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DNA used to identify victims as inferno ripped though halting site 'in 15 minutes'
Devastated family members left the coroner's courtroom in distress during the harrowing evidence at the inquests at the Dublin City Coroner's Court.

Third party to run center where comatose woman had baby
In a statement, attorney John Micheaels said the woman's family expects the ... Investigators are gathering DNA from all men who worked at the facility.

A bad branch in the family tree DNA does in 1990s rapist
DNA-matching technology and a family tree have enabled the arrest of an Inland Empire, California, man suspected of committing multiple Orange ...

Find Your Ancestors & Help Solve a Crime
Moore explained that genealogy, the study of tracing your family tree though research and census records, and genetics, the study of our DNA, had ...

Mother not celebrating death of daughter's convicted killer
Shannon Hazen said she is instead praying for the family of Anthony Palma, ... I forgave a nameless, faceless predator a decade ago, years before Palma, 59, was connected through DNA to the disappearance of Kirsten Hatfield, ...

'We have your DNA': Police video of fatal Alki stabbing urges suspect to come forward
SEATTLE - Investigators have isolated the DNA of the suspect in a deadly stabbing last June at Alki ... "Please help bring closure to the Pecina family.

Nobel Prize Irish American DNA discoverer has sad downfall as racist
Nobel Prize Irish American DNA discoverer has sad downfall as racist .... Now 90 and in ill health, it was likely not a good idea by his family to have ...

AJ McLean stepping away from social media for family
AJ McLean is "stepping away from social media" to focus on his family. ... The Backstreet Boys are due to kick off their 'DNA World Tour' in support of ...

TRAGEDY: Race against time after DNA of trapped 2-year-old is found in a well in Malaga
This is the second tragedy to hit the distraught family. The parents lost their three-year-old son Oliver last Spring, when he died of a sudden heart ...

Check It Out: Learn to use immigrant passenger lists for family research
The lists are a wonderful tool for those researching their family history. ... UNDERSTANDING AUTOSOMAL DNA: Dr. Elaine Boston will teach adults ...

DNA confirms missing toddler is trapped down well in Spain
DNA confirms missing toddler is trapped down well in Spain ... The family were having a countryside meal in the mountainous area when the boy ...

Family of boy, 2, trapped in 350ft well pictured as police confirm hair DNA is his
Police say they are working on the basis Julen Rosello is alive after the freak accident in Malaga, Spain, as his parents remain at the spot where he ...

Spain: DNA sample confirms 2-year-old fell into borehole
The parents of toddler Julen Rosello, who reportedly lost another young son in 2017, have said the family had no doubt that the boy fell into the ...

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