for the record, his big brother was just as sweet and polite but he didn't have a Red Racing Car jacket. 

You see DNA Tests are not always about "whose the daddy" - DNA tests offer so much more to our community besides just a simple Paternity Test. 

Sometimes, it is the little things that can make it all worthwhile. 

Paternity Tests (DNA Tests) and Your Financial Aid Application By admin On 2010-07-20

This page contains information about financial aid and scholarships for undocumented students, illegal aliens, financial aid and college application advisers. The terms "undocumented student", "illegal alien", and "illegal immigrant" are used interchangeably and intentionally to enable this page to be found by students and their parents who are trying to find information about the scholarship process for those with undocumented status.

Financial aid is generally not available for undocumented students and illegal aliens. The majority of all student aid, including Federal student aid, requires the recipient to be a US citizen or permanent resident (green card holder) or an eligible non-citizen. There are, however, a few states that allow undocumented students to qualify for in-state tuition rates. There are also several private scholarships available to undocumented students.

In-State Tuition

There is a conflict between Federal and State law regarding the eligibility of undocumented students (though no fault of their own) for in-state tuition rates.  Local New Jersey High School Financial Aid counselors may not know the students' status, but it is best to get the students' status corrected so that their are no surprises as they begin their search for college.

A simple DNA test, performed at your local DNA collector's office can confirm or deny a child's biological relationship to a documented father or mother.  If the child's status and his/her parents status is undocumented, there is more preparation involved and an immigration counselor can offer advice.  Catholic Charities, Legal Services of New Jersey, American Friends are all resources for such situations.  Call the DNA Lady at 732-632-8820 and she will provide you with contact information around New Jersey.     

Federal law passed in 1996 prohibits illegal aliens from receiving in-state tuition rates at public institutions of higher education. Specifically, Section 505 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (Title 8, Chapter 14, Sec. 1623(a)) states: "an alien who is not lawfully present in the United States shall not be eligible on the basis of residence within a State (or a political subdivision) for any postsecondary education benefit (college financial aid) unless a citizen or national of the United States is eligible for such a benefit (in no less an amount, duration, and scope) without regard to whether the citizen or national is such a resident."

Several states -- Texas, California, New York, Utah, Illinois, Washington, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas -- have passed state laws providing in-state tuition benefits to illegal aliens who have attended high school in the state for three or more years. Similar legislation is pending in Florida, Hawaii, Maryland (legislation passed, but awaiting governor's signature), Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. (Connecticut and Wisconsin also passed such a law, but their governors vetoed it.) The Nevada system of higher education does not consider immigration status for in-state tuition, but does require it for a state-sponsored scholarship. Also, some schools in Georgia provide in-state tuition benefits to illegal aliens. The Texas law also allows illegal aliens to receive state student financial aid.

These state laws attempt to circumvent the federal law by simply not asking students whether they are in the US legally. (The California law, AB 540, requires the student to file an affidavit that he/she has filed an application to legalize his/her immigration status or intends to file an application as soon as he/she is eligible to do so. So California doesn't even attempt to maintain the fiction that the school is unaware of the student's immigration status.) They also circumvent the law by basing eligibility for in-state tuition on attendance at or graduation from an in-state high school and not on state residence.

Subsection 8 USC 1621(d) permits states to provide illegal aliens with state and local public benefits provided that a state law is enacted after August 22, 1996 specifically permitting illegal aliens to receive such benefits. However, this subsection makes a potentially limiting reference to subsection 1621(a) and so does not override the restrictions in 8 USC 1623(a). As such, it would appear that the state laws permitting in-state tuition to illegal aliens are not permitted by the federal law.

Virginia passed a law barring illegal aliens from receiving in-state tuition, but it was vetoed by the governor. The state attorney general then stated that existing state law requires state colleges and universities to charge illegal aliens higher tuition. Legislation to ban in-state tuition for illegal aliens is pending in Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Mississippi, and North Carolina. A bill to ban in-state tuition for illegal aliens was defeated in Arizona in March 2005, but a ballot initiative requiring illegal aliens to pay out-of-state tuition and making them ineligible for state student financial aid (Proposition 300) was passed in November 2006 and went into effect on December 7, 2006. States banning in-state tuition for illegal aliens include Georgia and Colorado. (The Colorado attorney general ruled on August 14, 2007 that Colorado students who were born in the US of illegal immigrant parents may nevertheless pay in-state tuition rates. The argument is that a US citizen -- the student -- is the beneficiary of the in-state tuition, not the parents, so the parents' illegal status should have no bearing on eligibility. This follows in the footsteps of a late-2006 settlement between the State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana and the ACLU of Indiana, concerning denial of state scholarships in the Indiana 21st Century Scholars Program to an otherwise eligible US citizen student because of her parents' illegal status.)

The heart of the controversy concerning in-state tuition for illegal immigrants is a conflict between pragmatism, compassion and fairness. On the one hand, why should children of illegal immigrants be punished for violations of immigration law by their parents or for delays caused by bureaucracy? Denying illegal aliens in-state tuition rates denies most of them access to a higher education. Many of these students will eventually become legal residents. One can also argue that the cost of not helping these students pursue a higher education is greater than the cost of helping them. Education increases tax revenues and decreases spending on welfare, health care and law enforcement. (The 1997 report The New Americans by the National Research Council found that immigrants -- both legal and undocumented -- with a college education save the government money, while those with just a high school diploma consume more in services than they contribute in taxes.) It seems inconsistent to provide illegal aliens with a free public elementary and secondary school education, only to deny them access to a post-secondary (college) education. This effectively limits their potential.  On the other hand, why should law-abiding US citizens have to pay higher public college tuition rates than illegal aliens? They too can be helped by lower in-state tuition rates, providing future benefits to the state and the nation. To the extent that in-state tuition rates are intended to provide a benefit to state taxpayers whose tax dollars support state colleges, the tuition breaks for illegal aliens are somewhat inconsistent. (While only 5 percent of undocumented workers file federal income tax returns according to the Mexican Migration Project (MMP), a much larger percentage have taxes withheld from their paychecks. Of the roughly 2,100 undocumented workers surveyed by the MMP, as much as two-thirds report having had federal income taxes withheld from 1997-2002. Other, more conservative studies estimate that about half of undocumented workers have income taxes withheld from their paychecks. It is unclear whether the employers deliver the withheld taxes to the government or are simply pocketing the money. Since very few undocumented workers file income tax returns to obtain a refund, effectively these workers are paying taxes at a higher marginal rate than US citizens. However, a greater percentage of US citizen workers have income taxes withheld and file income tax returns than undocumented workers.) Yet the Federal government also lacks a consistent and enforceable immigration policy, nor the will to devote sufficient resources to enforce existing immigration law.

This controversy is unlikely to be resolved until the US Supreme Court hears a case concerning it. (The most likely test case will be a lawsuit, Day v. Sebelius, filed on July 19, 2004 to challenge a Kansas law (76-731a) that allows children of illegal aliens to pay in-state tuition rates. However, the US Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit ruled on August 30, 2007 (05-3309) that the plaintiffs lacked standing to challenge the constitutionality of the Kansas law and that the plaintiffs lacked a private right of action to enforce preemption by 8 USC 1623. The court's decision hinged on the plaintiffs failure to demonstrate that they had suffered actual "concrete and non-speculative" harm from the Kansas law, nor that the injury would be redressed by overturning the law. In particular, even if the court struck the provision allowing illegal alien state residents to qualify for in-state tuition, the plaintiffs would still not be qualified to obtain tuition rates reserved for residents. Likewise, the plaintiffs failed to demonstrate a causal relationship between the benefits accorded to illegal aliens and the tuition charged to nonresident US citizens. As such, their claimed injury is conjectural and hypothetical, and unsupported by evidence. Since the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring their suit, the appeals court did not evaluate whether the Kansas law violates the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment or the merits of the preemption claims brought by the plaintiffs.) On December 17, 2007, the 10th circuit court of appeals denied a request for a rehearing before the full court. Most likely the decision will focus on the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th amendment of the US Constitution, as did the decision in Plyler v. Doe, 457 US 202 (1982). It will also likely overturn state laws, regardless of whether they provide in-state tuition to illegal immigrants or ban it, since the authority to regulate immigration belongs exclusively to the federal government. It might also find that offering reduced in-state tuition to state residents is unconstitutional.

Court cases in Kansas and California have also focused on the use of the word 'benefit' in 8 USC 1623, arguing that Congress's intent was to restrict monetary benefits and that in-state tuition is not a monetary benefit but a status benefit. In particular, "state or local public benefit" is defined in 8 USC 1621(c)(1)(B) as benefits for which "payments or assistance are provided to an individual, household, or family eligibility unit by an agency of a State or local government or by appropriated funds of a State or local government" and 8 USC 1623(a) uses the word "amount" in connection with the term "postsecondary education benefit". The crux of the argument is that reduced in-state tuition is not a monetary benefit because payments are never made to the individual or family. However, one could also argue that Congress's intent in passing this law was clearly to prohibit in-state tuition for illegal aliens in addition to state financial aid, and that reduced in-state tuition falls within the scope of the term "assistance".

There is pending legislation in the House and Senate that would repeal the Federal restriction and make college more affordable for illegal aliens. (The original 2003 Senate version of the bill was known as the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act (S 1545) and the original House version of the bill was known as the Student Adjustment Act (HR 1684). These bills were reintroduced in the 110th Congress as the DREAM Act of 2007 (S.774) and the American Dream Act (H.R.1275), with the latter bundled into the STRIVE Act of 2007 (H.R.1645).) The DREAM Act would permit states to determine state residency for higher education purposes by repealing Section 505 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996. It would also provide a mechanism for undocumented students of good moral character to become legal permanent residents and to qualify for Federal student aid.

Additional information can be obtained from the National Conference of State Legislatures site.


Another potential source of financial aid is private scholarships. There are a few private scholarships for undocumented students that do not require the student to be a US citizen or resident or have a social security number in order to apply. Information about such scholarships can be found in the FastWeb scholarship search. Other good resources include the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) (see especially the MALDEF List of Scholarships for Undocumented Students and the MALDEF Scholarships) and the Salvadoran American Leadership and Educational Fund.

Federal Student Aid

If the student is a US Citizen but one or more parents are undocumented, the student is eligible for federal student aid. However, if the parents supply a fake or stolen social security number (SSN) on the form, the student's FAFSA will be rejected when the parent's social security number fails to match. The FAFSA may also be rejected when the parents submit a SSN or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) that is valid for work purposes only. If the parents do not have a social security number or the social security number fails the match, they should use 000-00-0000 as their social security number on the FAFSA form.

Prenatal Paternity Tests & Screening 1st and 2nd Trimester By dnalady On 2010-07-13

In the world of pregnant women, there is so much information and knowledge to quickly absorb that we hope this blogs sheds some light.

Are you pregnant - get to a doctor.  If you have already done an Over the Counter Pregnancy tests and the results are positive - congratulations and call your OB/GYN.  If you do not have a regular OB/GYN who is familiar with your medical history, get a referral from your Primary Care Physician and find one because if you are old enough to get pregnant, you are old enough to be seen by an OB/GYN.  Regular OB/GYN visits should be a part of your own health care agenda as soon as you are sexually active.  There are Planned Parenthood clinics, women's wellness clinics and other healthcare agencies and hospital related clinics throughout the state and country able to educate you about the responsibilities and risks of being a sexually active woman.  God knows there are enough TV shows willing to delve into the subject of teen pregnancy, out of wedlock pregnancy, planned pregnancy, surrogate pregnancy etc.,  There is simply no excuse today, not to be seen by an OB/GYN, once you become sexually active.    

In this day and age, many young women have the benefit of planning pregnancies around their professional lives or that of there husbands/significant other.  If you happen to be one of these lucky women, you still need to know that there is a host of testing available in your first and second trimester that will offer you information about risks for chromosome abnormalities.  The risk for a fetal chromosome abnormality increases as women get older.  Pregnant women age 35 and older are often offered diagnostic testing through either a chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or an amniocentesis (Amnio) to determie if their baby has a chromosome problem.  Women younger than 35 are routinely offered a blood test in the second trimester (Quad screen) to determine if their baby is at an icnreased risk for a chromosome abnormality.  In the last five years (this writing is as of 2010) there have been better developments in first trimester screening which offers detection rates for trisomy 18 and Down syndrome at least equivalent to the Quad screen.  First Trimester screening is also an accepted standard in over 50 countries.

It is at this same time, when you are doing the above chromosomal diagnostic testing that you can participate in a PreNatal Paternity Test.  If your doctor is planning on performing either the CVS or Amnio, you can call and schedule your local DNA collector to meet  you at your doctor's office on the same day.  The usual process is both mom and alleged father meet the DNA collector either on the day of the amnio or CVS or at a previously agreed upon date.  The first meeting is to exchange identification, collect mom's and alleged father's DNA, accept payment and sign consent forms.  The second meeting is then in the doctor's office (genetic counselor, OB/GYN, Perinatologists) where the procedure (Amnio or CVS) is performed by your doctor.  The DNA collector supplies the doctor with an additional sample tube so that the doctor can provide either amniotic fluid or tissue from the CVS.  It is very important that you understand the risks to yourself and your baby before having any of these tests performed. ASK YOUR DOCTOR ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE RISKS INVOLVED AND  YOUR CONCERNS - WRITE YOUR QUESTIONS DOWN ON PAPER BEFORE YOU MEET WITH THE DOCTOR.  You can combine the meetings to one day at the doctor's office; however, your DNA collector willll need to speak to your doctor or his staff prior to the meeting.  Prenatal Paternity Test results are generally returned within 5 - 7 business days after receipt at laboratory.  Prenatal Paternity Tests are COLLECTED on Monday,  Tuesday or Wednesday only due to sensitivity and viability of the Prenatal Samples.

