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Infidelity Infidelity DNA Testing can detect the presence of DNA (e.g., from semen or vaginal fluids) on a forensic sample and then (if desired) compare this DNA to the DNA on a comparison sample.

A Two step process is used:
  • DNA Profiling.
    DNA Profiling will detect the presence of genetic material and, if present, will generate a DNA profile. This profile will tell you if DNA from more than one individual was found and if more than one individual is male
  • DNA Comparison.
    If a DNA profile is generated, we can compare this profile to the DNA profile of another sample.
You Are Not The Biological Father By dnalady On 2017-02-15

About 1 out of 4 DNA tests performed at The DNA Lady's office, I have to report to a young man, You Are Not the Biological Father.  Each man handles the information differently.  Some, of course, breath a sigh of relief because out of no where, a woman he "hooked up" with last summer is calling saying she has just had a baby and it's his and she is sure of it.  He obligingly participates, and pays for the test only to find out - it his not his biological child.  He moves on with his life; and hopefully, takes precaution in future encounters.  He dodged a 22 year financial bullet.  

Other times, when I have to deliver 0% results, there are phone calls and emails and in person appearances - so much so that I have now declared my office a No DRAMA Zone.  This is not a TV show - no one is watching your tearful performance and you do not get a free hotel room in exchange for your emotional outburst.  The DNA Lady's office is quiet, personal and confidential.  A man, woman and child come into the office, get identified and a non-invasive DNA test is performed.  Paternity results in 2 - 3 business days. Most important is that we offer respect for everyone involved with the test.  

One gentleman recently received the 0% probability of paternity results. His reaction was calm.  His further actions, after confirming non-paternity were kind and courageous.  Upon receiving the results, he informed me the young lady was living in his home.  From conversations with the young lady, it didn't appear that she had family in New Jersey.  This gentleman was slightly older and wiser than she thought.  He knew he was not the father but to remove any doubt from both of their minds and to end her romantic charade, he participated in the Paternity Test.  

The young lady and her new baby are still living in this man's house.  Bottom line is she lied to him for 9 months about him being the only possible father.  He is a good man that allowed her a safety net during her pregnancy and still today, months later.   And now, she has finally admitted to another "possible" or "alleged" father, who will shortly participate in a Paternity Test.  My hopes are that the second paternity test be complete as soon as possible so that she is able to introduce her new baby to the real family.  

The benefits of private paternity testing are the faster turn around times and privacy.  Had the young woman gone to family court and pointed at the wrong father - she wouldn't know for months and the court may charge her with paternity fraud plus the cost of the test.  Given her living conditions, I don't think she could afford to wait another 6 months to confirm paternity.  Her current benefactor's patience is running thin, and rightly so.  

Valentine's Day Already? By dnalady On 2017-01-26

Yes, we've zoomed through January with only a few snow flakes and nothing monumental and as I walked around my local big box store today, unable to find anything, I did see the great big Valentine's Day display.  For starry eyed lovers and old romantic couples, there are so many items to be bought, wrapped and distributed that one might feel like we are back in the holiday season.

Fear not, if all you want is a warm fireplace, a heated pool and a walk along the beach, try one of these romantic places in the USA:

Romantic-sounding places to spend Valentine’s Day:


Rose City, Texas

(Population – 509)

Loveland, Colo.

(Population – 71,334)

Romeo, Colo.

(Population – 400)

Lovejoy, Ga.

(Population – 6,302)

Loves Park, Ill.

(Population – 23,703)

Lovington, Ill.

(Population – 1,116)

Romeoville, Ill.

(Population – 39,650)

Rosemont, Ill.

(Population – 4,236)

Romeo, Mich.

(Population – 3,582)

Rose City, Mich.

(Population – 640)

Darling, Minn.

(Population – 531)

Sacred Heart, Minn.

(Population – 527)

Valentine, Neb.

(Population – 2,789)

Lovelock, Nev.

(Population – 1,958)

Loving, N.M.

(Population – 1,412)

Lovington, N.M.

(Population – 11,550)

Rosemont, Md.  

(Population – 304)                

Love Valley, N.C.

(Population – 98)

South Heart, N.D.

(Population – 358)

Loveland, Ohio

(Population – 12,326)

Loveland Park, Ohio  

(Population – 1,523)

Love County, Okla.

