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Virginia Hospital Uses Patients' DNA to Customize Treatment
A Virginia hospital is using genetic testing to customize patients' medication and minimize the side effects of surgery. It's difficult to know how someone ...

Ancient DNA Reveals Yet More Complicated Histories In The Americas
Some of these are just now becoming recognized as “unsampled” sources of ancestry. For example, the contemporary Mixe from Central America ...

Mysterious Origin of Extinct Jamaican Monkey Solved With DNA Testing
Genetic analysis of four Xenothrix specimens found in Jamaican caves suggests it's closely related to South America's titi monkey. These creatures ...

Save up to $50 on 23andMe ancestry kits — and more of today's best deals from around the web
23andMe won't be able to give you all of the answers, but the popular DNA test will be able to tell you more about your heritage than most of us know ...

Humanism & Anthropology: Allies in the Fight against Racism
I am 99.2 percent Ashkenazi Jew according to 23andMe. The service, like several others on the market, tracks and tests your DNA. It offers clients a ...

DNA Analysis Unravels The History Of Mysterious Extinct Monkey Species Unlike Any Living Monkey
Scientists from London and New York have successfully extracted DNA sample from a species of monkey long extinct at an excavation site in Jamaica.

Google's Healthcare Workshop Proves Tech's Medical Disruption Is Serious Business
The tech industry believes it has the power to transform traditional medicine by applying data, analytics and algorithms to DNA analysis and ...

North America's Oldest Mummy Sheds Light on Ancient Migrations
New DNA evidence has also offered clues about the origins of the early populations, but until now the sample sizes of ancient genetic material from ...

Merced County Genealogical Society to Host Two Family Tree DNA Speakers on Saturday ...
Founded in 2000, Family Tree DNA is the world's oldest genetic genealogy company and offers more tools and tests for genealogy than any of their ...

25% of East Africans have Asian and European DNA - Report
It's DNA, it's in your blood." - Alexander McQueen. A new report has proven that people from East Africa have more Eurasian ancestry than was ...

Dallas County DA's office says testing is being done on items in Darlie Routier case
For Darlie Routier's mother, Darlie Kee, and others, the hope for a successful appeal may hinge on the results of DNA testing that was granted a ...

Guy W. Farmer: Democrats playing identity politics
I received my Ancestry.com DNA results last week and I'm sad to report that the results didn't totally confirm that I'm a native American, just like Sen.

The hit 'Bear Brook' prodcast from NHPR is scary – for genetic privacy reasons
Big data and cheap DNA tests are destroying our real-world privacy just as effectively as big data and tech companies are destroying our digital ...

This best-selling DNA kit is at an incredible price—for now
DNA testing kits make the perfect holiday gift. People love finding out their actual heritage and potentially connecting with long-lost family members.

New DNA analysis outlines the history of mysterious monkey
Experts from the Zoological Society of London, London's Natural History Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History, recently analyzed ...

Archaeologists can determine a person's sex by analyzing a single tooth
DNA can can reveal the sex of human remains, but genetic analysis is expensive. Genetic material is also delicate and can be more easily degraded ...

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