First trimester screening is a combination of a blood test with a special certified ultrasound exam performed when you are between 11 weeks and 13 weeks plus 6 days of pregnancy.  Downs Syndrome babies have an extra number 21 chromosome which occurs in about 1 in 800 live-born babies.  Trisomy 18, an extra number 18 chromosome, causes severe mental retardation and multiple birth defects.  Your blood is analyzed for two proteins called the free-Beta-hcG and PAPP-A (pregnancy associated plasma Protein-A).  The ultra sound test determines the gestational age (how many weeks are you pregnant) of the fetus and measure thea mount of fluid between teh baby's spine and the skin on the back of the neck, which is called the nuchal translucency.  The blood tests and the results from the NT ultrasound are combined to estimate risks of either Downs Syndrome or Trisomy 18.  It is important to understand that these are "screenings" and not "diagnostic" tests.   First trimester screening only provides you with a risk estimate - it does not confirm the presence of Downs syndrome or Trisomy 18.  Diagnostic testing such as the amnio or CVS will be offered to those individuals whose risk estimate is higher than the norm.  Genetic Counselors can provide possible reasons why a pregnancy was found to have an increased risk of chromosomal abnormality and will review your options about further diagnostic testing.  A trained genetic counselor will review your family history, medical history, pregnancy history and help you to interpret your own unique situation and offer choices that are right for your family.

The most important responsibility you have as a pregnant women is to find an OB/GYN you can work with, can communicate with and feel comfortable asking questions.  This is your baby and your pregnancy and irrespective of your relationship with the father of the child - as a women you carry the responsibility of taking care of yourself and your unborn child during these nine months.  If you need to confirm paternity, prior to the birth of your child, prenatal paternity tests are available and can help you to remove any lingering doubts and stress.  Most hospitals in New Jersey offer Maternal Fetal classes to educate you on what to expect during pregnancy, allows you to view the maternity unit where you will give birth to your baby, offers classes to "big" sisters and brothers to give them an idea on how to welcome their new baby and instructions on how to breast feed.  Most of the classes are either free of charge or request a nominal fee but it is a good idea for new moms and dads to participate as the nurses and staff who offer these courses have lots of practice with new babies and new families and can help ease your questions.


Do I Need to Bring my Husband for a Paternity Test? By dnalady On 2010-06-08

Yes, I get that question regularly and when I first heard it, I thought that maybe someone needed a short lesson in Biology even though they obviously understood the fertilization part.  But then I realized my customers are very smart and they know that DNA can be found on so many different items - that what she was really asking is if we can create a DNA profile from something other than her husband's mouth.  The answer of course is yes.  We can create a DNA profile of her husband and then submit her children's DNA in order for an experienced and accredited lab analyst to compare the profiles and look for genetic markers indicating paternity.

There are many different items that we can use to create her husband's DNA profile in order to determine if he is the biological father of the two children involved.  The reader may find this to be sneaky but you don't always know the circumtances - perhaps she is protecting herself from an abusive individual?  Perhaps she is trying to insure that her children are cared for while she searches and confirms who their real father is.  Perhaps the children's real father is a U.S. citizen and she wants to have her children legally entered into the United States.  You simply can't judge until you've walked in her shoes.  In New Jersey, it is the State that automatically assumes the husband to be the father of the children and automatically enters his information on the child's Certificate of Parentage - unless both partners speak up declare that is not the case and another man signs an Acknowledgement of Paternity.  At a time when all family members are in the hospital room "oohing" and "aahing" over the new addition to their family - I doubt that any new mother wants to initiate a conversation or place doubt in anyone's mind about the paternity of the child.

Rather than get into the emotions and moral side of this subject, I would like to explain the methods by which we can determine a man is the father, without actually having that man present at the DNA collection.  First, only a legal guardian can bring in minor children for collection by a private DNA collector - so in this case, the mother is a legal guardian and can prove it by bringing in either the hospital discharge papers, the birth certificates, her healthcare cards with the children's names plus her own identification, driver's license, passport, any current photo id.  We then collect DNA from the children and the mother in the usual manner. 

The mother is asked to bring in anyone of the following items belonging to the "alleged" biological father:

Blood - may be obtained from diabetic test strips, band-aids, clothing, tissues;FTA Blood Stain cards (used in deceased alleged father tests)

Clothing - may contain sweat from underarm, bandannas, hats, baseball caps, underwear - tissues and/or handerkerchief with nasal mucous

Dental Floss -must be properly handled and stored

Used Q-Tips - must be properly handled and stored

Razor Clippings - must be properly handled and stored

Gum - preferably sugar fee

Nails - fingers and toes - freshly trimmed

Sperm  - air dried on a q-tip or present on underwear

Toothbrush - by far the easiest to provide for DNA analysis

Toothpick - must be handled properly

I don't mention hair, because hair samples must contain the root or follicle and must be the thickness of a pencil eraser head.  It would be difficult for anyone to collect hair in that manner without bringing attention to themselves. 

An accredited laboratory will have trained personnel able to lift DNA and create genetic profiles and match to the regular samples of the children's and look for any indicative mutations or non-matches.

So - do we need the father present for a DNA test - no, not really.  Do we need the mother present for a Paternity Test - no, not really.  Having the mother's DNA does allow the laboratory to provide stronger results - because we have definite knowledge of one half of the children's DNA.  The cost is not all that prohibitive to do a Paternity Test using any of the above unusual samples.  It may take a little longer than the usual 3 person (mother, father and one child) paternity test 3 business day turn around time but considering the importance of the information involved - the wait is worth it.




DNA Tests Used In Estate Planning By dnalady On 2010-05-29

If it has been a while since you updated your estate plan, now is the time to review your plan and update accordingly. Failing to plan your estate may increase tax liability to your heirs.

Lacking a written plan allows:

  • the state courts to split up your assets;
  • assign guardians for minor children;
  • chose a court appointed executor for your estate.

If you do not have a settlement plan for your final expenses the cost may increase due to administrative expenses and unnecessary taxes imposed by the State. The tax laws are ever changing, find a CPA that is well versed in your State's estate and tax planning strategies.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Estate Tax Exemption in 2008 is $2,000,000 per person. This will increase to $3,500,000 in 2009 and then be repealed in 2010. Lifetime Gift Tax Exemption is capped at $1,000,000 per person.
  • Consider giving a Gift to your grandchild in the form of tuition or medical expenses

While you are updating your estate plan, check to see that your beneficiaries have been updated as well:

  • Has your family tree changed at all?
  • Have there been any new births or deaths since you last recorded your estate plan?
  • Do relatives by marriage need to be included in your estate plan?
  • Is there perhaps a relative that you have a doubt about the biological relationship?

Today's gold standard in confirmation of biological confirmation is DNA testing. DNA testing technology has improved to the point that results from an accredited laboratory can be obtained in as fast as 3 business days depending on the relationship being tested.

Do you think in the future that your DNA profile would be a useful tool for family members? Since we do not know how the DNA industry will be eventually regulated, it is not suggested that you allow anyone else (laboratories) to store your DNA. However, a private genetic profile can be obtained and stored confidentially with other important documents. Contrary to all the hype, obtaining a private genetic profile is non invasive and not expensive. Your genetic profile may provide information to family members in the future, the benefits of which we have not yet identified.

Whether you are discussing assets, children, inheritance, family business, or final expenses, having an Estate Plan in place is essential to safeguard your loved ones' future.  Having your DNA profiled, is using today's technology to insure your family's assets stay within the family. If you spent the better part of your life creating your family's wealth, don't let it go to ruin or to unrelated individuals claiming to be entitled.

DNA Paternity Testing for Men By dnalady On 2010-05-28

So you think your girlfriend is pregnant or you received a call from a girl that you met briefly a few months ago or your ex-wife says she pregnant and it is yours, she thinks.  Here are some things to think about before you take any action:

Positive Steps to Take Today

Listen to the young woman and understand that she had the courage to call you with this information and needs to hear your support, regardless of your initial thoughts. The situation involves more than just you.

Stay Calm. She may be carrying the baby, but you are both responsible for the care and support of the child now.  Regardless of your relationship with the mother, now and in the future, every baby needs to have both parents in his/her life.

Talk about it - not only with each other, but talk with parents, counselors, doctors, spiritual advisors, siblings and others close to the situation. Hiding the news from people who can genuinely help you only increases your stress.  Think of what your life would be like if you didn't have both of your parents or what your life would have been if you had both parents present.  Providing a child with confirmation of both biological parents helps to build a foundation for self esteem.

Gather all the facts. Today, your local DNA collector can offer Pre-Natal Paternity Tests.  An OB/GYN will need to explain the risks associated with Amniocentesis or CVS sampling, but from these two Pre-Natal Genetic testing, we can provide Paternity results in as fast as 5 business days.  The pregnancy has to be at least 9 weeks along.  Get all the information and seek wise counsel so you can make the best decision for both of you and for the unborn child.  If you are able to wait, a regular Paternity Test can be done as quickly as the day of birth.

Express yourself honestly - depending on the situation, it is very normal to have feelings of fear, anger, betrayal, and mistrust.

Negative Actions that will Affect Your Life in Future

Don't bail. The more you run from this, the harder it becomes to think and act clearly.  The State can mandate that you participant in a DNA test but wouldn't it be better if you took the action first and kept your DNA out of the State system.  If the pregnant woman says you are the father, and you have any doubts, a simple, non invasive DNA test confirms Paternity or not.  If you ask her to have a PreNatal Paternity test, be sure you are both aware of the risks to both mother and baby.  If the mother plans on having the baby regardless of whether you will support her in this decision, you can have a regular Paternity Test performed any time after the baby is born.   To be fair to the child, have the DNA test done as quickly as possible after birth, thus eliminating unnecessary stress and allowing you and your family members to begin bonding with the baby.

Don't pressure her. Applying pressure will only push her away, possibly into a regretful situation. You will do well to work together as a team - it is a practice for when you are both parenting.  It is time to "man up", you took the action and now you need to take responsibility for your actions.  Family members are a tried and true source of support, but failing that, the State provides many services for new moms and dads, including parenting skill classes, employment training, food stamps, housing assistance.  Everyone is behind you in creating a good life for your new baby.

Don't forget. You have a very active role in this situation. Listen to input from people who have experience and have your best interest at heart.  Give your thoughts and fears about the situation a voice.  Talk to other men with similar experience.

Questions by Phone about DNA Paternity Tests By dnalady On 2010-05-26

Alleged fathers, worried new moms, adults in search of parents, grandparents.

Day in and day out, we pick up the phone and hear different voices,  with a nagging doubt about a grandchild but most of all - just people, like you and me, with questions about the DNA testing process

Often times the young men (alleged fathers) are concerned about the child, but also just want to protect themselves.   There are the young men, though who are shell shocked about the situation because they haven't had any contact with the new mother in months.  Recently I met a young guy, who was seeing the new born baby for the first time on the day of the Paternity Test.  His reaction was a "handshake and congratulations" to the new mom?  Is it cultural or was this sad?  Nine months ago this young couple were so close that they conceived a child (allegedly) together and today they can barely be in the same room with one another.   I have had other couples, who because of circumstances need a Court Admissible Paternity Test, and when I try to photograph the couple, I can barely get them close enough to be in the same photo.  Yet again, we know that 9 months ago....

The women, if they have just given birth are either angry or just feeling lousy and want to get the whole process over whereas the grandparents are only inquiring on behalf of their "son".  Whatever the circumstances, the DNA Lady provides answers and assurance that DNA testing is the most conclusive method available to prove a biological relationship. 

I also work with adults, who have spent the better part of their adult life searching for a biological parent.  There is sometimes a happy ending and after 30 something years of "not knowing" , "just not sure", "mom, wasn't clear on her information" - we find the alleged fathers - in another state but willing and interested in having the DNA test.   I think I get the most satisfaction out of these tests - because the parties involved are usually very happy to be tested and truly concerned with the outcome of the tests.  Also, maybe a little sad at having lost the opportunity to know their child as he/she grew up. 

Frequently Asked Questions about DNA and Paternity Tests, are listed below.

  • Why would I need a DNA test?
  • Who is tested in a paternity test?
  • How accurate are DNA tests?
  • What is used for a DNA test sample?
  • How are the DNA samples collected?
  • Can tested parties live in different cities?
  • When will I receive my paternity test results?
  • Can I use DNA Lady's test results in court?
  • How can I pay for my DNA test?
  • Does DNA Lady offer a payment plan?
  • How do I make an appointment for my DNA test?
  • What should I bring to my Legal DNA sample collection appointment?
  • Is the mother's DNA sample required for a paternity test?
  • Is it a problem if there are two possible fathers and they are related?
  • Can I do a paternity test before the baby is born?
  • How much will my DNA test cost?
  • Is there a DNA sample collection location near me?
  • What happens at the DNA sample collection appointment?
  • Will my DNA test results be legally defensible?
  • Can DNA test results be used to obtain child support?
  • What does "chain of custody process" mean?
  • Who is entitled to receive the DNA paternity test results?

If you need answers to these questions, please feel free to submit your questions directly to the DNA Lady via this blog or call us 732-632-8830 for a personal discussion on your case.

Why do I need a DNA test?

There are many reasons people need DNA testing. The important thing is getting you the answer to your family relationship question as quickly as possible so . DNA testing is used for many reasons, including:
  • Adoption process or surrogate parent biological confirmation
  • Child support or child custody issues
  • Estate and Inheritance claims
  • Paternity (Questions about parentage)
  • Completion of the Acknowledgement or Affidavit of Paternity
  • Social Security or Military child survivor benefits if the alleged father is deceased
  • Grand Paternity
  • Siblingships
  • Immigration paperwork
  • Forensic
  • Providing Infidelity confirmation
  • Identification
  • Medical
  • Personal Medicine
  • Genetics
  • Ancestry
  • Protecting Native American tribal enrollment

Alleged fathers who are related

If two possible fathers are related as full brothers or father and son, they may share many of the DNA markers used in paternity testing. This means that if proper precautions are not taken, both men could test positive as the child's biological father. DNA testing will determine paternity in a case involving related alleged fathers but we must be aware of the situation before the testing process begins.

