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Conserved associations between G-quadruplex-forming DNA motifs and virulence gene families in ...
The Plasmodium genus of malaria parasites encodes several families of antigen-encoding genes. These genes tend to be hyper-variable, highly ...

If you loved Big Little Lies, you'll want to devour Fiona Lowe's Just an Ordinary Family next.
And it starts with twin sisters Alice and Libby Hunter, who despite sharing DNA, couldn't be further apart. When we meet Alice, she's far from where she ...

Man gets life in prison for 2013 Ralston murder
“My sincerest condolences for the victim's family,” Escobedo said. ... Investigators got DNA samples from the scene and were able to match it to ...

Cold-Case Team, FBI Agents Secure Arrest in 2001 Cold-Case Homicide
... Investigative Genetic Genealogy to identify a family member, Antonio Loera Contreras (50) of Jurupa Valley, related to the unknown suspect's DNA ...

Riot victim's kin await charred body claimed a fortnight ago
Five of the DNA reports have matched so far and the bodies have been handed over to their respective family members. “The family is claiming the ...

Seven members of the same family are shot dead in a suspected mass murder-suicide in North ...
Seven members of the same family were fatally shot in a suspected mass ... 'To lose any family member is devastating, but to lose several at once to ... 1991 is solved after cops connect DNA profile to man using genealogy database.

Ohio Mom Was Raped, Beaten and Set on Fire in 1991 — Now a Man Is Charged with Her Murder
The DNA matched a distant relative of Rees who uploaded their DNA to a website, according to the paper. Rees allegedly knew Johnson's family and ...

New York bishop arrested for 1980 murder of 19-year-old legal secretary
Thanks to improved DNA technology, however, justice has finally been served for Snell and her family after four decades. According to the New York ...

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