(Population – 9,742)

Loveland, Okla.

(Population – 13)

Lovelady, Texas

(Population – 623)

Loving County, Texas

(Population – 95)       

Valentine, Texas

(Population – 129)

Rose Hill Acres, Texas

(Population – 445)

I think I'll go to Loveland, OK - there are only 13 people in the whole city - guaranteed that there will be an open hotel room for sure.


Kumar and the American Dream (Chapter One) By dnalady On 2016-07-21

Chapter One

This is a story about a young, second generation immigrant boy.  Kumar Patel grew up in New Jersey, attended the local public schools, graduated from #NJIT with honors and as is custom, married the girl, chosen for him so long ago.  Americans might find it strange, that his mother and father chose his bride 21 years ago, but for Kumar this was just a way of life.  In the meantime, he was going to taste the fruit and enjoy the good life that his American school friends were enjoying.  Kumar's family did well in a thriving American economy of the 1990s - where Indian workers were sought after because of their work ethic, command of the English language and knowledge of IT.  

Kumar was shy in Kindergarten, not wearing the same clothes as the other little boys - made it obvious he was not an American.  One little girl asked him, why does he wear such pretty clothes to school - you cannot climb the monkey bars and play Red Rover in such clothes.  Kumar, head down, ran home to tell his mum, you must buy me the clothes of the American boys.  If you do not, I will not go back to school, I will run away! Kumar's mother, so fond of dressing her young son in the white robes and cap of her culture, was heart broken that her little boy, would now look like the "hoodlums" she sees running the streets.  She knows they are not hoodlums, as she sees their parents and other family members around the neighborhood but the thought of losing one more Indian custom and buying factory made clothing haunted her.  This is only the beginning of my son, forgetting the land of his heritage, that she loved so much but had to leave because of her husband's quest to find the #American Dream.

The following weekend, the entire family, Kumar, his parents and his visiting aunts, uncles and one grandma went to the local Mall to shop for their little prince's clothes.  How to match those horrible "dungarees" with what kind of shirt  - a polo, a button down or t-shirt?  What about those tan "Khaki" things that some of the school boys wear? How many will he need?  What American size is my #Kumar? Having handmade all of his clothes until now, his mother did not know how to shop in an American Mall, but with the help of her sisters and mother - together they would all figure out how to dress Kumar.  The men wondered off to the ice cream stand in the Mall - not exactly Kalfi but the #Haagen Daaz will do. Indian food is full of flavor so Haagen Daaz comes close enough.  

By the end of Kumar's first year in school, he is fully immersed in American games, birthday parties at the local Chuckie Cheese and riding a bike - in front of the house only.  His buddies come into his house and stare at all the gold and ornate decorations and his mother in a customary Sari (which they think are pajamas) but she makes those honey balls.  Nothing beats a honey ball and a cold sweet Lasi after a round of tag in the back yard. As kids are so resilient, most of his classmates have forgotten about the odd clothes Kumar wore to school during his first few weeks,  and he has been accepted as just one of the guys.  The "Grove Streeters" they call themselves.  Like "ballers" but "streeters".  

There is one little girl, Rhupal, whose family is also from India but she is from New Delhi while Kumar is from Kolkatta - a world of difference in culture - like the Yanks and the #Confederates .  Kumar will attend the same local schools with Rhupal all the way to 12th grade.  Then, Rhupal will be married to another man, as is her family's wish.  Rhupal's father works at local Indian eatery and every once in a while - Kumar gets to see her outside of school at the restaurant.  All he can do is smile at her, as Rhupal's father, uncles and the other men who work in the restaurant also claim her to be their Princess - so Kumar doesn't dare go near her other than a polite smile.  Customs and cultures may be world's apart but some things are sacred. 



Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures By dnalady On 2015-09-14

We do live in the best of times - electronics, internet, global conversations, mixing of morals (or lack thereof) travel, education, foods galore and DNA tests at the ready.  What more could a functional person ask for in life?  With boundless opportunity at our finger tips, some people will still go to the depths of their personality for stimulation.  This is fallen humanity's tendency to disregard everything and everyone and take up activities considered self-absorbed.   A bruised ego, uncontrollable sadness, loneliness, fear, guilt or shame, inabilty to productively fill up space and time in life - all excuses of why we hit rock bottom. 