Usually the mother, child and alleged father should all be tested. The mother contributed one-half of her DNA to the child and the remaining DNA must then match the alleged father. It is possible to obtain accurate results without mother's sample if she is not available for testing.

DNA Lady offers two options:

  • Test both alleged fathers, the child, and the mother at the same time. By comparing both alleged fathers' DNA profiles with the child's DNA profile, our expert laboratory staff can achieve accurate and conclusive test results. There is an added fee for the additional alleged father.
  • Test one alleged father with extended analysis. This option can be taken when only one of the alleged fathers is available for testing. To produce a conclusive result, we must perform extended testing and statistical analysis. There is an additional fee for the extended testing and analysis. 

DNA test results provided by DNA Lady are extremely accurate.

We routinely release test results with a probability of paternity of 99.9% or higher; or, 100% probability in cases which exclude the alleged father. In addition we test each DNA sample twice following the highest standards in quality control which is unprecedented in the DNA testing industry.

DNA Lady uses a cotton-tipped swab, called a "buccol cheek swab". The DNA Sample is collected by swabbing the inside cheek of the mouth. It is painless and non-invasive, and the results are just as accurate as blood samples. For certain kinds of DNA tests, like those for infidelity, other biological samples are acceptable including drops of blood or other genetic material found on an item of clothing.

We make the DNA sample collection process easy and convenient for you. First we will either arrange an appointment at our collection facility or we can have our collector come to you on a mobile basis. We will even make arrangements to come to the hospital as early as the day of birth of the child. Once your DNA sample has been collected it is sent to the lab for processing.  The collection process takes less than 30 minutes, including any paperwork that needs to be sent with your DNA sample.

DNA Lady will make arrangements for all parties' samples to be collected in the place that is most convenient to them. All DNA test samples are coordinated by your assigned case manager if they are collected in different locations.

After your DNA samples are collected and the test fee has been paid in full, it typically takes three to five business days to report the DNA test results back to you. Next-day service is also available for an additional cost.

The report we provide from our Legally-Admissible DNA Test is evidence that proves or disproves paternity if sample collections are performed using the chain-of-custody process. If your DNA sample is not collected by a disinterested third party (the Chain of Custody process) then the DNA test results cannot be used as evidence in court.

Yes you can if the mother is between 10 and 24 weeks pregnant. An OB-GYN can collect a DNA sample from the developing child through either chorionic villi sampling (10-13 weeks) or amniocentesis (14-24 weeks). The baby's prenatal sample can then compared against the mother's and alleged father's DNA samples which are collected using the buccal (cheek) swabbing method. There will be additional fee involved in the collection of the baby's DNA sample and you need to check with your doctor regarding this additional fee.

Custody Process for legal DNA paternity testing

The chain of custody process is what makes the paternity test results legally defensible in courts and other government agencies.

DNA Lady strictly adheres to the Chain of Custody. Legal DNA test results are used for legal purposes such as child custody, child support, immigration, Social Security benefit claims, inheritance claims, and for other situations like Native American tribal enrollment.

When you come to the DNA sample collection appointment you will be need to do the following in order to meet the Chain of Custody requirements:

  • Present government-issued identification for adults being tested
  • Present identification for minors such as a birth certificate or social security card
  • You will be photographed and fingerprinted
  • You must complete a Client Identification and Consent Form (the minor's consent form should be signed by the child's legal guardian)

Please make sure that adults have the required government-issued identification and that you remember to bring a birth certificate or social security card for your minor child.

There are three main points in a chain of custody process:

  • The tested parties are properly identified when their samples are collected. (Their government-issued IDs are verified and photocopied, and the individuals are photographed and thumbprinted.) 
  • The samples are collected by a neutral third party-someone who has no personal interest in the outcome of the test (e.g., a hospital, clinic, or laboratory staff person). 
  • The samples are tamper-taped, securely packaged at the collection site, and carefully inspected upon receipt for any evidence of tampering. 

When these three requirements are satisfied and documented, the paternity test results are legally defensible. This means that you can use them for legal purposes like child custody, child support, immigration and Native American tribal enrollment.

DNA Lady and You

The DNA lady has been providing DNA Tests in New Jersey for a number of years.  You will find that I am a good listener and will educate you on the best tests available for your circumstances.  I believe that every child has the right to now know their biological parents, if the child chooses and if in the process there would be no harm to anyone. 

We have an extensive network of DNA sample collection locations. When you contact us a dedicated case manager will schedule a local appointment that is convenient for all of the tested parties. We will schedule your DNA sample collection appointment at a time and place that works best for you.

When you arrive at your appointment your identification will be verifed and photocopied by the sample collector. You will also have your photograph and thumbprint taken and you will need to sign a consent form for the DNA test. These three elements are required by the chain of custody process in order to make your DNA test results legally defensible.

The DNA sample collector will collect your DNA samples using buccal swabs.  These are cotton-like swabs that he or she will rub against the inside of your cheek to "collect" loose cheek cells. The collector will then send all the DNA samples and paperwork directly to our laboratory.

You may pay for your DNA test with cash, a personal check, cashier's check, money order or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).  DNA test results are not issued until the test fee has been paid in full.  We will work with you on a payment plan that you can afford to make.

Will A Paternity Test Hurt? By dnalady On 2010-05-25

Legitimate DNA paternity testing establishes legal proof-of-paternity/non-paternity for a variety of legal applications, including child support and custody cases. The process, though subject to stringent collection standards, is still painless, and relatively simple for all participants.

As an independent party to the case, the appointed collector ensures that each participant is properly identified, officially witnessing the collection of each sample. This individual is responsible for mailing samples directly to the lab thereby eliminating the possibility of any tampering or contamination by participating parties.

There are only a select group of labs accredited by both the AABB and ISO standards bodies, the organizations responsible for monitoring the legal DNA testing process. The collection process and materials used are subject to strict AABB/ISO guidelines.

Collecting the Proof

The best labs provides the collector with a complete legal DNA collection kit, which includes the following forms and collection materials for each participant:

  • Chain-of-custody forms
  • Pre-addressed air bill
  • Swabs/Envelopes
  • Instructions
  • Plastic bio-hazard bag

Acceptable identification and documentation includes items such as government-issued photo identification and birth certificates.

The official process is completed in three easy steps:

  • The collector reviews all identification and documentation, and--along with all participants--signs and dates photocopies of each. (Acceptable identification and documentation includes such items as government-issued photo IDs and birth certificates.)
  • Each participant signs (where possible) and dates the completed chain-of-custody form, which the collector certifies with their signature.
  • Sample collection is completed in the collector's presence, after which test swabs are sealed in their respective envelopes, and--together with the completed documentation--submitted to the lab for testing.

It's that simple.

Client Services representatives should be available to provide assistance with this--or any other--testing process. The goal is to make the entire experience as smooth and painless as possible.

How Does Testing Work?

A reputable genetics laboratory analyzes markers according to the FBI-developed Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) for a genetic print; this focus on 13 important genetic signposts is the most reliable paternity test method commercially available.

In addition, some laboratories employ a unique dual-sample testing process that, concurrently examines multiple instances of genetic specimens in-parallel. This method yields extremely high levels of accuracy, with inclusion probabilities regularly exceeding 99.99%.


Time Frame

Paternity test results are released as early as 3 business days following receipt of viable specimens. Upon test completion, data reporting specialists prepare detailed genetics analysis that can be accessed immediately.

Cutting Edge Technology

Genetic research recently has distinguished itself with an unparalleled combination of rigid scientific discipline and technical excellence. Laboratories with their pool of Ph.D. and M.S. scientists are dedicated to the tireless spirit of innovation. There has been a perpetual drive to innovate and improve the speed, accuracy and comprehensiveness of DNA testing

Are Paternity Tests Necessary - You Decide ? By dnalady On 2010-05-25

More babies were born in the United States in 2007 than any other year in the nation's history -- and a wedding band made increasingly little difference in the matter.

The 4,317,119 births, reported by federal researchers recently, topped the 1957 record which was at the height of the baby boom. The lowest birth rates recorded in the United States occurred during the Great Depression.The difference between the baby boom of post World War II USA, and the "boomlet" of today is that less woman were having more babies in post World War II (an average of 4 children per household) as opposed to more women having less babies today (an average of 2.1 per household) - that would mean there are more men having more babies today, too. The U.S. population is more than replacing itself, a healthy trend, however, the trend also indicated that teen birth rate was up for a second year in a row - perhaps a result of lack of education on birth control, a snapshot of the changes in our culture or the decline in abortions in our country. Whatever the case, teen birth rates generally fall into the "unwed" mother category and the father needs to sign a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity in most states.

The birth rate rose slightly for women of all ages, and births to unwed mothers reached an all-time high of about 40 percent, continuing a trend that started years ago. More than three-quarters of these women were 20 or older.

For a variety of reasons, it's become more acceptable for women to have babies without a husband, said Duke University's S. Philip Morgan, a leading fertility researcher. Should sperm donors be required to submit to a DNA test for the record, in case in 20 years from now, their offspring require DNA history for medical purposes?

Even happy couples may be living together without getting married, experts say. And more women -- especially those in their 30s and 40s -- are choosing to have children despite their single status.In most states, if the mother and father are not married, then the child's birth certificate does not automatically have the man listed as the father. The father usually has about 60 days to have his name placed on the birth certificate which is ample time to have a paternity test.

While the number of births in the U.S. reached nearly 4.3 million in 2006, mainly due to a larger population, especially a growing number of Hispanics, it's not clear the boomlet will last. Some experts think birth rates are already declining because of the economic recession that began in late 2007.The 2007 figures reflected a relatively good economy coupled with cultural trends that promoted childbirth; however, we need the fathers of these children to be properly acknowledged so that the children receive support from their father's and not the state. Today's DNA tests provide fast Peace of Mind for any man with a doubt about the paternity of a child.

Meanwhile, U.S. abortions dropped to their lowest levels in decades, according to other reports. Some have attributed the abortion decline to better use of contraceptives, but other experts have wondered if the rise in births might indicate a failure in proper use of contraceptives. Some earlier studies have shown declining availability of abortions.

About the Author: The DNA Lady has been trained in Chain of Custody DNA Collections for any family relatedness, infidelity or forensic issues.
2008 NJ Monthly Mag - Top NeoNatal to OB/GYN By dnalady On 2010-05-25


  • Morris Cohen, Newark
  • Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Beth Israel Hospital, Passaic
  • Clara Maass Medical Center, Belleville
  • Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center, Plainfield
  • Trinitas Hospital-Williamson Street Campus, Elizabeth
  • JFK Medical Center, Edison 973-926-7203
  • Michael A. Graff Neptune 732-776-4283
  • Frank P. Manginello Ridgewood 201-447-8388
  • Lawrence M. Skolnick Morristown
  • Morristown Memorial Hospital
  • Overlook Hospital, Summit
  • Saint Clare's Hospital, Denville
  • Chilton Memorial Hospital, Pompton Plains 973-971-5022
  • Shyan C. Sun Livingston
  • Saint Barnabas Behavioral Health Center, Toms River 973-322-5437
  • Stephen E. Crane West Orange
  • Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston 973-731-7707 infertility
  • Doreen E. Degraaff Livingston
  • Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston 973-740-1330
  • Gary C. DeGrande Montclair
  • Mountainside Hospital, Montclair 973-744-2226
  • Richard De Marsico Montclair
  • Mountainside Hospital, Montclair 973-744-2226
  • Karen A. Dias-Martin Glen Ridge
  • Mountainside Hospital, Montclair
  • Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston 973-743-8585
  • Mark Allen Fisher Montclair
  • The University Hospital, Newark 973-655-9050
  • Matthew D. Iammatteo Morristown
  • Morristown Memorial Hospital 973-971-9950
  • Daria Anna Klachko West Orange 973-325-5670
  • Winsome J. Parchment Maplewood
Choosing a Reliable Paternity Testing Facility By dnalady On 2010-05-24

Choosing a reliable paternity testing facility is as important as choosing the right lifetime partner. Besides the possible "clerical" errors mentioned in the below Raleigh, NC newspaper, some laboratories and collectors do not carry the proper accreditation and therefore the results are less reliable. Non-accredited DNA laboratories have been known to test less genetic systems. The rule of thumb in the DNA testing industry is to beware of tests results that do not provide a probability of paternity equal to or greater than 99%.

Find a private DNA Collections facility in your community, not state funded, so you are confident that their goal is to provide an accurate, reliable and convenient DNA test.  There are no motives for a private DNA testing facility to name you as the father, or not

Besides having the correct accreditations such as AABB, CAP, CLIA, NYSDOH - all important accreditations in quality control measures within the laboratory, once you receive your DNA tests results, you may have questions. When you use a local, private DNA testing facility, you have access to someone who will answer your questions. That individuals will most likely also remember your individual circumstances and may be able to further assist you in interpreting the results of the DNA test. A private, community based DNA testing facility is more likely to respond to your questions as they will also ask you for referrals to others in the same community. Relying on State-funded tests or out of state laboratories, both of whom hire independent collectors is a short sighted savings for such an important issue as Paternity.Many of the private DNA collections facility will work with you on the cost and payment plans.

See the below article from a NC newspaper - do you really want the State to determine if you are the father?

Excerpt from Raleigh, NC News & Observe

RALEIGH, N.C., April 13 (UPI) -- A North Carolina man said a clerical error following a paternity test nearly resulted in his making child support payments for a child that he did not father.

