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Blockchain meets genetic testing: DNAtix raising $30m
"A month after we began, my mother died, and now I'm really about to sequence her DNA, which was kept in our freezer, in order to find out about our family's medical history," Lidsky says. The company later developed a test for detecting a gene that increases the risk of baldness. "Treatment of baldness ...

Body found in search for missing Liam Colgan
It is not known whether any family member is flying out to Hamburg as identification could be confirmed using DNA. The discovery, if confirmed, will end a tragic two months for the Colgan family, who still held out hope of finding him alive, believing he may have suffered a head injury and memory loss in ...

How DNA testing has unlocked the secrets of the past for thousands of people
Growing up in Juneau, Alaska, Kyle Betit recalls how his fascination with genealogy grew from watching his own grandmother research ancestors and contact relatives from all over the world in their local library. At the age of nine, Betit began to make his own revelations and research - which eventually ...

Teen charged over Vic hit-run to give DNA
Teen charged over Vic hit-run to give DNA ... A teenager has been ordered to provide a DNA sample to investigators after being charged with a hit-run crash in Melbourne which killed a married couple. ... The family of Avicii have thanked his fans for their support days after the superstar DJ died. Avicii ...

Man with $6 million bail convicted in child sex assault case involving family member
In 2015 and 2016, Kelly molested a young family member. DNA evidence was recovered and corroborated the child's description of what happened to her, the news release said. Kelly faces a maximum potential sentence of 129 years to life in prison. He is to be sentenced May 18 by Sacramento ...

Nebraska soldier's remains return home, 66 years after death
Beed, who came from a military family and had earned the Purple Heart, was fighting in Korea after service during World War, during which he joined in ... of Defense Prisoner of War Accounting Agency, said the department can identify remains through DNA, anthropological analysis or dental exams.

The Sun Has Siblings, and You Can Help Find Them
Imagine an astronomical version of Ancestry.com (where you supply a sample of DNA and you find out your family tree), but instead of sampling DNA, astronomers of the galactic archaeology survey project called GALAH have been recording the spectra a chemical "fingerprint" of sorts of hundreds ...

This popular DNA kit is at its lowest price of the year right now
DNA kits are popping up everywhere. People are dying to know their actual ancestry and maybe find a long-lost family member. In general, these kits are pretty fun and can give you some nifty facts about who you are, but they can also be a bit pricey. Luckily, as part of DNA Day (a national holiday?), ...

How a Mumbai family's pet rooster helped the Tungrus director break into filmmaking
When Rishi Chandna first heard about a family living in a cramped Mumbai apartment with a rooster and two cats as pets, the absurdity of the situation immediately struck him. First of all, there was the matter of space or lack thereof, considering that the flat is home to Nusrat Bharde, his wife, Celestine, ...

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