Take for instance, a woman who marries rich, has children, has a stay at home lifestyle where there is plenty of time to pursue higher education, charitable activities or perhaps start a small business - and instead she seeks out attention, affection or something from some guy who gives her a second look. (Infidelity) There is something distinctly odd about a person who needs someone else pump up their spirits by participating in the most private of all acts - sexual intimacy.  We all occasionally need a soft place to land, and as functional adults should be able to express ourselves to a partner, a friend, a family member or a therapist.  Why string along innocent by standers in your poor choices. 

Infidelity, avarice, gluttony, hubris, envy, wrath, despondency, boasting, sloth - anyone remember these points from school. Even if you went to a non-sectarian school, these human tendencies toward weakness, were pointed out to you by teachers, family, neighbors, or religious instructors.

"Don't take your school mates lunch" or "stop worrying about what your friend got on her exam"  - "stop bragging about your big varsity score" - "your eyes are bigger than your stomach" "put your allowance away for a rainy day....." - "whatsoever we do to the least of our brother" (bet not many people even understand the last one)  - where are these principles taught today?  Do we recognize these tendencies in our children and do we correct them? 

How about the man who reaches the height of success (think Bill Clinton) and still has to seek attention from women.  He's the best example of pride and ego getting in the way of life - how much more could that man have asked for in life - the President of the United States from a dysfunctional family in Podunk - he did not have the approriate foundation in life on which to build a strong family foundation.  His innocent by-standers were his wife, daughter, the women he abused and their families.  (as well as our nation)

On a daily basis, I talk to men and women whose partners have chosen the wrong path in life.  If you are married - then be married.  If you are committed then be committed.  Don't string innocent people along while you stroll down a path of self pleasure - eating, drinking, gambling, drugs, infidelity - anything that would set the course of your family in the wrong direction.  You are responsible to your partner for your actions. 

I am not on a high horse or a moral bender - but when I witness the wrecks of humans that come through the door because another human (upon which they placed their trust) makes a poor choice - I want to scream - GET REAL, GET HONEST!  Stop hurting other people with your lousy choices - GET A THERAPIST before it is too late.  Most people's self-preservation button is turned on - you will be the one left behind when the dust settles.  Why should a man or woman  be pre-occupied with thoughts of an unfaithful partner when they are working hard and doing "the right thing"? 

Is there more of this happening today - no I don't think so - I just think we talk about it more.  Think JFK - no one ever discussed his family's nonsense.  Would a Gotti be elected to the White House (knowing that family money was made on drugs) - think FDR - the Delano side.   Human tendency towards these weaknesses is not a new one but we have certainly been educated on how to deal with the problems before they happen.  Or perhaps, we are leaving the Victorian society behind us in favor of Hedonism?  Which do you prefer?

Estate Planning with DNA Testing By dnalady On 2014-08-15

Did you often look at one of your children or grand children, and think - why doesn't he or she look like anyone else in the family.  Or, worse case, every once in a while, you look and think you see your old buddy in the face of your child? 

These are real events and sad though they may be - it happens but you have a way of protecting your hard earned valuables through the use of DNA Banking.  Suppose you suspect that a child is not really yours, and for years you questioned your wife or partner who only met you with complete denial.  In order not to ruffle feathers, you became silent on the issue.  You can do a private DNA test now, with a direct DNA collection of yourself and an unusual item (toothbrush, diabetic test strip, utensils etc., ) from the individual you do not think is related to you - this would of course be a non-court admissible document but it at least removes your doubt.

Or are you the type of person, that just wants to make sure only your own offspring and true family members benefit from your hard work?  If so, in your will, you can stipulate that everyone in question undergo a DNA test to match the DNA sample you leave behind - in order to confirm a biological relationship exists.  Why should an unfaithful spouse benefit from your hard work - prenuptials are now containing DNA clauses as well - so that there are no surprises after divorce or untimely death. 

Estate planning is an essential part of securing your assets and can make a death in the family easier for loved ones to handle.  DNA Banking ensures that the deceased's estate stays in the hands of his or her true family rather than being relegated to another man's child, grandchild, etc.,   Families with doubts should enlist the help of a local DNA collector in order to include a DNA document with a will drawn up by a lawyer or financial advisor.