Charles Moody, 44, of Raleigh, said he took the paternity test after an ex-girlfriend claimed he was the father of her child and he became suspicious of her claim because of the time line of the baby's birth, the Raleigh (N.C.) News & Observer reported Monday.

However, Moody said he was prepared to start child support payments after Wake County Child Support Enforcement sent him a letter reading: "Enclosed is a copy of the paternity test result which shows a probability of 99.99 percent that you are the biological father."

Moody said he eventually double-checked the letter and discovered that the test results, which were stapled to the letter, stated that the "results indicate that Charles Moody is not the biological father."

Moody said he contacted the department and received another letter five days later saying that the case had been dismissed.

"How many people don't bother to look at the test?" he asked. "Can you imagine how many people this has happened to?"

Lillian Overton, Wake County child support director, said the incident was the result of an employee mistakenly pushing a computer key confirming paternity rather than the key that would rule it out.

"Trust me," she said, "that is not a common error."

3 Reasons Grandparents May Need Paternity (DNA) Testing By dnalady On 2010-05-24


The unmarried birth rate is at an all-time high in the United States, topping out at in confirmed statistics at 36.8% in 2006 and possibly as high as 40% in 2008.  Social and governmental agencies alike are coping with establishing paternity for children.  However, there is a growing group that is affected by the issue of paternity that is being overlooked - grandparents.

According to AARP, nearly 6 million children are raised in households headed by grandparents or other relatives; 2.5 million of these children are without parents in the household at all, leaving their care and upbringing to their grandparents or other relatives. In light of the high out-of-wedlock birth rate, some grandparents must take an extra step and establish their biological relationship through DNA testing in order to gain legal guardianship or visitation rights to their grandchild.

There are also other, little-known situations that the grandparent generation is faced with in relation to their family status. They may have to establish paternity for reasons such as:

  • Helping their son or daughter, who may have a child born outside of a marriage to determine paternity for the completion of the Acknowledgement of Paternity as quickly as possible.  Many grandparents do not want to wait for state testing because it can take weeks and months to prove or disprove paternity.  They want to know whether or not to bond with the grandchild to avoid future family dysfunction.
  • Establishing paternity if the father is deceased, yet his name is not on the birth certificate. Helping the mother establish paternity will allow her to seek social security or military child-survivor benefits on behalf of the child, while affording grandparents the proof they need to establish legal visitation rights.
  • Establishing paternity in situations where the grandchild may be placed in fostercare and preference is given to kinship support. Grandparents may need to prove their biological relationship to the child to take on the role as the legal guardian or foster parent.

"The needs of grandparents in today's society and culture are often overlooked.  Where parents are offered the opportunity to establish paternity through the state at either no cost or a minimal fee through the child support enforcement program, grandparents are usually not afforded this option if they must take on the role as the parent," states Mary C. Sullivan, owner of the local DNA Lady Metuchen NJ office. "Many times this population does not know where to turn for guidance in these situations, and it is our duty to educate them and relevant organizations in our communities that we are here to help grandparents get answers through various testing options."

How to Choose Your DNA Collection Site By dnalady On 2010-05-24

How to Choose your DNA Collector?

DNA Testing is a dynamic and fast evolving industry. As this industry expands and the sophistication of the clientele increases, there will be a need for DNA Collectors to differentiate themselves through quality benchmarks.

As more people take a proactive role in their lives, and as antiquated paternity laws across the United States are updated, the DNA testing industry will further develop and mature and ultimately require an increased demand for certified neutral third party administrators to provide DNA collections and case management services.

Accrediting agencies are established to ensure high quality standards and accuracy of test results. Except for the State of New York, which has its own formal relationship laboratory evaluation program, the DNA testing industry standard is accreditation by the AABB. There are approximately 40 DNA laboratories accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks ("AABB"). Only those laboratories accredited by the AABB should be considered as private testing sources for legally-admissible DNA tests used as evidence in a court of law.

Other differentiating accreditations your DNA collector should be able to provide are College of American Pathologists (CAP); New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditations Board - International (ASCLD/LAB-International), the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) as distributed by the U.S. Department of Health and the Forensic Quality Services-International (FQS-I/ISO IEC 17025).

The average consumer does not understand the difference between a Legally Admissible DNA test and a DNA test from samples collected through a home collection kit. A legally-admissible test result requires strict chain-of-custody, from the moment a DNA sample is collected.The DNA sample must be collected by a disinterested third party; original photo identification must be presented; personal identification information is obtained, such as social security numbers and dates of birth; and tested parties are required to sign a form consenting to the DNA test. Diligent collectors go one step further by fingerprinting the parties involved in the DNA testing process.

An at home collection kit is sent to parties who wish to have a DNA test performed; however, want to remain anonymous. The samples are collected by the tested parties or parties they designate, and no proof of identification is required. AABB-accredited laboratories will place a disclaimer on test results derived from home collection kits, reflecting proper chain-of-custody procedures were not followed and therefore the results may not be used in a court to obtain child support or other benefits.

The number of genetic systems a laboratory analyzes determines the power of the test and the reliability of results.The number of genetic systems tested by a laboratory is a significant factor when choosing a private laboratory. Most AABB-accredited laboratories test 16 genetic systems, generally providing a probability of paternity of 99.9% or greater.

Non-accredited DNA laboratories have been known to test a lower number of genetic systems.The rule of thumb in the DNA testing industry is to beware of tests results that do not provide a probability of paternity equal to or greater than 99%. In the State of New Jersey, if the Probability of Paternity is 95% or higher, the man tested is presumed to be the biological father.

Look for an AABB-accredited laboratory that can test more than 16 genetic systems.You may need to test additional genes for complex cases, such as situations where the alleged father could be one of two brothers, or a brother and father; or an alleged father is deceased and a family reconstruction may be appropriate.

Some DNA laboratories have higher quality control measures than others. While accreditations are important, other measures of quality should be considered as well.

Here are some questions to ask when choosing a DNA collector:

  • How many genetic systems do they test?
  • How long has the laboratory been performing DNA identification tests?
  • Are their final test results reviewed by a laboratory technician or PhD?
  • Are their test results notarized?
  • How do they maintain chain-of-custody documentation?
When you Find out you are Pregnant By admin On 2010-05-24

Whether you are planning to become one of the 6 million American women who become pregnant each year or you are already pregnant, the healthy choices you make before, during and after your pregnancy can have lasting, positive affects on you and your unborn child. 

Today's technology allows for couples to plan more effectively for pregnancies, however, if you find yourself pregnant here are some steps to help ensure a safe delivery and healthy baby:

  • See a doctor for a pre-pregnancy exam
  • Stop Smoking.  Your doctor can help you find the best method for you to use to quit.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Minimize caffeine intake.  Caffeine can impair fertility and increase the risk for miscarriage and
  • low birth weight.
  • Exercise regularly - talk to you doctor on the best exercises for you
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Reduce Stress
  • Gain or lose weight, if necessary.  It is best to begin your pregnancy at a healthy weight.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, like fruit juice, milk or water instead of soda and coffee.  Drink skim milk or eat low fat cheese or yogurt.
  • Talk with your doctor to make sure you are getting enough folate
  • Avoid Alcohol. 

As soon as you suspect you're pregnant, make an appointment to see a doctor, who will give you advice about diet, prenatal vitamins, exercise and other issues that may affect you and your baby, and help prevent or treat pregnancy related complications.

If you are unsure of the father of your unborn child, and you want to have a father involved in the care taking of your unborn child, you can request a Pre-Natal Paternity test.  In many cases, due to the age or genetic predisposition of the mother and alleged father, your doctor may recommend an amniocentesis or chorionic villi sampling to determine if there are any other complications.  At the same time either of these tests are performed, you can schedule a Pre-Natal Paternity Test with your local DNA Lady.

A prenatal paternity test is completed by taking an oral swab of the mother, the alleged father and either a sample from the amniocentesis or cultured cells from the chorionic villi.  There is no additional risk to the mother or unborn child to have a prenatal paternity test scheduled.  Knowing the father of your child in advance, allows you to plan in advance for hospital and state paperwork, health benefits, visitation and other details that happen so quickly after the baby is born.  Having one more detail, already taken care of relieves the stress from this eventful time in new parents' lives and provides a strong foundation on which both families can begin to bond with the new child.  

Pennsylvania Paternity Test Laws By admin On 2010-05-23

Pennsylvania Paternity Acknowledgement and Paternity Testing

The following information is meant only to offer initial guidance to a new mom or new dad in the State of Pennsylvania. It is strongly suggested that you consult with your own attorney or contact a local legal services offices for further guidance on the issue of establishing paternity.

The DNA Lady offers accredited DNA testing with results provided in 3 business days. You have the option of coming to our private office (just 30 minutes north of Philadelphia) and completing a Court Admissible or Chain of Custody DNA Test to determine paternity or a Simple Peace of Mind Test to confirm/deny paternity. After years of offering DNA tests to families throughout the Northeast, we have seen DNA testing companies come and go. We recommend whatever DNA testing facility you engage that you question their accreditations and what happens if you need follow up in 5 years. We also recommend that your DNA testing facility provide you with a local office - not a home based business or a local laboratory that does independent collections Find someone who will answer your initial questions, perform your collection and then answer your follow up questions once you receive results.

Pennsylvania Paternity Determination Law Title 23, Part V, Ch.43, SubCh. C, § 4343.

Determination. - Where the paternity of a child born out of wedlock is disputed, the determination of paternity shall be made by the court in a civil action without a jury. A putative father may not be prohibited from initiating a civil action to establish paternity. The burden of proof shall be by a preponderance of the evidence. Bills for pregnancy, childbirth, postnatal care related to the pregnancy and genetic DNA testing are admissible as evidence without requiring third-party foundation testimony and shall constitute prima facie evidence of amounts incurred for such services or for testing on behalf of the child. If there is clear and convincing evidence of paternity on the basis of genetic tests or other evidence, the court shall upon motion of a party issue a temporary order of support pending the judicial resolution of a dispute regarding paternity. The Supreme Court shall provide by general rule for entry of a default order establishing paternity upon a showing of service of process on the defendant and a subsequent failure to appear for scheduled genetic testing.

Limitation of actions.

  • An action or proceeding under this chapter to establish the paternity of a child born out of wedlock must be commenced within 18 years of the date of birth of the child.
  • As of August 16, 1984, the requirement of paragraph (b)(1) shall also apply to any child for whom paternity has not yet been established and any child for whom a paternity action was brought but dismissed because of a prior statute of limitations of less than 18 years.

Genetic tests.

  • Upon the request of any party to an action to establish paternity, supported by a sworn statement from the party, the court or domestic relations section shall require the child and the parties to submit to genetic tests. The domestic relations section shall obtain an additional genetic DNA test upon the request and advance payment by any party who contests the initial test.
  • Genetic test results indicating a 99% or greater probability that the alleged father is the father of the child shall create a presumption of paternity which may be rebutted only by clear and convincing evidence that the results of the genetic tests are not reliable in that particular case.
  • To ensure the integrity of the specimen and that the proper chain of custody has been maintained, the genetic tests of the biological mother, the child or children in question and the alleged father should be conducted by an established genetic-testing laboratory in the course of its regularly conducted business activity, and certified records should be issued. The certified records shall be admissible into evidence without further foundation, authentication or proof of accuracy if no objection is made within ten days prior to trial. The laboratory must be certified by either the American Association of Blood Banks or the American Association for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics. The DNA Lady's DNA Tests are all performed by aaBB, CAP, CLIA, NYSDOH, FQS-I and ISO/IEC17025 accredited laboratories. The DNA Lady's insistence on using only accredited laboratories provides you with reliable and accurate DNA tests.
  • If the court or domestic relations section orders genetic testing, the domestic relations section shall pay the cost of the test, subject to recoupment from the alleged father if paternity is established. Most court ordered DNA collectors then enter all the information collected at the DNA test, on both married and unmarried parents into a database that is matched against the Automated Child Support Enforcement system. The data is scanned on a weekly basis.
  • A determination of paternity made by another state, whether through judicial proceedings, administrative proceedings or by acknowledgment of paternity, shall be given full faith and credit in the courts of this Commonwealth. The DNA Lady can offer you a complete Chain of Custody, Court Admissible and fully accredited DNA test.  If you chose to then take the information to court to pursue child support or child visitation it will then be at your own will and not that of the State.
  • A determination of non paternity made by another state with respect to a public assistance recipient shall not be binding upon the Department of Public Welfare unless the defendant shows that the department had actual notice of the proceedings, including the date and time of any trial, and a fair opportunity to participate in all material proceedings through counsel of its own choice.
Paternity Tests Statistics By admin On 2010-05-23

According to the American Association of Blood Banks, about 30 percent of paternity tests in the US find that the man thought to be the father is not actually the father.

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) By admin On 2010-05-23

Everyone is worried these days about identity theft; however, if the tenets of GINA are not strictly adhered to, there will be much more personal information lost.

Protecting your DNA, affectionately known as GINA or Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act is as important to today's generation as protecting your Social Security number.  If your life can be ruined by an unknown assailant using your social security card to obtain credit and buy that big screen TV or worldwide vacations, then imagine what big government or private industry will do if they have access to your genetic predisposition.

On a good note - so big business and government know you are predisposed to long life and healthy genes - you and your family get lucky and are given jobs, insurance, education, bank financing for homes, vacations etc., you are a good bet because genetically you are predisposed to a long and healthy life.  You will live on the "good gene" street.

