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Surge for Warren as Trump slumps in key states
... American ancestry, savaged her in the spring when she released a DNA test to show that she is between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American.

A RESPONSE TO PROF. EKANAYAKE: Another perspective
My son recently took a DNA test, for the fun of it, to trace his genealogy, he mocked! It took his ancestry to North western India, to modern Afghanistan ...

Unilever staff took part in DNA experiment to tackle unconscious bias – here's what they found out
Unilever assessed employees' stereotypical thinking using an academic test before getting the results of the DNA tests that showed their heritage.

Colorado man arrested in 1987 strangulation murder of 20-year-old soldier Darlene Krashoc
Investigators were stymied for decades until DNA evidence led them to ... and ancestry "from unidentified DNA evidence," according to the Colorado ...

DNA evidence leads to arrest of man for 1987 killing of soldier who was beaten, raped, and strangled
... the process, called phenotyping, uses DNA to predict traits such as ancestry, ... They then tested this DNA with evidence they had recovered after ...

Decades later, DNA leads to arrest in cold-case slaying of soldier in Colorado
The arrest papers detailed out how authorities linked distant family members through a DNA ancestry organization to identify the suspect.

Genetic testing allows woman to celebrate first Father's Day
ANACORTES — After years wondering about her heritage, Anacortes resident Megan Wylie ordered two DNA testing kits, spit into two tubes and ...

Griffis: Genealogy, DNA – much in the news
First of all, it is worth noting (again!) that DNA testing puts personal information at risk and the only way to be completely safe online is “DON'T TAKE A ...

DNA Leads to Arrest in 1987 Cold Case Strangulation of Fort Carson Soldier: Police
Arrest papers obtained by 11 News detailed how authorities were able to link distant family members through a DNA ancestry organization to identify ...

My mother found out her father wasn't her father from a DNA test — and it's all my fault
So when I asked my mother for an DNA kit for Christmas two years ago, it wasn't because I desperately wanted one or that I was ...

Father's Day 2019: Lancaster County woman finds the dad she never knew
The pair were reunited through the website, a for-profit .... So she submitted DNA tests to and searched for any family ...

Relatives of young Saanich couple killed in 1987 testify in murder trial
But the case was brought back to life after a genealogist compared crime scene DNA to a public DNA ancestry site. The Talbott family tree was found ...

Man arrested in '87 cold case slaying of Fort Carson soldier
DENVER — A suburban Denver man has been arrested in the unsolved slaying of a soldier in Colorado 32 years ago after DNA evidence was used to ...

Consumer genetic testing customers stretch their DNA data further with third-party interpretation ...
Back in 2016, Helen (a pseudonym) took three different direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic tests: AncestryDNA, 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA.

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