Estate planning and DNA testing are difficult to discuss but they are essential to maximize your assets and ensure  your end of life wishes are honored.  Your local DNA Lady can discreetly provide DNA collections at your convenience.  Call us for a discussion on what is the best type of test you should use to protect  your interests. 

Reminder about Unfaithful Husbands By dnalady On 2011-10-19


Infidelity Testing

As if we are not all bombarded on a daily basis with fears, uncertainties and problems in life - let's highlight one more for all the ladies (and men) to think about as we slowly ease into the holiday season.  Please, I need to get passed Halloween and Thanksgiving before I can get into "holiday" mode.  

However, in times of stress, and that is eustress and distress, infidelity cases increase - not necessarily a by-product of a marriage or a cohabitation relationship but more a by-product of financial problems, extra time on your hands,  unresolved emotional issues, availability and access to anonymous sex through social media sites (thoughts about the Craig's List Killer should eliminate some activity) and don't forget facebook - how many quick hookups have taken place by "friending" someone from 20 years ago and then remembering the reasons why you didn't stay friends in the first place!  And of course, once a cheater always a cheater.  People rarely change their stripes - perhaps control for a short while as they mature - but without a profound life-change event  - if you cheated in your 20s you are bound to cheat in your 30s, 40s, 50s....  Ladies, you just can't fix everyman that walks into your life- some are only meant for fun - others are meant for life.

I don't believe for one minute that Ashton cheated on Demi - it was a cheap publicity stunt - probably set up with the extras from the set of the show that aired October 18th.  It all seems too coincidental.  Without ever having met Ashton, he seems to be closer to the character he now plays on 2 1/2 Men, then to someone who cheats on his wife in a very public venue. 

Just as a reminder, if you think you partner is cheating here are some tips to follow:

1.)  hushed phone calls or a quick I'll call you back when there is no reason why he/she can't have a conversation right there in front of you

2.)  missing time - I'm going to the store for milk and then showing up 8 hours later without the milk?

3.)  check cellphone records, deleted messages, email accounts, facebook status, does he close the screen quickly as you walk in the room?

4.)  old stand bys - is he/she coming home smelling freshly showered and shaved and primped - why?  check out his/her clothing - are there any unusual smells or stains?  Put the garment in a paperbag and bring it to the DNA Lady to determine the presence of male DNA (not yours) or female DNA (not yours) - or simply determine if the stain is semen - which you know should not be there?

5.)  mileage on his car - if he/she only drives 5 miles to work everyday but comes home with an extra 40 miles on his/her car - where did he/she go that day?  Ask before  you mention the difference in mileage.

6.)  are there charges on his/her credit card for items for the opposite sex - like perfume or cologne - or jewelry or clothing that you didn't receive?   

Unfortunately, once you get that doubt in your mind, or mistrust about your partner - it is often hard to remove it without some kind of concrete information.  Even then, when clients receive information it is often hard for them to accept.  Always know your next step, if you are going to push for DNA Testing to confirm an infidelity.  There are usually more than two people involved - you might have children to think about, in-laws, siblings  -not to mention the "other women" or "other men" involved in this situation. 



FAQs and Infidelity and a Little Common Sense By dnalady On 2010-11-06

Do you think your spouse is cheating?  Do you think your other half is searching outside your hemisphere?  Think twice about cheating on your spouse because today's better half has access to infidelity tests that will blow your mind.

Submit a bedsheet and we'll tell you if we find someone's else's DNA on there - should there be anyone else's DNA on your home bedsheet?

Submit an article of clothing that should not have any other male DNA or any other female DNA on it and we'll confirm for you - how many DNA profiles are present on that article and if they belong to you or your spouse - or someone else.......

The most commonly submitted item is, of course, the Pink Panty.  Do women who wear Pink Panties always cheat?  Or do the men who date them just get paranoid?  No, but the most commonly item submitted in the last year was a certain secret brand of lady's lacy pink panty.  From a clinical perspective, these pink panties don't look very healthy - they seem to create a humid environment which only breeds disease.

Here are some top tips from local sites about signs of infidelity and accompanying these tips are also some very basic common sense thoughts.  Most of the top tips about signs of infidelity don't seem to have changed since the days of MadMen - except of course those related to internet use and prescriptions for ED.  If you are one of the relationships who have suffered through internet cheating - fear not, you are not alone.