On a bad note - your genetic code pops up in some computer as being predisposed to cancer or mental illness or autoimmune diseases  - why would an insurance company offer you long term insurance, why would an employer hire you, or provide a pension or disability insurance, why would a bank finance a loan for your education or your house - you MIGHT be too sick to pay it back.  That is a BIG MIGHT because we are a long way off on solidly predicting through DNA tests what type of diseases you will get and what types of diseases you MAY get.  Yet, the information is valuable to insurance company, employers, doctors, future mates, etc and may affect the quality of your life - without your knowing it.
Here are the tenets of GINA

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, or GINA, is U.S. federal legislation with bipartisan support that protects Americans from discrimination (in health insurance and employment decisions) on the basis of genetic information. (*** Let me digress here for a moment -  if government is leaning to a one payor system and they have access to your genetic predisposition - how much coverage do you think you will be able to obtain? )

GINA has passed through Congress and was signed into law by the President on May 21, 2008. As a result, American insurance companies and health plans (including both group and individual insurers, as well as federally-regulated plans) will be prohibited from:

  • looking at your predictive genetic information or genetic services before you enroll
  • requesting or requiring that you or your family members take a genetic test
  • restricting enrollment based on genetic information
  • changing your premiums based on genetic information

GINA also prohibits U.S. employers (including employment agencies, labor organizations, and training programs) from:

  • discriminating against who they hire or how much they pay on the basis of genetic information
  • requesting or requiring that you or your family members take a genetic test
  • disclosing your genetic information in their possession except under specific and specially controlled circumstances.

The bottom line is, protect your personal genetic information.  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  Remember Social Security numbers were only supposed to provide you with access to the Social Security Fund.  Today, you can't do anything without a Social Security Number, even if by the time you retire the Social Security Fund is deplete.  Do not allow States to take your DNA, better to save your dollars and have a private DNA test taken at a private DNA facility whose only goal is to confirm biological relationships, not geneticaly predictive diagnostic information.  Most private DNA collectors will work with you on payment options.
There is a whole generation running to the local family courts because state funded DNA Paternity Tests are widely used to confirm paternity and obtain child support.  Next time, take a look at what you are signing - does it provide you with confidentiality on the report?  Does it state that your DNA is being collected only as a means to confirm paternity?  What happens with the DNA once the lab and/or collector have provided you with the Probability of Paternity. The simple Paternity via DNA test that you submit to today, may have long reaching affects on your children.

Solid Reasons to Confirm Paternity via DNA Testing By admin On 2010-05-23

We have all heard the African proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child",
and when the village is small and one parent is missing the task
becomes even more challenging. Fortunately, being proactive and
understanding your rights as a parent will help alleviate any issues
that might arise as you take on the role of single parent. Every child
has the right to a parent-child relationship with both parents, and
all three deserve an opportunity to develop, enjoy and grow in the

Establishing Paternity
Every child has the right to know both parents and have the
father's name appear on the birth certificate. Voluntarily
establishing paternity is not expensive and does not have to involve
an attorney or attorney fees. Both parents may contact the State
Department/Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics, Central
Paternity Registry, or the Department of Community Health and request
an Affidavit of Paternity. There may be a small fee for filing this
document but it will ensure legal paternity is established.  

If the father inquestion has any doubt that the child is biologically related, a simple, non-invasive DNA test can be performed privately or by the State.   The benefits of a private DNA test are speed of results, ease in appointment setting and overall privacy in a very sensitive matter. 

Paternity Testing
Paternity testing is a series of genetic tests used to indicate the
likelihood that a man is, or is not the biological father of a child.
The most common method used today is DNA testing which are 99.9
percent accurate in determining that a man is not the father. The
child can be tested at any age, and the DNA test is obtained by
rubbing a cotton tipped swab on the inside of the check or DNA can be
extracted from blood or other tissues.  Pre-Natal Paternity tests are

also available today.  Participants should understand the risk of

Amniocentesis or CVS to the mother and baby, before undergoing

such test for the purposes of establishing paternity only. 

Laboratories performing paternity test should be accredited by the

American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

Financial Security
The law requires both parents support their children. This is true
even if the pregnancy is unplanned. Children supported by one parent
often do not have enough money for their needs. A child support order
cannot be established if paternity is not proven.   In the State of New

Jersey, child support payments are not refunded if a man has been named

as father and later establishes that he is not the father.  Another reason, why a man with any doubt about the paternity of the child, should have a DNA test to confirm Paternity.

Survivor & other Benefits
Medical and dental insurance may be available through the non-
custodial parent's employer, union, or military service. In addition, many

employers offer scholarship programs for children of employees. Medical
assistance programs may be available through the local and/or state
family/child assistance agencies. Later on in the child's life, when applying

for financial aid for college, the role of both biological parents must be proven

in order for the child to receive financial aid.  How harmful will it be for a child

to have to focus on locating a biological parent at a time when the focus should be on college preparation. If something should happen to either
parent, the child could qualify for Social Security, pensions,
inheritance rights, veterans' benefits and life insurance. Paternity
must be established to receive these benefits.

Keep Track of Child Support Information
It is imperative that both parents, (the custodial and non-custodial) keep track of parent information, parenting time,
(visitations), receipt of child support payments, court ordered or
not, names of child support workers, attorney contacts, names of
judges/referees, docket/court numbers etc. concerning the child
support case. Remember to keep this information in a secure location
and let someone you trust know where this information can be found in
the event of an emergency.

One World - Same Message - The DNA Lady By admin On 2010-05-23

As the local DNA collector in New Jersey, I meet so many people during the year, from so many walks of life.  We all have a need, at some point, to confirm knowledge of ourselves and our family, whether it is through a DNA test or through private soul searching.  Most times I do a DNA test, deliver the results and that is the end of my interaction with a customer.
I often wonder - did that new young dad take up his responsibility or was that lady able to create a relationship with her newly confirmed father?  I always hope that having peace of mind through a DNA test, helps families to strengthen their bonds and move on to bigger and better things in life.  I believe that we all have good days ahead of us - that hope and faith are powerful tools in our lives.  You have to use these tools everyday to make them work and seem real.

There are always a handful of customers, who for whatever reason, we feel a stronger connection.  Perhaps they were able to share their stories with me in such a way that I feel part of the solution.  Perhaps they called me months later and told me how things have worked out for them, whether it was through a regular Paternity test, or through a DNA test for purposes of immigration and now have their family reunited here.  Those customers continue to send me cards of thanks and baskets of encouragement.  I am sincere in my efforts to help them resolve questions in their life through the use of today's most up to date human identification technology - the DNA test

One such customer sent a wonderful basket of chocolates and cookies and proclaimed - THE JUDGE RULED IN OUR FAVOR.  What better Christmas gift then to know that a mother was so pleased with our tests and my extra efforts on her behalf that she remembered me at Christmas - months after her case was over.  Everyone now knows that her son is who she says he is - she is triumphant and her son gains an extended family.  I pray that the extended family will open their hearts to this little boy.
Another gentleman, who perhaps didn't get the results he wanted from our tests, but nevertheless, now knows that he has more searching to do - sent me the below list of Christmas greetings in over 50 different languages and from various regions of the world - but all carrying the same message - Joy, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity.  You see no matter where you are from or where you are going - we all want the same thing for each other - it just takes a holiday to remind us.

  • Gëzuar Krishtlindjen dhe Vitin e Ri - Albanian, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
  • Mīl?d Majīd ميلاد مجيد - Arabic for "Merry Christmas" as used in Lebanon and several other countries
  • Shenoraavor Nor Dari yev Pari Gaghand Eastern Armenian
  • "Shenoraavor Nor Dari yev Soorp Dzuhnoont" Western Armenian
  • Zorionak eta Urte Berri On! Basque for Merry Christmas
  • Nedeleg laouen na bloavezh mat in Breton
  • Tchestito Rojdestvo Hristovo in Bulgarian
  • Bon Nadal i un Bon Any Nou! in Catalan
  • Bon Nadal - Catalan for Happy Christmas
  • Nadelik looan na looan blethen noweth Happy Christmas and Happy New Year in Cornish
  • Sretan Božić - Croatian for Happy Christmas
  • Veselé Vánoce a šťastný nový rok - Czech language, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
  • Glædelig jul - Danish
  • God jul - Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, lit. "Good Yule"
  • Gleðilig Jól og gott Nýggjár - Faroese - Merry Christmas and happy New Year
  • Vrolijk Kerstfeest or Zalig Kerstfeest with en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar - Dutch, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
  • Gajan Kristnaskon "Merry Christmas" in Esperanto
  • Häid jõule - Estonian
  • Maligayang Pasko - Filipino word, a Common Christmas Greeting in the Philippines which was Merry Christmas in English Translation.
  • Hyvää joulua - Finnish
  • Joyeux Noël - French for "Happy Christmas" used in France, French Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Louisiana, Switzerland, the Lebanon and Francophone Africa
  • Noflike Krystdagen en in protte Lok en Seine yn it Nije Jier! in Frisian
  • Frohe Weihnachten/Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein glückliches/gutes Neues Jahr - German for Merry Christmas/Merry Christmas and a Happy/Good New Year
  • Καλά Χριστο?γεννα (Kala Christougenna) - Greek for Merry Christmas, also used in non-Greek many Eastern Orthodox nations, as the first Christian masses were celebrated in Greek.
  • Mele Kalikimaka - Hawaiian
  • Boldog karácsonyt/Kellemes karácsonyi ünnepeket : Merry Christmas/Pleasant Christmas Holidays in Hungarian
  • Selamat Natal: "Christmas best wishes" Indonesian
  • Idah Saidan Wa Sanah Jadidah in Iraq
  • Nollaig Shona Duit - Ireland, (Irish Language), Gaeilge, lit. "You have a happy Christmas".
  • Buon Natale - Italian for Happy Christmas
  • Natale hilare et Annum Faustum! in Latin
  • Linksmų Šv. Kalėdų ir Laimingų Naujųjų Metų - Lithuanian "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
  • Schèine Chreschtdaag an e gudde Rutsch in Luxembourg dialect
  • Среќен Божиќ, (Sreen Boži) - Macedonian for Happy Christmas
  • Il-Milied u s-Sena t-Tajba - Malta - "Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year"
  • Nollick ghennal as blein vie noa in Manx Gallic
  • Meri Kirihimete in Maori
  • کریسمس مبارک - Persian "Merry Christmas"
  • Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia in Polish
  • Feliz Natal in Portuguese
  • Crăciun Fericit! Romanian for Merry Christmas
  • S'Rozhdestvóm Khristóvym! (С Рожде?твом Хри?товым!) or, more commonly, simply С Рожде?твом (S Rozhdestvóm!) for the informal Christmas greeting, while the traditional religious greeting is Khristós rozhdáyetsya! (Хри?то? рождает??, meaning "Christ is born!") and the traditional response is Slávite! (Cлавите!, meaning "Let us glorify him!"); С ?овым годом! ( S Nóvym gódom!) - Happy New Year! in Russian.
  • Heughliche Winachten un 'n moi Nijaar in Low Saxon
  • Nollaig chridheil huibh in Scottish Gaelic
  • "Хри?то? ?е роди!" answer: "Вои?тину ?е роди!" or: "Srećan Božić" (Serbian) "Merry Christmas" also Hristos se rodi.
  • Veselé Vianoce a Šťastný Nový rok - Slovak language, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
  • Vesele Boži?ne Pražnike Sre?no Novo Leto or Vesel Boži? in sre?no Novo leto in Slovene
  • Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo - Spanish lit. "Happy Nativity and prosperous New Year"
  • God Jul and (Och) Ett Gott Nytt År in Sweden
  • Sawadee Pee Mai or Souksan wan Christmas in Thai
  • Mutlu Noeller - Turkish - "Happy Christmas"
  • З Різдвом Хри?товим (Z Rizdvom Khrystovym) or, when meeting in person, Хри?то? народив??! - Славімо Його! ("Khrystos narodyvsya! - Slavimo yoho!", lit. "Christ was born! - Praise be with Him!") in Ukrainian.
  • Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda - Wales (by Welsh speakers), "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"
  • Boldog karácsonyt! in Hungary
  • ?誕節快樂 / 圣诞节快? (Shèngdànjié kuàilè) - Merry Christmas!, 新年快樂 / 新年快? (Xīnnián kuàilè) - Happy New Year! in Chinese
  • メリークリスマス (Meri Kurisumasu) - Merry Christmas!, よ??年を (Yoi o-toshi-o) (before), 明????????? (after) - Happy New Year! in Japanese

I even received my very first Happy Kwanzaa card this year.  I am flattered to be a part of someone else's celebration of  "Royal Greetings".  I once thought that I worked in a global environment, but it wasn't until I started offering private DNA testing that I truly began to learn how universal it is for a mom will fight for her child, how a dad will work for his family and although we are all different people, we are truly alike. We want a family, we want safety and we want to be together. 

No matter how you celebrate this season and no matter who you celebrate it with - make it a good one, make it special for someone else - it comes back to you twofold.

What to Expect at Your PreNatal Exam By admin On 2010-05-23

When I get to my doctor's office, I always assume, they have done this before, I don't need to worry, I just need to follow their directions and advice.  I barely think of questions, until I am out the door and well on my way home.  Here are some tips to what will happen during  your prenatal exams.  this is an informational site only, not meant to replace your OB/GYNs directions or advice - just another spot on the internet to help you through this very exciting time in your life:

First trimester

The first ultrasound can verify that your budding baby is alive and well, give you his or her estimated gestational age and identify multiples. From the resulting images, your doctor takes nasal bone measurements and looks for nuchal translucency (fluid behind the neck) as an early sign of Down syndrome. The ultrasound image appears as a result of measured sound waves; there is no risk involved.

Blood tests (for the PAPPA protein and hCG hormone) may be conducted at the same time as the ultrasound.  At this point, the blood is tested for Down syndrome (with 91 percent sensitivity and a 5 percent false positive rate) and trisomy 13 & 18--chromosome anomalies that are associated with severe mental retardation and early infant death (with 95-98 percent sensitivity and 5 percent false detection). If the results are borderline, another screening in the second trimester may be desired.

Second trimester

Most women will have a second trimester ultrasound between 18-20 weeks gestation, when the baby actually starts to look like a baby! Organs and skeletal structure are visible, and the gender is often distinguishable at this time. Besides checking the baby's position, the doctor will look for risk of congenital anomalies, such as heart defects or a cleft lip, and markers for chromosome anomalies.

A blood test for AFP (alpha-fetoprotein) level may be administered. AFP looks for neural tube defects (spina bifida and a brain disorder called anencephaly).  An elevated AFP can also be associated with an under-performing placenta which can cause stunted growth. If blood tests were not conducted in the first trimester, or if you choose an integrated first-and-second trimester screening, a blood test called a Quad Screen (for AFP, hCG , estriol, and inhibin A) is recommended. This test is less accurate than the first trimester screening with only 75 percent sensitivity in detecting Down syndrome.

Diagnostic tests

Amniocentesis and CVS are diagnostic tests that are sometimes recommended for older moms or, more often, following abnormal screenings during the standard blood tests.   If you are scheduled for either an Amnio or CVS,  you can also ask for a PreNatal Paternity Test at the same time.  Removing any doubts about the paternity of your child early on in your pregnancy can help the new dad to become involved with  your pregnancy and plan for your new baby.  (what does he need to have  the new baby placed under his healthcare/benefits package/family inheritance?)

Amniocentesis is an invasive test wherein a needle penetrates the uterus to extract amniotic fluid in order to test the growth of fetal cells. It is performed between 15 and 20 weeks gestation. It identifies chromosome anomalies with 99.9 percent accuracy, but it carries the risk of membrane rupture, infection and injury to the fetus. The risk of miscarriage is 1/300 to 1/400.

CVS (Chorionic Villius Sampling) is also invasive.

It presents a higher risk of miscarriage--about 1/100 to 1/200--but can be performed earlier, between 11 and 13 gestational weeks. This test studies chromosomes taken from the placenta; it is typically just as accurate as amniocentesis, but in 1/100 cases, an amniocentesis will also be required for better accuracy.

As soon as you make  your appointment for your first trimester screening, write down any questions - perhaps keep a journal.  One day you can show the journal to your new baby so that he or she knows how much you prepared for his/her arrival.

Puerto Rico Birth Certificate Requirement By admin On 2010-05-16

Puerto Rico's New Birth Certificate Law (Law 191 of 2009)

The government of Puerto Rico has enacted a new law (Law 191 of 2009) aimed at strengthening the issuance and usage of birth certificates to combat fraud and protect the identity and credit of all people born in Puerto Rico

The new law was based on collaboration with the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to address the fraudulent use of Puerto Rico-issued birth certificates to unlawfully obtain U.S. passports, Social Security benefits, and other federal services. 

Under the new law, all Puerto Rico birth certificates issued before July 1, 2010, will be invalidated so that new, more secure certificates can be issued. Until that date, all birth certificates will remain valid.  If you are required to undergo a DNA test to confirm a biological relationship, ie, paternity, maternity, siblingship or grand paternity, call your local DNA Lady to coordinate the collection in the continental USA and in Puerto Rico.

It is important to understand that there is no need to rush out and get a new birth certificate on July 1.  It is suggested that only people who have a specific need for their birth certificate for official purposes need request a new birth certificate right away.

Those Puerto Rican-born living in the states will be able to request and receive their new birth certificates through a simple process by mail.  The fee is $5, but will be waived for people over 60 and for veterans.

For additional information on the new law, please visit the links below.

Birth Certificate Law Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions

Text of New Birth Certificate Law

Birth Certificate Application  *Please note: the new, more secure birth certificates will be available on or after July 1, 2010.

Qualifying Child or Relative for Tax Purposes By dnalady On 2010-04-13
IRS Tests to be a qualifying child:

1.)  the child must be your son, daughter, step-child, eligible foster chidl, brother, sister, half brother, half sister, stepbrother, stepsister, or a descendant of any of them.  If for any reason, you do not have the proper birth certificates, marriage certificates, documents to prove the biological relationship to a child, check with your local DNA collector who can advise you if a proper DNA testing is available to confirm any biological relationship.

2.)  The child must under age 19 at the end of the year; or under the age of 24 and a full time student or any age if permanently and totally disabled.  Do you want to know if you or other family members are predisposed (carrying a higher risk than the population) for certain diseases or conditions based on your DNA?  Call your local DNA collector and find out what type of tests are offered - knowledge is power - educate  yourself on your alternatives to a a healthier and better quality of life.

3.)  The child must have lived with you for more than half of the year - always maintains documents and receipts in support of your claims.  There is an exception for certain adopted children.

4.)  The child must not have provided more than half of his or her own support for the year.

5.)  If the child meets the rules to be a qualifying child of more than one person, you must be the person entitled to claim the child as a qualifying child.  If you need a Paternity Test, Siblingship Test, Grandpaternity or other Kinshipcare DNA Test to prove the biological relationship - you still have time in the State of New Jersey to complete the testing and submit.  Many counties in New Jersey affected by the recent flooding have been given extensions to file tax returns.

Tests to be a Qualifying Relative

1.)  The person cannot be your qualifying child or the qualifying child of anyone else.

2.)  The person must either be related to you in one of the ways listed under "Relatives who do not have to live with you in IRS Publication 501, or live with you all year as a member of your household (and your relationship must not violate local law).

3.)  The person's gross income for the y ear must be less than $3650(unless disabled or income from a sheltered workshop)

4.)  You must provide more than half of the person's total support for the year.

US Department of Health and Human Services Newborn Screening By dnalady On 2010-03-09
While most babies are healthy when they are born, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HRSA) routinely screens new babies to help prevent serious problems like mental retardation or death.

Prior to discharge from the hospital, your nurse or health care provider will take a few drops of blood from your baby's heel.  The hospital will then send the blood samples to a newborn screening laboratory. 

If there is a problem, the HRSA will notify parents and health care providers immediately.  However, since there is so much going on during the first few weeks of your new baby's life, it is important for you to specifically ask for the results.  If you leave the hospital or place of birth, prior to 24 hours after giving birth, the HRSA may ask for the baby to be retested.  Some states require that all babies be tested, twice for accuracy.  Some babies may need to be retested because the original sample was not sufficient to complete testing.  A few babies may need to be retested because the first test showed a possible health problem.

If  you are requested to bring in baby for retesting, do not become concerned until you have spoken to your healthcare provider and they explain the circumstances.  As stated above, it just may be routine for your State to test twice.  However, if you do receive a call or notice to have your baby retested, get it done right away.  In the process, insure that your health care provider and the hospital have your updated contact information including home address, phone, email and nowadays - include your cell phone. 

Your health care professional should be able to answer any of your questions.  Do not be worry about your question being silly - unless you are a trained genetic counselor you may not understand the meaning of the tests but you have the right to a full explanation in terms you can understand. 
NJ State Funded DNA Tests - Big Brother is Watching By dnalady On 2010-01-07
A young couple inquire about a DNA test for their new baby.  The mother, interested in proving her fidelity to this young man while the "alleged" father was interested in removing family doubts.  It seems that his family, over the holidays had chided him that this baby "doesn't look like any of us".  His aunt even went so far as to say - "this baby is too light skinned to be from our family".  Besides the insensitivity of it all, with the "melting pot" that our society has become today - no one can really know the entire contents of their own DNA, really.

In any case, the DNA collection and identification process were explained but the young man expected his medical insurance plan would cover the cost.  However, Paternity Testing is not medically relevant information so medical or health insurance companies do not cover the cost for Paternity Tests.   

It is January 7th, everyone is getting back to work and feeling the pressure of the looming big holiday bills.  No matter what the media reports, we all spent too much and this young couple were no different.  They had a new baby and he needed lots of new things and it was his first Christmas and it was their first Christmas as a family.  There are so many good reasons why - the money spent on a Paternity Test to solidify this child's future - were instead spent on Christmas presents.

The DNA Lady attempts to provide alternatives and so the process of going to Family Court to sign up for a State Funded Paternity Test was offered along with all of the methods under which child support will then be collected in the event that this young man is the father.  A hired collector from an out of state lab sits in a room in the courthouse, with a big DNA sign on the door, and one by one the families shuffle in to have their DNA collected. 

Income Withholding - salary garnishment
License Suspension - driver's, professional and occupational are suspended if a child support bench warrant issued
Asset Seizure - if the child support falls behind 3 months, a lien can be placed on checking and savings accounts
Credit Reporting - past due amounts are reported to credit reporting agencies, thereby lowering your credit score
Lottery and Tax Refunds Intercept - very clear, if the child support payment exceeds $1000 the State can take your lottery winnings or tax refunds, property tax refunds, or homestead rebates.
Passport Denial  - if a parent owes $5000 or more, the State can withhold issuance of a new or renewed  passport.
New Hire Reports to the State - all employers are required to report information on newly hired employees.  This information is then matched to an Automated Child Support Enforcement System and can generate a wage withholding.

The young couple will receive their DNA Paternity Test results by early next week from the DNA Lady.  The young couple will then privately agree on how to raise their beautiful new baby boy and in the event there is a child support issue - the mother has a document and file with which to pursue child support and the father has a document and file with which to pursue child visitation rights.  Their privacy is maintained, the child will know his parents and this young man does not have to worry about an employer finding out private information about him - now or in the future.  Everyone's dignity is in tact and the State of New Jersey, already broke from overspending gets to save a few dollars in this very tough economy and manhours because they do not have to get involved in what is a very, private issue for some families.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator & DNA Paternity Tests By dnalady On 2009-12-02
New moms, pregnant moms, doubtful dads - Here's a useful link to determine when you most probably became pregnant.  If you have a doubt about the paternity of your baby, whether prior to baby's birth or after baby's birth, use the calculator to determine the date(s) you most probably became pregnant and then test the man who you were with on that day or in that short window of fertility.  The calculator which is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, is a great tool to also see the progress of your baby as he/she grows inside you.

If you perform a Chain of Custody DNA Paternity Test on the man you think is the father, and if that test returns with a negative results or 0% Probability of Paternity, most DNA collection sites will offer extended analysis of another man, for half the price of the original test.  Check with your local DNA collections expert, on their options and time frame for testing additional men for paternity.  Remember, that each child deserves to have knowledge of his/her biological parents, irrespective of the parents relationship in the present and going forward.  Depending on the number of weeks you are pregnant, you can also have a PreNatal Paternity Test performed, so that for the remainder of the pregnancy the new dad has the chance to get comfortable and prepare for his new role as a dad. It is important for everyone involved to know the risks associated with PreNatal Paternity tests, please speak directly to your OB/GYN for that information.    

With today's convenient and affordable, private DNA testing centers opening up in so many States, it is also important to understand what accreditation your testing center carries and how the test are performed at the laboratory level.  When you call for information ask questions and get the name of the person you are speaking to - ask them if they will be the one performing the test and discussing the DNA test results with you.  As with any test, with such an important outcome, it is always best to work with someone locally so that you have someone to return to and not just an 800 number to call.  Your local DNA collections expert will know your personal circumstances, know the people involved with the test and will handle all follow up questions specifically related to your test  The local DNA colledtions expert will also accompany you to the OB/GYN's office on the day or your Prenatal Paternity Test sample collection rather than just delivering a kit to the OB/GYN staff.

   The DNA Lady owns a DNA collection franchise in Metuchen, NJ and offers DNA tests to confirm maternity, paternity, grand parentage, siblingship and avuncular testing.  DNA tests are affordable and convenient and are also used in infidelity and forensic analysis. 
Puerto Rican Birth Certificates By dnalady On 2009-11-15

Puerto Rican Birth Certificates

Here is a quick guide on how to obtain your official records from Puerto Rico:

You may need your official Puerto Rican documents to apply for U.S. Social Security, U.S. Military Survivor benefits, Health Insurance, or maybe even Inheritance Benefits.  If you were married, born and had a family member pass away in Puerto Rico on or after July 1931, then you can obtain an official document by sending a money order to the below address.  Please phone for current fees and other paperwork you may need to supply: 

Department of Health
Demographic Registry
P.O. Box 11854
Fernandez Juncos Station
San Juan, PR 00910
Phone: (787) 728-7980

Remarks: Money order should be made payable to Secretary of the Treasury. Personal checks are not accepted. Call to verify current fees. All applications must be accompanied by a photocopy of an identification card with picture.  Example: Driver's license or Passport (not expired).

DNA Testing in New Jersey - Buyer Beware By dnalady On 2009-11-15
In New Jersey, carefully consider who you chose to perform your DNA tests.  Whether you want a DNA test to confirm paternity, maternity or any other biological relationship, here are a few questions to ask :

1.)  Where are you located?

Just because a website buys up the name of your city and links it with the letters DNA does not necessarily mean, they are located in your city.  Internet savvy DNA testing companies are buying up site domains just to catch your attention.

The best advice is to work with your local DNA collections expert.  Someone you can go back to in 30, 60 or 90 days who will remember you, your circumstances and be able to assist you with questions or concerns.  If the 800 operator starts asking "what is your zip code?  "are you located near this intersection" - it suggests that they are not in New Jersey and will hook you up to an independent collector with no personal interest in providing you with good customer care.  Do you want your private information in the hands of a "consultant"? 

2.)  What are the accrediting institutions of your laboratory?

The minimum standard these days in DNA testing is the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).  If that is the only accreditation the facility can offer you, then "BUYER BEWARE".  Most reputable DNA testing facilities should be able to list at least 3 - 4 other accrediting facilities including but not limited to:

College of American Pathologists
American Society of Crime Laboratories Directors International
Forensic Quality International FQS-IOC 17025
New York State Department of Health
Clinical Laboratories Improvement Act

3.)   Who will perform my DNA test?