  • Your partner seems to lose interest in you and lacks affection - but have you made an effort to keep yourself interesting and attractive - this goes for both sexes and both sides of the partner equation.  If you don't shave, take showers, brush your teeth and wear clean clothes - don't expect the lady in your life to take a shine to your new personal habits.  Likewise ladies - put on a little make up and get rid of that "I'm too tired to... housewife routine" - there's too many available fishes in the sea.  We don't live on farms anymore.


  • You notice your partner has become lazy around the house - "has become" or have you just "lost patience" with being the major "go to" person in the house for cleaning, cooking, shopping and dog walking/cat litter jobs.  Think back, didn't you always just do it - because you do it better?


  • Work habits suddenly change (longer hours, unexplained trips) - OK this one is tricky but old - longer hours - could also mean cut backs at work and more work is expected of less people - pop in on him/her and bring in a snack - don't be intrusive and don't stay too long


  • Becomes overly conscious of his appearance - also a very old sign of infidelity and probably one of the best indicators


  • Unusual charges found on credit-card statements - if you are in the type of relationship wherein you have to inspect each other's credit card bills - you need professional help anyway - find a PI to follow your partner.  Just in case the love of my life is reading my pearls of wisdom - any charges for jewelry in the next weeks better appear under my Christmas Tree.


  • Unfamiliar calls of a long duration on cell bill - really, who has the time to inspect those 8 page cell phone bills but just in case - you can always do a "reverse phone look up" and find out who owns the "unfamiliar" phone number.  Don't pay anything over $20 per look up - you won't get any additional information worth knowing.


  • Spends an unusual amount of time on the Internet (especially while you are sleeping) - is he/she looking for a new job?  Is it their job to know what is going on in markets other than those in your time zone?  Are they shopping for your next anniversary gift or the best grass fertilizer in town?  Are t hey googling the streets of the town where they were born?


  • Starts using a new e-mail account - how would you know? 


  • Begins deleting web-browsing history - OK this one I would check - why delete the history of web-browsing - don't they automatically delete after a certain period of time and/or when the amount exceeds the space allowed for history lists?


  • Mileage on car is higher than it should be - only if you know for years that your spouse uses only one route from point a to point b - otherwise, traffic, mcdonald's, starbucks, detours (in our shovel ready society) may all lead to false assumptions;


Infidelity is not a laughing matter and I don't mean to be flippant.  Spending time and energy trying to determine if someone is cheating is a waste of your life.  If he/she is cheating - most probably you have no control over the individual and even confronting them will not stop the behavior.  Getting conclusive results from a local DNA collector may allow you to move on faster than if you continue to wonder, snoop, investigate or battle on  your own. 

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Infidelity and the Holidays By dnalady On 2009-11-15
It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

Well, not when you find receipts for items purchased at Victoria's Secret or the local jewelry store and then don't find the corresponding gift under the tree.

Where there is smoke - there is fire.  If you think you have a problem you probably do - otherwise you would be thinking of sugarplums and pumpkin pie instead.  Unless you usually have voices in your head, then that is another blog for another day and a different kind of DNA test altogether. 

Infidelity is an ugly thing with far reaching affects on an individual and a family.  I've personally never understood why you can't just be honest and say - honey, I love you but I'm just not a one woman man or I'm just not a one man woman... whatever, today's society doesn't care or judge so why not just be honest about your intentions. Learned recently you are judged by your actions, not by your intentions...

Whatever  your circumstances, it is often wise to be discreet and make no claims or judgment until you have facts in hand.  If you are able to safely approach the offender with a DNA test in hand, stating it is not your DNA, it is your DNA or there is DNA here and why is it here - you have a better chance of getting an honest answer.  As always, be prepared to deal with emotions and unexpected responses.  Did you find an article that has a substance or stain on it that should not be?  Would you like to determine if strange DNA is showing up in places it ought not to?  Would you like to compare the DNA found somewhere to that of your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/better half/other half?   

While most DNA testing centers concentrate on family relationship (paternity) tests, many also offer infidelity testing.  DNA can be obtained from almost any article - although depending on age and storage - not all DNA produces a profile for comparison.  It is always best to ask your local DNA collector for advice on how to collect or store an item that you want to test for "unknown" DNA.  To begin with, always store the item in an envelope or paper bag - do not store items to be tested for DNA in plastic.