Will the person you are speaking to on the phone be the same person who will perform the DNA test?  If not, then will you have to explain your circumstances all over again when you meet to perform the DNA test? 

4.)  Who will provide my DNA Test results?

Will the person you are speaking to on the phone be the same person collecting your DNA and providing you with the results?  If not, then how many people will know about your circumstances?  How many times is your information viewed? 

When you call the 800 numbers to ask questions about DNA testing, your name, phone number, address are all entered into "the" system.  Each time you phone the "800" number, someone else is viewing your information and history.  If you give personal information such as your Social Security or Driver's License number - how many people will be able to access your data?  Don't give a credit card deposit over the phone.  If you are sure you want a DNA test then a private DNA testing facility should take an appointment from you.  You don't give your local doctor or dentist a credit card deposit for an appointment, do you? 

5.)  Is the person performing the DNA test, vaccinated and innoculated?

You may have a newborn baby?  You do not want someone who is possibly infectious near your infant.  Check to make sure that the person performing the DNA test is up to date on vaccinations, tetanus and hepatitis and flu shots.   

Your DNA tests should be performed by someone in a private facility, preferably the same person you talk to on the phone and the same person who delivers your results.  Contrary to popular TV talk shows, your DNA test is a private matter and should involve as few people as possible.

Most DNA Testing companies can deliver DNA Paternity Test results in as little as 3 business days.  Fast turnaround time is not a selling point.  The price on most DNA Tests is about the same, in some cases you may be paying extra for that independent collector - so ask up front if the price being quoted to you includes the collection fees or not?   Ask if there are additional charges for faxing, extra copies, additional address fees?  Know ahead of time so that you are not surprised and forced to pay for something at the time of the test. 

You should be confident in the person performed the DNA test and assured that your DNA test results are secure.  We do not know where DNA and the science behind it will take us in the next 20 years - be careful of the "nationwide facilities" storing your data, using independent collectors and 800 calling features or internet access to your DNA results.  Your DNA is valuable and extremely personal to you.  Until the DNA industry is fully regulated, use your local DNA collector for such a private matter.

The DNA Lady owns a private DNA collections facility in Metuchen, NJ.  We have a private office that you may visit before, during and after the DNA collection process.  The DNA Lady has assisted families in New Jersey with private DNA tests to confirm paternity, maternity, siblingship, grand paternity.  The DNA Lady has also worked with the legal community on forensic DNA testing for criminal and civil cases.   We work hand in hand with U.S. Embassies in over 150 foreign countries to expedite the immigration process.  Our goal is to bring this valuable tool in human identity to the private consumer.   DNA is a fascinating subject - we have the answers to your questions and doubts.   

Updating the Understanding Paternity Test Results By dnalady On 2009-11-15
Understanding the Numbers and Symbols on your DNA Results

With all the information on various laboratory blog sites, I thought I would go back to a basic and review how to read the paternity test results.

The paternity test results will show allele (see DNA Dictionary for explanation of allele) sizes for the parties who participated in the test.  If the test indicates no allele size, it is considered that the same allele size is present at both loci.  When mother, alleged father and child are included in the DNA paternity test, the alleles that the child received from the biological father (called the obligate paternal alleles) can be determined by subtracting the mother's contribution to the child's DNA.  If the alleged father does not have the obligate paternal alleles at three or more loci, he is excluded as the biological father of the child.  If only a child and alleged father are tested, and they do not share any common alleles at three or more loci, the alleged father is also excluded.  When the alleged father contains the obligate paternal alleles at the loci tested, then he is not excluded as the biological father of the child.  While it is not necessary to have the mother tested to confirm Paternity, it is obviously a better choice to have all 3 parties tested so at least the mother's DNA is a known factor in the paternity index and probability of paternity figures.  

There are cases, where test results show a non-match for one or two loci.  This may indicate mutations which will require additional analysis but it may also indicate that a close biological relative of the tested alleged father (such as a brother, father or son) may actually be the biological father of the child.  Always, let your DNA collector know the circumstances of your case and if there are possible related males involved in the paternity.  Additional calculations can be performed to help address these factors.  However, it is best to have all possible alleged fathers tested to establish the true biological father.  DNA testing facilities can offer you Paternity Testing with additional samples prices so that anyone thought to be the alleged father can be tested.  Talk to your local DNA expert about the circumstances of your case, so that discretion is used during the actual collection.

The final results will indicate the Probability of Paternity expressed as a percentage.  This percentage is called Paternity Index (PI).  The PI is calculated  using a "prior probability of paternity" of 0.5 in the calculation  This prior probability is a neutral value (without bias) that assumes the alleged father is as equally likely to be as he is not to be the child's biological father.  A DNA test results with 0% PI means that the alleged father is excluded, or cannot be the biological father.  A PI of 99% and above means that the alleged father is most likely the biological father.  

When using a local DNA collector, you have the ability to ask questions before, during and after the DNA collection process. Take the time to understand what the results indicate - in the long run - when you doubts are erased - the child involved in the test will be given a solid foundation on which to build their life.   

Healthy Pregnancy First then Take a DNA Test By dnalady On 2009-09-04
We usually write about how to get a DNA test, why you should get a DNA test, who should get a DNA test and the types of DNA tests that are available.  Today, we would like to focus on having a healthy baby so that we can get to do the Paternity and other DNA tests.

Eating a well balanced diet and getting regular exercise - that's all you hear these days, in magazines and in everyday conversation.  It is especially important during  your pregnancy to keep you healthy and to support your growing baby. 

Always, always, always - check with your doctor first.  Each pregnancy is different and each woman will experience something different during her pregnancy.  While these tips are meant to guide you on your way to a happy, healthy pregnancy - it is very important for you to meet with a doctor to review your circumstances and outline your plan. 

1.)  If you are planning a pregnancy, start taking prenatal multi-vitamins/mineral supplements about 3 months prior to your conception.  Supplements help fill in the gaps of any key nutrients that are missing.  Talk to your OB/GYN to find out which one is best for you.

2.)  Focus on Iron as an adequate amount of folic acid and iron is essential before and during pregnancy.  To decrease the risk of neural tube defects, take at least 400 mcg/day before pregnancy and 600 mcg/day during pregnancy.  Certain foods are also good sources of folic acid such as green leafy vegetables, whole-grain breads, enriched grains, citrus fruits and juices, nuts, seeds, dried beans/peas, and lentils. Check the labels of the supplements you are taking to insure proper dosage.   Iron is also found in red meats, dark poultry, salmon, eggs, molasses and fortified breakfast cereals. 

3.)  Eat Enough to support your growing baby.  Our mothers were told "you are eating for two".  However, today the guidelines indicate that you only need to consume an additional 300 calories per day over your pre-pregnancy caloric intake.  If you are carrying multiples or are thin to begin with, you may need additional calories and again we can't stress the importance of talking to your OB/GYN about these issues.  Take the time to write down your questions, in case you get nervous during a prenatal exam. 

4.)  Go for Whole Grains - this is good advice for anyone but your growing baby needs important B vitamins and you will need the fiber found in whole grain products.  Look for the words "whole grain" on the food labels.  Watch Oprah when she has shows about healthy foods - she gives very good advice about product labeling.

5.)  Eat your Fruits and Vegetables - OK - again this is old news, your mother always told you to finish the vegetables on your plate or you wouldn't get dessert.  I always had room for dessert but was too full to eat my vegetables.  It is an age old battle, but if you can conquer it during your pregnancy, perhaps you will take this new habit into your post pregnancy life and pass in on to your children as well.  Breaking a habit takes 30 days of concentration so maybe creating a good habit during 9 months of pregnancy will stick for a lifetime.  It is worth a try for you and for your new baby.

6.)  Calcium, calcium, calcium - even if you are not pregnant - women don't get enough calcium - teeth, bones, skin, hair all need sufficient amounts of calcium to remain healthy.  If you live in the Northeast think about increasing dosage over the winter months.    The Recommended Daily Amount has changed over the last few years so check with your OB/GYN for the right amount for you.  

7.)  Limit caffeine and of course don't drink alcohol.  Remember caffeine is found in green and black teas, cola drinks, chocolate.  These products cross through the placenta and into your baby's system. 

8.)  Fish - now's the time for those lobster dinners.  Fish and shellfish are loaded with nutrients.  High quality proteins and essential omega-3 fatty acids help promote your baby's brain development.  To avoid harmful mercury, stick to salmon, light tuna, anchovies and sardines.

Follow these guidelines, visit your OB/GYN regularly, eliminate stress in your daily life, get enough exercise  (says the pot to the kettle) and get enough sleep - chances are you'll deliver a happy, healthy baby. 

If your partner has any doubts about paternity, tell him you will schedule a non-invasive DNA test as soon as the baby is born - but for during  your pregnancy - you need your partner's emotional support.  If you partner is insistent on confirming paternity now, you can schedule a PreNatal Paternity Test but only if your OB/GYN recommends you for prenatal genetic testing should PreNatal Paternity Testing be considered. 
Are DNA Paternity Tests a Moral Question? By dnalady On 2009-08-27
Too often, paternity tests are the subject of jokes and laughter or worse yet, fodder for character assassination.  Look at all the DNA Paternity Testing blog sites that have popped up on the internet over the last 12 months.  Is that the only way for DNA testing labs to gain sales and increase revenue by demoralizing the woman who take the tests?

Why, in the year 2009, are we still morally judging a female for performing a basic bodily function.  For goodness sake, when will we stop living this double standard!   It is a simple biological function - sex - yes , there I said it - what is the big deal.   Men want it, women want it - why continue to give power over to segment of the population that sits in high moral judgment - that includes both men and women who think that judging others gives them a higher ground.  This is not to say, that we should be running around like bunnies without any thought to  the consequences of our actions.  

Men, are judged by the power that they wield in business.  Men are also judged, by the sexual prowess that they let you think they have - perception is reality for some, right?  Why aren't women judged in the same light.  Think of how the local TVs shows would play out then, you wouldn't have fearful, scorned females but strong, empowered women in search of their child's identity - not just for financial support but so that the child has an equal chance in life.  After all, both adult participants in the test, have a doubt in their mind about who is the biological father - aren't both then responsible?   

I've seen Paternal Grandmothers come in, barely able to speak to a new mother who has "seduced" her angelic son - they might as well be carrying a cane and stick for all the anger and resentment they exhibit toward these young woman.  Remember, these are new, often young moms, with new mom hormones and fears.  Grandmothers, put your own fears aside (and yes, you know what lies ahead for these new young parents and their child) but be kind to these young woman - don't you remember how terrified you were on your first born's birthday or for that matter - your fifth born's birthday and arrival at home? 

If there is a unexpected baby in the picture, then two people played a part in that picture - along with science and god depending on what side of the spectrum you sit.   Every child will ask at some point in their life, how did I get here and who am I?  Take a DNA test and give that child the foundation on which to build a better life.  Don't start the child's life, by judging the actions of his/her biological parents.  Take the DNA test so that everyone in this new baby's life has peace of mind.

The decision to take a DNA test is a personal one and should involve only the mom, alleged father and baby.  Sometimes, the cost of the test is a factor and that is why the grandparents are involved - that's OK but grandparents, be gentle, you were once young.  Remember the weight of your words on your children and their children.   


State contracted DNA paternity tests are not a priority for the contracted laboratories and so problems and errors occur more frequently.  Many States contract with private laboratories at much discounted prices to obtain paternity tests.  The result is a much extended turnaround time for the results and as the below excerpt will attest to (and a previous article submitted on blog) - too often errors happen.

As a parent, do you want someone else receiving your child's DNA test results?  The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's website indicates that every parent should have a copy of their child's DNA for emergency purposes but the site clearly states that only parents should maintain a copy of their child's DNA.  We do not know what the future use of DNA will be; much the same way; our grandparents didn't know how Social Security Numbers were going to be a means to identification, credit and finance processing, healthcare and medicare benefits etc..  You can't get a Chain of Custody DNA test taken today without your Social Security Number. 

When Social Security Numbers were created the sole purpose was a means to identify an individuals' contribution to the Social Security System while in the workforce.  From that figure, the government would determine your retirement benefit which would begin at age 65.  Well the baby boomers know that age 65 for retirement is no longer a fact.  We're told that to receive our total benefit we have to work until age 66 and 9 months or so....and that's the figure today in 2009.

However, today, every child is issued a Social Security number as a means of their first form of identification.  On the day you are born, you are entered into a nationwide system of identification.  Who is to say that these state held DNA records won't be used as a means for healthcare benefits eligibility, credit scores to obtain financing for homes, businesses or education or to identify an individual's job qualifications in the future.  Are we putting our children at risk for having the State's perform DNA collections?  DNA records are very personal and should never be held by anyone other than a parent, legal guardian or family member. 

We do not know what the future holds for DNA and for those with the means, a private DNA testing facility should always be used for Paternity and other family relationships tests where DNA is collected and analyzed.  A privately held DNA testing facility also needs to maintain a standard qualifications including but not limited to AABB, CAP, CLIA, ASCLD and other nationally known accrediting institutions.  Today, DNA paternity tests are not that expensive (considering the alternative) and facilities are popping up all over the United States that offering properly accredited, community based, and confidential testing. 


 "I have my cover letter that they sent me with my information on it," said Left Blank for Confidentiality.

At first everything looked just fine when Let Blank for Confidentiality opened her paternity tests results from the South Carolina Department of Social Services. But as she turned the pages she realized the information she received wasn't hers. It was for another man, another woman, and a child she didn't know.

"It's just infuriating," said Left Blank for Confidentiality. "I was just so angry. I was like 'This isn't mine!' "

Left Blank for Confidentiality said she had access to personal information no one would want in a stranger's hands.