Why go through another holiday, wondering what he bought "her" or how much she spent on "the other guy".  Get confirmation via DNA testing today and spend the holidays without the added stress.  Infidelity is like the big elephant in the room - everyone knows it is happening but no one wants to say anything because it is "the holidays".      
Infidelity Tests Available in New Jersey By admin On 2009-01-10

A Local DNA Collection Facility explains Use of DNA Testing for Infidelity Cases

OK - so you have found a sheet, a pair of underwear, a blanket, a condom or some other item in a place that it should not be found.  You suspect your partner of cheating but finding this article really doesn't prove anything.  What can you do?

First, you must figure out how important it is to you to know the truth.  Will it give you peace of mind to confirm that the semen and/or biological fluid on that sheet does not belong to you.  What is the next step in your life if you do prove that your partner has been unfaithful?   Doing the research and making your point can distract you from the consequences of Infidelity tests results.  These are life changing events, especially if children are involved. So only if you are absolutely positive you know what you will do with results of these tests, should you go forward.

The very first thing to be aware of - do not store articles to be tested for biological fluids in a plastic bag or container.  A plastic bag creates a humid environment which assist in deterioration of DNA and other biological fluids.  Any item you want to be tested for biological fluid should be stored in a paper bag, envelope or other suitable container.  

Semen Detection Tests - these are cheap, easily obtainable via the internet and if you only want to determine that Semen is found on an article then by all means, use the internet for your research.  However, after determining that Semen is, or is not, present on the article - what does that prove?  Is it your semen?  A simple semen detection test will not tell you whose Semen is on the article only that Semen is present.    A simple semen detection test will also not advise if there is a presence of female fluid.  What if the Semen detection kit you bought over the internet does not pick up the presence of Semen but you still have a question about why or how the article was found where you found it or why there appears to be some biological fluid present?  The internet Semen Detection Kits will only test for male biological fluids, specifically the prostate specific protein found in semen. 

A professional DNA Infidelity Detection Services company has a standard set of tests to assist you with true infidelity questions.  Your local DNA collection expert can guide you through a step by step process, based on your unique circumstances, to best identify what tests to take to identify the questionable articles and fluids.  When you receive our results, using the tests we recommend, you will have clear and definitive answers to your questions.  That is why we first emphasize the importance of really knowing what you want to achieve by taking these tests. 

Our first recommendation in Infidelity Testing is to detect for the presence of specific biological evidence, either male or female, dependent on your situation.  There are two main types of detection services, with two additional back up tests, that are used to confirm the presence of DNA and the presence of Semen.

DNA Detection - Y-Chromosome - this test is most commonly used when a man suspects a woman of cheating with another unrelated man.  The test detects the presence of the male Y-chromosome and subsequently a genetic profile of the Y-Chromosome is typed if it is present.  Only men carry the Y-Chromosome so only if a male's biologic fluid is present on an article will a genetic profile be created.. 

If the male client suspects that an immediate male family member, ie, brother, uncle, father from his side of the family may have contributed to the sample, a DNA Detection - Standard test must be used instead since there is a possibility of similar Y-Chromosome profile present on the article or in the fluid. 

Note:  The Y-chromosome is passed down from father to all of his sons through generations with very little mutation. 

DNA Detection - Standard
This test detects the presence of both male and/or female cells.  The results report will state if male, female, mixed profile of both sexes or multiple profiles of the same sex are found.  If you are submitting a DNA sample of yourself for comparison purposes, and if multiple genetic profiles of different sexes are found in this DNA Detection Standard test, then a Differential Extraction Study will be necessary prior to proceeding with the DNA Comparison.

DNA Differential Extraction
A differential extraction test is used to separate male and female cells in a mixture of biological evidence.  This test must be used if the initial sample results shows the presence of male and female profiles.

DNA Comparison
This test is used to compare a standard DNA sample (usually an oral swab) of the client, to a submitted article that has been processed through one of the above mentioned DNA Detection Services methods to a generate a genetic profile.  A report will indicate a match or non match to the items submitted for detection.

The most important thing to consider is what are you going to do with the results.  Call us for a confidential screening 732-632-8830 on what type of tests to consider, the costs involved and the turn-around time for results.  Since the samples submitted to us are not collected under a New Jersey's strict chain of custody laws, the results of these tests may not be defensible in a court of law.     
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