"I've got social (security numbers), I've got driver's license numbers, I've got addresses, I've even got pictures of what they look like," said Left Blank for Confidentiality. "This is their information. They don't know me they don't know who I am and here I am I've got everything."

Left Blank for Confidentiality said she went to a local DSS office for help.

"She was like, 'I apologize we just had a mistake. Your cover letter got on theirs and their cover letter got on yours and that was the mixup and this never happens'," said Left Blank for Confidentiality. "Apparently it does."

DSS spokesperson admitted it was a mistake. But she insisted private information did not go out to the other family. DSS also said they would be appointing someone to double check each mailing before it went out. But Left Blank for Confidentiality said the problems are continuing.

"Yes, it's still happening," said Left Blank for Confidentiality. "She called me yesterday and told me it looked like some more information got sent out to me that wasn't mine."

So we wrote to DSS again and the Director of the DSS Child Support Enforcement Division  issued this statement:

"In following up on the original incident we discovered that a notice of a court hearing from another case had been sent to Ms. Left Blank for Confidentiality by mistake. A member of our staff visited Ms. Left Blank for Confidentiality to tell her of the error.  This mistake was a result of human error and we are addressing that internally.  We truly regret this happened."

It's the kind of problem Left Blank for Confidentiality said could have been prevented.   

"That's just a mistake that cannot happen," said Left Blank for Confidentiality.

DSS told us they believe this mistake is a rare occurrence. If problems continue you can be sure 7 On Your Side will make sure it is addressed.


If you have questions or comments about this site or DNA tests in general send us a comment below. 


Prevalence of Blood Types in U.S. Population By dnalady On 2009-05-25

Blood Type    O+ ..................= 37.4%
Blood Type    A+...................= 35.7%
Blood Type    B+ ..................= 8.5%
Blood Type    AB+ ................= 3.4%
Blood Type    O- .................. = 6.6%.
Blood Type    A-....................= 6.3%
Blood Type    B.....................= 1.5%
Blood Type    AB-..................= 0.6%
Index of Age Risk for Chromosomal Disorders in Prenancy By dnalady On 2009-05-12
Mother's Age   Risk Factor
15-24   1 in 500
25-29   1 in 450
30   1 in 385
31   1 in 370
32   1 in 340
33   1 in 320
34   1 in 270
35   1 in 200
36   1 in 170
37   1 in 130
38   1 in 100
39   1 in 80
40   1 in 65
41   1 in 50
42   1 in 40
43   1 in 30
44   1 in 24
45   1 in 20
46   1 in 15
47   1 in 12
48   1 in 9
49   1 in 7
** All Figures are Approximate
Amniocentesis Procedure and Paternity Tests By dnalady On 2009-05-12
Amniocentesis is the withdrawal of a small amount of amniotic fluid (the fluid surrounding a developing fetus) from the uterus.  The procedure is done in a doctor's office or a hospital, usually when a woman is about 16 weeks pregnant, counting the from the first day of her last menstrual period.
Before the procedure, the doctor performs an ultrasound or sonogram, which shows a picture of the uterus, the placenta, the amniotic fluid and the fetus on a screen.  After reviewing the image, the doctor inserts a very thin needle through the woman's abdomen into the uterus and takes out approximately one ounce of amniotic fluid.  This part of the procedure lasts only a few minutes.  After the sample is taken, another ultrasound check is done.
Some women say that an amniocnetesis does not hurt at all, while others say they feel pressure or cramping during the procedure.  Often, people find that waiting for the test results is the most difficult part.
Different tests can be performed ona  sample of amniotic fluid, depending on why a particular pregnancy is at risk.  At the same time, a prenatal paternity test can be performed to confirm paternity of the child.  Confirming paternity early on in the pregnancy, allows both parents to participate in the pregnancy and preparation for the child.
Most women who decide to have an amniocentesis are at risk for having a baby with a chromosome abnormality.  The amniotic fluid contains cells that have been shed from teh fetus.  Any abnormality in chromsomes almost always lead to ser ious physical birth defects, mental retardation or both. 
The most common chromosome abnormality is Down Syndrome, is caused by an extra #21 chromsome.  The standard laboratory testing detects over 99% of chromosome abnormalities and results are usually available in 10 days.  Results for prenatal paternity test, when an amniocentesis is the method, usually takes 5 business days. 
Examples of inherited diseases that can be tested for prenatally include Tay-Sachs, cycstic fibrosis and sickel cell desease.  Amniotic Fluid can also be tested for open neural tube defects, such as spina bifida and anencephaly when the spinal cord or brain fo the baby have not developed properly.  AFP (a protein Alpha-fetoprotein) is mesured and detects over 90% of all open nural tube defects.   
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that all women, regardless of age, consider the option of amniocentesis for the diagnosis of chromosome abnormalities.  In the past, only older women (over 35) were offered amniocentesis because the risk for the most common chromosome abnormalities was known to increase with maternal age.  However, there are now non-invasive screening tests performed on a sample of a woman's blood that can more accurately identify her specific risk for common chromosome abnormalities. 
Of course, a woman may choose not to have any testing at all.  If a woman is unsure whether or not she should have an amniocentesis, she sould speak with her doctor, a genetic counselor or other specialist in genetics.  At the same time, if paternity is in question, a woman can schedule a PreNatal Paternity Test with her local DNA collections expert.
Paternity Tests By dnalady On 2009-03-19
Taking a Paternity Test is easy.  Just make a phone call to your local DNA collections expert.

You are not alone.  In today's "hook-up" society (and let's face this has been going on for years and years)husbands, boyfriends and ex's don't have to live with a doubt about whether the child is really their own.  A simple, non-invasive DNA test can confirm if you are really the father.

Here is an example of a recent test taker:

A friend of ours was set up by his ex. They were separated on and off for a few years before making it a permanent separation, she refused to give him a divorce. Anyway during one of their reconciled periods she got pregnant. She had a girl. This was a red flag to me because he comes from an all boys family and they had only had male kids. Their other kids are boys. So they separated for good soon after the baby girl was born. He paid child support and private school fees etc. This continued for about 10 years. She had her BF move in with her and our friend reconnected with an old GF. His GF thought there was something odd going on and suggested they have a DNA test done. Sure enough his ex's BF was the father and he knew it! They had done a test years earlier and kept it quiet. The BF even had the nerve to complain if our friend was unable to take the kid for weekend visits!
DNA Entertainment By dnalady On 2009-03-11

Great stuff about your DNA - two guys try to sing and dance and teach science at the same time - we should find out what's really in their DNA.  They're GREAT!
How to get a Paternity Test in NJ By dnalady On 2009-02-23
Do you have a question about the Paternity or Maternity of a child or relative?  Do you have a question about the biological background of a family member?

In New Jersey, you do not need a doctor's prescription or Court Order to have a private DNA test performed to confirm any family relationship.   

There are a few methods by which we can test to determine paternity:

1.)  Prior to Birth

Amniocentesis Prenatal Paternity Test
This test proves the paternity of an unborn child.  This medical procedure is performed between the 14th and 24th weeks of a pregnancy.  The procedure involves inserting a needle into the womb and drawing out about 15 - 30 mls of amniotic fluid.  Your gynecologist should discuss with you the potential risks to you and your unborn child involved in having an amniocentesis performed.  You must arrange with your doctor to have them perform the amniocentesis and coordinate with us on the same day to have your DNA sample collected and the alleged father's DNA sample collected by oral swab and sent to our laboratory together with the amniotic fluid to be tested immediately.

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) Prenatal Test
This test proves the paternity of an unborn child.  The CVS is a medical procedure performed between the 9th and 12th weeks of a pregnancy.  A very small piece of the placenta is removed through the vagina.  Your gynecologist should discuss with you the potential risks to you and your unborn child involved in having a CVS performed.  As with an amniocentesis, you must coordinate with your doctor and a DNA collector, so that on the same day the CVS is performed, we can collect a DNA sample from the mother and the alleged father and have all 3 samples sent to the lab for analysis immediately.

Results for both of these types of Prenatal Paternity Tests take approximately 5 - 7 business days.  We will call you at a convenient number with the results and then mail directly to you (or where you instruct) the hard copy of the tests.
2.)  At Birth

Legally Admissible Paternity Test - a DNA Collector can come to your hospital room as quickly as the day of birth, as a visitor and perform DNA collection on the mother, child and alleged father.  Proper identification is required for both mother and alleged father, ie, driver's license, state services identification card, work ID, current student ID, current military ID.  Our DNA Collector has undergone a series of vaccinations as well as criminal background check, to insure she is not infectious to a new born or anyone with a weakened immune system. You must clear our presence with the floor nurse, prior to our entering the facility.  The mother's DNA is not required to prove paternity, however, results are stronger if the mother is included in the testing.  If the hospital would prefer that you not have us enter the facility, we are happy to offer our private office for collections at a time convenient to everyone.

Private Paternity Test - A DNA Collector can come to your hospital room as soon as the day of birth, as a visitor and perform a DNA Collection on the mother, child and alleged father.  There is less time spent on identification of the mother and father; however, you must clear our presence in your room with the floor nurse.  The mother's DNA is not required to prove paternity, however, results are stronger if the mother is included in the testing.  If the hospital would prefer that you not have us enter the facility, we are happy to offer our private office for collections at a time convenient to everyone.

Home Paternity Kit - you have seen these on the market and in local drug stores.  We want to participate in this market as well; however, we notice that many customers are paying for the over the counter kits and then not confident in the results.  We offer a short lesson on how to perform the actual collection when you purchase a Home Paternity kit from us.  You will leave our private office confident in your skills to properly collect a DNA sample from all parties.

The results for any of the above 3 after birth paternity tests are provided within 3 - 5 business days.  90% are provided within 3 business days.  Only the Legally Admissible Test can be used in the future to secure child support and benefits.

3.)  Father not available for testing

If the father is missing or deceased, we can establish paternity of a child to obtain survivor benefits (military, social security)  through other methods.  If for any reason, the alleged father is not available for a DNA test and you have access to any of the following biologic fluids:

Blood, fresh in cold storage, less than 30 days old
FTA Blood Stain Card, less than 30 days old, usually held by a County Medical Examiner's Office if an autopsy was performed in New Jersey
Semen, fresh or frozen, on a swab or in a vial
Cotton Swab (mouth swab)
Bone Marrow - fresh or frozen, not on slides or in paraffin

Other unusual samples can be used as well please check with your local DNA collector.

We first will need to test the biologic fluid for viability of DNA.  If viable (usable) DNA is present, we can then proceed with a regular paternity test using the mother and child's DNA and comparing to the genetic sequencing found in the biological fluid of the alleged father.

If your baby is a boy, and the father is not available for DNA testing but his father (the paternal grandfather) and mother are available we can perform a Y-Chromosome Test to determine the probability of paternity.

If your baby is a boy or girl, and the father is not available for a DNA test, but his father and mother (paternal grandparents) are available, we can perform a GrandPaternity Test to determine the probability of paternity

Brothers and Sisters
There are various methods to establish a familial relationship by collecting DNA samples from brothers and sisters - siblingship tests.  Call us with your unique circumstances and we will provide you with the best test available to determine the relationship you are seeking to prove.

Call 1-732-632-8830 for a Private Consultation
Discounts available to all Armed Forces, Hospital Staff, Students
Lab Accredited by AABB, CAP, CLIA, NYSDOH

Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks and Extended Payment Options available.

Should you sign the Birth Certificate (New Jersey) By dnalady On 2009-02-09
Certificate of Paternity or Voluntary Acknowldgement of Paternity

The early establishment of paternity and child support orders create a solid foundation for a child's security and family stability.  Just the knowledge of the father's name and his medical history can help the child in years to come.  DNA Testing is in the infancy stage today - we do not know what the future holds for this very promising technolgy.  At all times, what is in the best interest of the child should be considered as the priority in establishing correct and legal paternity.    At the time of birth, hospital staff will supply a set of documents where the new parents establish paternity in the form of Certificates of Paternity or Acknowledgment of Paternity.  If the new parents were married when the child was born, the husband is automatically presumed to be the legal father and that is noted on Certificate of Paternity.  If, under the law, the father is not automatically presumed, he may at his own desire, sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity and hospital staff are able to help you complete the paperwork.  If the new parents were not married, legal paternity must be establsihed in order to obtain a support order for the child; obtain health insurance, if it is available through an employer and protect the child's rights to benefits if the father dies, such as money or property left in a will, military benefits or Social Security benefits.  There are a few instances in which an unmarried man is presumed to be the legal biological father (by the State of New Jersey) however, if the father does not agree that the child is his, he should not sign hospital paperwork until he has had a DNA test to confirm paternity,  New parents may obtain a State-funded test (financial criteria apply) or a private test for their own peace of mind.  For a few dollars and in just a few short days, a man and his family can know for sure that the child is his.


1.)  A child is born within 300 days after the marriage is terminated by a death, annulment or divorce;
2.)  If the birth parents' attempted to marry each other although the attempted marriage is or could be declared invalid by a court and the birth occurred within 300 days after the termination of cohabitation;
3.)  The father has acknowledged his paternity of the child in writing filed with the local registrar of vital statistics and the mother does not dispute the acknowledgment in writing filed with the local registrar, within a reasonable time after being so in formed.;
4.)  The father is obligated to support the child under a written voluntary agreement or court order;
5.)  While the child is under the age of majority, the father receives the child into his home, provides support and openly holds out the child as his natural child.

The percent of children born to unwed parents throughout the United States and in New Jersey exceeds 30%.  The relative affordability and convenience of non-invasive DNA testing to determine paternity (and other family relationships) should provide a means to support all of the children whose paternity is not automatically established by law or circumstances. You do not need to have legal status in the United States to obtain a private paternity test.   
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